The Greek Mythology of Gemini

Gemini Mythology

Today’s article is focussed on the Greek mythology of Gemini.


The origins of the Greek Mythology of Gemini

The origins of some constellation myths are heavily debated but the mythology of Gemini is pretty straightforward. The symbol of Gemini is, of course, the twins, but did you know that these twins actually have their own name? Yes. That is correct – Castor and Pollux. But, the thing is that whilst these twins share the same mother (who is Leda) they actually have different fathers. Castor’s father being Tyndareus, who was the King of Sparta who is then Leda’s husband, and Pollux – his father who is in fact, Zeus. Now, Zeus being the God of all gods, his son Pollux is immortal but his bother Castor is not.

Gemini Mythology


So how exactly did this occur?

Why is it that these twins have two different fathers? What happened is Zeus wanted to have an affair with Leda and in order to get her attention he transformed himself into a beautiful Swan. Leda then gives birth to two eggs; one egg contained a baby girl under the name of Helen who actually went on to be the complete cause of the Trojan War but there’s egg also contained a baby boy who in fact was Pollux. Then we have the other egg. It opened to reveal another girl and another boy and of course, the boy was Caster, this boy and girl obviously they were the mortals.


The boy twins Castor and Pollux were young, handsome, adventurous and they took part in so many adventures together and we’re pretty well known for being very lively and very curious people much like the Gemini! Castor was renowned for his horsemanship and whilst Pollux was known for his great strength. Both boys ended up joining Jason and his Argonauts on his quest for the Golden Fleece, a story that of course belongs to the Aries sign. Now despite the fact that one brother was divine and the other was Mortal the twins actually grew to be inseparable as they pretty much did everything together and because they were so close.


They were actually called by one name this one name – Dioscuri and what actually ended up happening for the twins is that whilst on their expedition as part of the Argonauts, they became pretty famous for their ability to calm the rough seas. Unfortunately, following a battle on the Argonaut expedition, Castor was actually killed and summoned to the underworld. Pollux, of course, being completely heartbroken, prayed to the almighty Zeus to take his life as well because he just could not stand or bear the thought of not having his brother in his life anymore and whilst Zeus ended up inviting Pollux to then join him and the rest of the Olympians, Pollux ended up declining as he decided that he just he didn’t want to live forever without his brother there. So because of this act of great love and great affection Zeus arranging for the two brothers to be brought together once again. Zeus made a deal with them that allowed them to alternate their immortality, and so with that Zeus have set their images amongst the stars as the constellation of Gemini so they would never again be separated.


As nice as this story sounds, it does give us a deeper meaning of Gemini because you see with many Gemini’s they have a very finely developed intuition which registers all sorts of things at a non-rational level. And of course as the myth explains whilst one twin dwells in the Heavenly realm whilst the other twin stays on Earth meaning they aren’t both in the same place at the same time, very interesting to the actual sign of Gemini indeed because you see often Gemini’s and traditions clash violently with their more carefully structured analytical minds and this is where actually the Gemini’s alternations come in between the vision and between the analysis and between light and their dark moods in between this extraversion!


What does Greek Mythology of Gemini tell us about the sign?

What this does is makes a Gemini difficult to read to some people because it’s a case of “which person is this?” The answer, however, is pretty simple because he’s both! Gemini is both and that’s the whole point – it’s two becoming one and one be coming to and realizing that they are the same. Ultimately both are definitely a reality for the sign of Gemini if her Gemini’s their this beautiful butterfly, which then suddenly just, goes into complete alienation. When this happens life can become very better and it can become pretty unpleasant as well when they get into those moods. But the thing to keep in mind though with this is that this cycle that Gemini actually does go through, it’s a cycle that must not be interfered with and other people who know Gemini’s should not expect them to change either. It’s about accepting Gemini for who he is – he’s that jack-of-all-trades he’s versatile and it’s hard for a lot of people to wrap their heads around that character or characters, but it’s about accepting them and not forcing them to change.


Ultimately, just as the myth tells us, Gemini needs their time with mortality just as they need the sweet smell of the Olympian heights and for this very reason, it helps if a Gemini can tell when they are supposed to be Caster or when they’re being Pollux.

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