Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and are elementally an Air Sign. You fall into the Aquarius sign if you are born between January 20 and February 18. Aquarians are the perfect representatives of the Aquarian Age. Those born under this astrological sign have the social consciousness necessary to lead us into the new millennium. Aquarius zodiac sign is said to be the sign of inventors, visionaries, discoverers, and adventurers. People born with Aquarius sign tend to have a lot of social charm. However, they do not have the depth needed to establish and cultivate truly deep relationships. Therefore, the Aquarian-born may have a lot of knowledge but may have very few close friends.


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What are the Aquarius-born Personality traits?

Some of the obvious personality traits of those born under the sign of the Aquarius zodiac is their kindness, friendship, and generosity, but you may later discover that they can choose to keep a certain emotional distance. They are stubborn in their opinion and they embrace they are so much that they can be considered unpredictable. People born in Aquarius have a deep need to spend time alone and away from everything in order to restore power, they make sure to fulfill their promise anytime.


What is the Aquarius-born like and dislike?

The Aquarius-born like include: Making friends: To most Aquarius-born, friendship is important to them, it means a lot to them than the most declaration of love.  Saying the truth: they are a good listener and they tend to give good and honesty advice because of their love for honesty which drives them, to tell the truth.  They love to socialize.

The Aquarius-born dislike includes:  They hate to be told the way to live their lives  They dislike being bored  The dislike to admit to their mistake or wrongdoing


What are the strength and weakness of Aquarius-born?

Aquarians are one of the friendliest and most amusing signs of the zodiac. They can be fun to spend time with; their empathic nature leads them to be excellent counselors, always happy and excited to help those in need at any time, as well as also being a good listener. They are also generous donors.


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Therefore, if you need help, an Aquarian will not hesitate to tell you what he will have.  When they are ignored, it can deeply hurt them, because of their desire to be at the center of attention, because of their friendly and generous nature, people under the sign of the Aquarius zodiac can sometimes be exploited. They must also take time for themselves and think about their own inner world because focusing on others can take a lot of energy.


Aquarius-born kind of Career

Aquarius would prefer everything that is recent, advanced or in fields related to science and technology, Careers in the fields of Science, Sociology, Biology, Astrology, Radiology, Engineering, Politics, Social Work.


Aquarius in love and relationship

Aquarius is communicative, imaginative, witty, forthright and friendly. The companion of this intelligent person will find it a lot of fun to spend time with him because an Aquarius is always filled with innovative ideas to do something different and unconventional while being fun and comfortable.