The Cancer sign is widely popular for its crab symbol and people who have this star sign are also referred to as Cancerians or Crabs. If you fall into this sign you were born between June 22 and July 22 and are elementally a Water Sign. Aside from their general trait of being emotional and nurturing, there are so much more to learn about them! Read on below for a bunch of important things to know about Cancer.

Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer Likes and Dislikes

Cancerians love taking care of people. They are very expressive of their feelings especially towards the those that they love. Their presence is naturally soothing and comforting. They like people who are cheerful and vibrant – those who show compassion and those that are easy to get along with.  They also like making good memories with family and friends. They often volunteer to host parties, and plan vacations. They make sure that everything is taken care of and that everyone is having fun.


On the other hand, what a Cancerian ultimately dislikes are mean and unkind people. Their sensitivity allows them to immediately detect anything that feels off in a situation or in a person. It bothers them if someone is being difficult or needlessly harsh.  Those with Cancer zodiac sign dislike is being betrayed. By nature, they are very trusting and forgiving mainly because of their innate trait of being kind and sensitive. However, they find it as an act of disloyalty once you break their trust. They can also be easily bothered by negative remarks, criticisms and more so, insults.


Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the greatest strengths of a Crab is being simple. They are not as ambitious and wealth-seeking as those of other star signs. What matters most to them is having peace of mind and fulfilling their sense of security. They can be satisfied with just having enough. They do not feel the need to do great lengths in order to be happy.


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Crabs are well-grounded people and have this incomparable nurturing instinct coupled with a strong sense of community. They blend well in a team and are definitely fun people to be with as they can make hard times seem fun with the brightness of their personality.


A Crab’s worst weakness is their tendency to be overly emotional. They can be easily hurt due to their sensitivity. They can make a big deal of things unnecessarily once their sense of security in a relationship, career or financial status is threatened. However, this doesn’t mean that can’t change this trait. It just means that they will have to work extra hard to improve on this area.


Cancer in Careers

People under Cancer zodiac sign are highly intuitive. They are very good at reading people even during the first meeting. They are also excellent in reading a situation – they have an idea of what’s going to happen before a memo is released. Thanks to their sensitivity and natural skill of being keen observers. Additionally, Crabs are hard-workers and they don’t mind burning the midnight oil especially if it is for a job or project they are passionate about. Among the most suitable careers for Cancerians are in the following fields: HR, psychology, marketing and architecture.


Cancer in Love and Relationships

It is not hard to fall in love with a cancer. Just by their affectionate and sweet gestures, one can easily feel attracted to them. They are loyal partners and are not likely to cheat. They put high value in trust in a relationship and they have no problem sticking to one.


Being innately emphatic and sensitive, Crabs are always aware when their partners are going through something and they selflessly and readily help in any way they can. Moreover, they are also very romantic and sensual. They love to make even the simplest moments special and they love making their partners feel satisfied.


Overall, being in a relationship with a cancer is great! However, one thing to avoid is breaking their trust or giving them a reason to be insecure or unsure in a relationship. These are things that can be deal breakers for a Crab.