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Botswana Agate Bracelet soothes down physical pains, emotional grieves, and aggression, stabilizes the spiritual & material aspects, increases fertility, blesses progeny, aligns body, mind & soul, awakens Kundalini, and adds extra dose of luck to life.

Blood Agate Bracelet pleases Mars planet, gives immense courage, helps achieve big goals, annihilates negativity, ensures success in everything, boosts fertility, treats blood disorders, helps takes charge of life, improves health, and fetches many opportunities.

Black Tourmaline Bracelet protects from the evil eye & Tantrik attacks, increases virtues, kills negativity, fetches positivity, opens the aura, brings good luck, lessens mood swings, prevents allergies, promotes health, and helps dealing with day-to-day.

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Evil Eye Bracelet Provides divine protection, sends back evil eye, prevents black magic & tantrik attacks, makes aura powerful, and keeps away all evil & negative energies.

White Hakik Bracelet controls mind, treats neuron disorders, fades away illusions, channel psychic abilities, deepens spiritual practices, improves public dealings, helps achieve goals, controls anger, and makes you lucky in money matters.

Moonstone Bracelet ensures emotional health, dispels misfortune, gives occult success, removes failures, gives mental clarity, treats psychological disorders, ignited beauty from inside, and keeps mood happy.

Rudraksha Crystal Bracelet gives peace, controls planets, stabilizes emotions, gives spiritual success, heightened intuition, provides divine protection, improves personality & life, and bring divine guidance.

Malachite Bracelet treats skin disorders, charms luck, harmonizes relationships, heals diseases, gives material gains, soothes down pains, prevent mishappening, fetches divine love, and opens doors to abundance.

Selenite bracelet is a healing tool, performs unconscious & effortless chakra balancing, blocks negative energies, strengths the aura, calms the body, mind & soul, lessens frustrations & worries, fades away darkness from life, gives spiritual success, enhances beauty, and heals overall life.

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