Gemini and Libra Compatibility

As the symbol suggests, Gemini has two different sides of their personality. It is the third sign of the zodiac and ruled by planet Mercury. The people born under this sign are intelligent, adventurous and fun loving. They are sharp and love to learn new things. They love to be surrounded by friends but can enjoy alone if needed. The element of Gemini is Air which makes them vibrant and youthful.  Whereas, as the symbol suggests, Libran’s are balancers in their personal and professional lives. They are peaceful and always try to avoid conflict. The planet Venus making them true lovers of art and beauty rules this sign. They are social birds and always try to find harmony in all their relationships. These charming people are fun lovers and love to hang around with their companion.


Common Traits of Gemini and Libra

Both being Air signs, Gemini and Libra are truly compatible. These intellectual characters get involved in interesting conversations easily. These upfront people make a great romantic couple as they both have good communication skills which usually avoid conflicts. Borne by the same element, Gemini and Libra are adventurous and love to discover new things.


Gemini and Libra


They have an urge to express their emotions when in a romantic relationship and can talk to each for hours. This couple is extremely exciting and passionate and entertains each other in a relationship. They share activities and adventure together with the same level of excitement. Both Gemini and Libra are the most flexible signs of the zodiac and reach to a common platform easily.


Clashes of Gemini and Libra

Despite being the sign of the same element, Gemini and Libra compatibility can be hard. Libras are great debaters while Gemini loves to talk. This is often a reason for the clash between both as to when Libras are judging things, Gemini works on facts. Libras are by far beauty and art lovers whereas Gemini goes with intellectual wit. Many a time they fail to understand each other’s emotional needs and end up in an argument.


Gemini and Libra


The caring and emotional Libra may find practical Gemini difficult to connect with. Gemini has a fluctuating personality while Libra is always looking for a balance. Libras are peaceful creatures looking for composure which Gemini fails to achieve as they jump to conclusions fast and go with the flow easily. The indecisive nature of Libra is usually a big reason of clash between them.


What attracts Gemini and Libra?

When it comes to intellectual teaming, no one can beat Gemini and Libra. At the very first encounter, their mental tact attracts each other. They both are fun loving and adventurous which makes them get along easily.


Gemini and Libra compatibility usually comes from the same fields of interest which can keep them engaged in long conversations creating great chances to build a strong romantic relationship.  You can see intense chemistry between the two of them as they share their passion. It’s easy for these signs to fall in love as they get attracted to each other’s qualities easily. Gemini loves the strong yet soft personality of Libra while Libra gets attracted with the dynamic and spontaneous nature of Gemini.


Gemini and Libra sex Compatibility

These passionate lovers are excellent in bed with each other. Here their communication skills work and they easily express their desires to their partners. They express themselves through sex and leave no chance to show their tact to each other. Venus rules Libra, the most seductive and romantic planet sign, making them best lovers.


Their adventurous nature helps them in their sex lives keeping it lively and bright for long-term. They get enchanted with each other’s spark and that shows up in their sex lives. The dreamer Libra is highly romantic and both will be excited to adopt different approaches to makes their sex life better.


Although they both bear the same element, they make good couples only if they respect each other’s emotions. In order to be happy and contended in a relationship, they must communicate their feeling and desires. They must fulfil each other urge for admiration and repute. They might see things differently; buy may live with harmony based on their matching traits of seeking harmony and trust in a relationship.


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