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Hello and welcome to my article about people born under the May 14 Zodiac.

Anyone born under the May 14 Zodiac has the star sign of Taurus. Taurus is depicted as The Bull in symbology and they are what’s known as a Fixed Earth Sign. Earth signs are very much attracted to other Earth signs, but also Scorpio’s, who is a Water Sign.


may 14 zodiac

The tarot card for Taurus is The Empress and specific card for people born on the 14th of May is the Hierophant Tarot Card.


Anyone born under the May 14 Zodiac is a very generous person. They have a very warm heart and they’ve got this natural entertainer in them. They have an immense charm about them and they’re very creative. They also have a very active imagination and this very childlike, and this really does endear them to others because they’re not afraid to express themselves. They can make people feel young again and people love to join in with what they’re doing, especially in play or anything that might be theatrical where they can show off until their heart’s content.


In business, they are very reliable and when they do start a project they persevere to finish it. They love to work hard and dedicate themselves to enjoying what they’re doing.#

may 14 zodiacIn love and relationships, they like to be completely involved. However, be careful when feeling ignored or neglected – being born under the May 14 Zodiac means you’re prone to overspending when you’re not feeling the love! If you find yourself in this place, try having a better heart-to-heart with your partner, maybe even plan a romantic break; this can help you a lot especially within a partnership.


If you’re born on May 14th your main strengths are your loving nature and your youthful and generous heart. In terms of the negative side, you might come across as a bit of an “expert” at everything and this is most certainly your exhibitionist coming out. There’s nothing wrong with this, just try not to upset too many people!


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