Gemini is the zodiac sign for those of you both between May 21 to June 21  and has the symbol of the Twins. Geminis are characterized by their strong communication skills. The symbolism of Twins is manifested through their ability to operate as a chameleon – being adaptive of their surroundings especially in different social circles. Know more about people under the Gemini zodiac sign by reading interesting facts about them below.


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Gemini Likes and Dislikes

Geminis are definitely lovers of thrill and challenge. They like playing games and solving puzzles. Whether math problems or sports, consider them up for it. Geminis are also fond of engaging in good conversations. Being charming enough to start a friendly chat with anyone, they can easily make friends even in a setting that is new or foreign to them. They like reading books and novels and pretty much doing anything that allows them to use their creative imagination.


On the other hand, what Geminis don’t like are boredom and indecisiveness. Being spontaneous and adventurous people, they don’t have the tolerance on something or someone that spoils the fun. If you want to please a Gemini, steer clear of being controlling or authoritative because it turns them off. Also, people under this star sign dislike the notion of getting old, so it will help to always to bring up the things that make them feel young.


Gemini Strengths and Weaknesses

Those under the Gemini zodiac sign are highly regarded for their creativity and adaptability. Not all people have the flexibility to immediately adjust in a new surrounding or in a new set of people to work with, but Geminis do! In fact, they are versatile enough to even excel amidst the changes. They always see the opportunity in every situation and they never fail to creatively find ways to solve problems that arise along the way.


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Their tendency to change their minds multiple times and their habit of making impulsive decisions can sometimes cause difficulties especially when not working alone. It can get disruptive on the part of the people who depend on them. Moreover, Geminis can also get nervous especially when under pressure in their job and personal relationships.


Gemini Career

Geminis love being busy. They are born multitaskers. They absolutely don’t like being idle or wasting time being unproductive. Their natural traits of being inventive, curious and expressive push them to keep on doing things that stimulate their interests. There is a wide array of career paths that a Gemini can excel on. Any job that allows them to cultivate their communication skills and creativity can bring out the best in them and among these are: writer, teacher, trader, lawyer or entrepreneur.


Gemini in Love and Relationships

The symbolism of Twins manifest strongly in Geminis when it comes to relationships. One moment they can be very affectionate and romantic, the next moment they can be distant and silent. They have a strong need for affirmation from their partner and when they don’t get it, they resort to different kinds of negative behavior. However, being with a Gemini can be quite an adventure as they are naturally family-oriented, intellectual and fun to be with. The relationship will be anything but boring, and a Gemini will consistently keep the fire alive.