Individuals born between March 21April 19 are the Aries zodiac sign, symbolized by the Ram. Aries is a elementally a Fire Sign and those born under this sign are definitely motivated, ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate individuals. They are always looking for excitement and are never afraid to try new things in all areas of their life. They have such a positive energy to them and this makes them quite popular. They are a blast at parties and people are happy when they are around them (as long as they’ve caught them on a good day!). Aries definitely have some negative personality traits too, as does everyone. They are known to be arrogant in certain situations and can sometimes be insensitive to the emotions of others. People who have the Aries zodiac sign can also be very stubborn. Once they have made up their mind on something, there is just no changing their opinion.

Aries Fire Sign

Aries in love and relationships

Aries is a very direct and do not like to play mind-games. They like to take charge when they are with a partner but they also want their other half to be a strong individual too. If somebody doesn’t live up to their expectations and doesn’t put them in their place from time to time, they are known to get bored and leave the relationship without a second thought.


Virgo and Aries Compatibility


They get jealous quite easily but they are also very loving too. The Aries is no doubt the most protective of all the star-signs and this translate to relationships too. They would go to the ends of the earth to protect their loved ones. The best matches for an Aries zodiac sign is Sagittarius and Leo. They work best with a partner who is quite similar to themselves.


Let’s take a look at what type of career would be most suited to an Aries.

They are very competitive individuals and nothing stops them going out and getting what they have their eye on. They love a challenge and will often go from job to job until they find something which they really love. Some good career options for Aries include a professional athlete, a surgeon, an entrepreneur, a firefighter or producer. They hate dull and repetitive routines which is why they might not be at their best in a 9-5 office job. There is no doubt that Aries individuals will excel at anything they put their mind too and once they find their true passion, you’d better look out.


Some other personality traits of those with an Aries zodiac sign

Aries can be very opinionated and they like to make sure their opinion is heard in a range of different situations. Although this is often meant from a good place, this can sometimes result in arguments with those around them. Despite their strong personality, they have a very sensitive heart deep down. If their heart is broken, they become overun with emotions and it can take them a while to get over. Aries are not afraid to take bold chances. They often are impulsive, some would say a little too impulsive which can either work out really well or very bad.