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Hello and welcome to my article about people born under the May 1 Zodiac.

Anyone born under the May 1 Zodiac has the star sign of Taurus. Taurus is depicted as The Bull in symbology and they are what’s known as a Fixed Earth Sign. Earth signs are very much attracted to other Earth signs, but also Scorpio’s, who is a Water Sign.


may 1 Zodiac

The tarot card for Taurus is The Empress and specific card for people born on the 1st of May is the Magician Tarot Card.


Now people born on this day a very, very determined people. They know what they want and they know how to get it. They have artistic talent and a very special musical flare. They have an inner drive and forcefulness, and it makes a very dynamic combination.

may 1 Zodiac

So as well as charisma, they have qualities that mark them out as a leader. They have this infectious and outrageous sense of humor that others find very entertaining. At times their temper can get the better of them because they’re prone to becoming quite impatient, especially when things aren’t moving fast enough.


What a Taurus wants is a secure and comfortable home life and this comes very, very easy to them as long as they are the one in charge because this is essential to people born on this day. With their love life, you can expect a lot of passion. They will be very passionate and there will be a lot of ups and downs until they do learn to calm down and not create drama! What can I help people born on this day is a lot of physical exercises, especially with somebody else because it’s vital for them to let off some steam. A friend or a family member or a partner going for a jog or going to the gym or going for a swim physical exercise is very good for people born on this day.


Strengths are people born on the 1st of May is that they are very tenacious very. They have a very contagious wit and they’re very determined. However, do watch out for those Taurus mood swings – remember you’re dealing with Bull!


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