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Hello and welcome to my article about people born under the May 8 Zodiac.


Anyone born under the May 8 Zodiac has the star sign of Taurus. Taurus is depicted as The Bull in symbology and they are what’s known as a Fixed Earth Sign. Earth signs are very much attracted to other Earth signs, but also Scorpio’s, who is a Water Sign.


may 8 zodiac

The tarot card for Taurus is The Empress and if you are born under the May 8 Zodiac, the tarot card specific to your birthday is the Strength Card.


People born on this day are very charismatic people and they have a magnetic effect on the people that they meet. They can sometimes be quiet, reserved and may hide behind this charismatic demeanor, but they have intensity too. They’re intensely creative. They have a quite forceful personality and they do prefer to let their actions speak for them. They are known as night owls and they’re quite happy to work late into the night.


It’s important to remember to keep on the right side of those born under the May 8 Zodiac! This is because there is this hint of danger about people born on this day and they may take risks and live on the edge. This, in part, makes them very good in business and they have this instinct for survival that ensures that they rarely caught out and this makes them very good at staying balanced and staying on track with business.


may 8 zodiac

These people also have a strong fighting spirit that will see them through the worst situations – this is with the strength card and where the strength comes in. The May 8 Zodiac person has a core inner strength and this means that during a crisis they’re good at resolving problems are moving forward.


In love, they’re very devoted to their partner and they will remain true to them through good times and bad. They can be a little secretive and it can be tough to open up, but when they do open up they tend to provide a high degree of unconditional love a lot and if they’re within a partnership, if this person can get them to open up, they love them even more for.


The main strengths of people born on this day are their magnetism, very hardworking and charismatic nature. In terms of weaknesses, look out for sometimes taking a little bit too much risk and this can seem a little daunting to others.


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