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Hello and welcome to my article about people born under the May 4 Zodiac.

Anyone born under the May 4 Zodiac has the star sign of Taurus. Taurus is depicted as The Bull in symbology and they are what’s known as a Fixed Earth Sign. Earth signs are very much attracted to other Earth signs, but also Scorpio’s, who is a fixed Earth Sign.


May 4 Zodiac

The specific tarot card for people born on May 4th is The Emperor.


People born on this day are very private people and they can be quite quiet. They have tremendous nurturing qualities about them and people feel at ease around their company and they’re very good at listening. They’re also very good at talking so they relate to many different types of people. They care very deeply about their friends and their family and there is always this welcoming when somebody comes to their home.


Whatever their gender, they can make a success out of a very welcoming type of career. Maybe working in a hotel or a catering business will be very good for these people now, they’re quite canny and they’re able to spot a bargain. So they’re great attending auctions or garage sales because they’re great at spotting a bargain. They’re very protective and they can be a little bit overly possessive and overly protective of their family. But, on the other hand, they can be a little bit hypersensitive and sometimes they can get a little bit easily upset by criticism. If you’re born on the fourth of May what is recommended, is that within a partnership you do need a partner who shares the same concerns, somebody with the same objective viewpoint or more of a viewpoint, so this will help to balance you now do what your diet because.


The strengths of people born under the May 4 Zodiac are their very loving nature, especially towards others. When it comes to weaknesses, sometimes they may be a bit overly possessive and a little bit easily hurt, they are also prone to overeating when they were a little bit upset too, so look out!


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