Numerology is the notion that the world is a system, once broken down; the only thing that remains is the essential elements, which are numbers. By accepting that everything is the universe is dependent and can be equated to numbers, a numerologist can take numerous elements of an individual and break them down into significant digits through several methods.


These digits can then be utilized to assist us in understanding better the universe and humans beings where you can discern insights concerning your purpose as well as personality traits by calculating thing like an expression, life path and heart desires numbers among others.


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Where does Numerology come from?

Where numerology was sourced from and how it came to be is quite a mystery, as with many other ancient philosophies. Egypt together with Babylon is where the most ancient records of numerology are said to be. Additional evidence confirms that numerology was utilized thousands of years ago in Japan, Rome, Greece, and China.


The study of numerology has substantial significance for individuals all over the world, and civilization has made the origin of numerology a mystery for a long time. Numerology is considered a segment of study having a substantial connection with figures and the occult. Within this study, digits are considered powerful symbolic expressions which affect every aspect of nature, the divine, and technology.


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Modern numerology is usually credited to a Greek philosopher known as Pythagoras. Even though it is not known if he is the one who invented, he had several theories behind it, which took digits to a different level. Renown as among the most skilled mathematicians the details which are known concerning his life and history is typically taught in school.


These theories are currently the reason behind Pythagoras having most of the credit for the modern numerology.


Dr. Julian Stenton was the one who came up with the word numerology. He as well purchased recognition as well as awareness to it in modern times. There is not a lot known about the whereabouts of numerology. It has become somewhat popular in the current society, and many people utilize it.


How numerology works

How it works is complicated in a way, and it usually requires a skilled numerologist to give detailed and specific readings. Even though you can comfortably locate your life path number and things such as your expression soul urge and personality digits using necessary calculations it is the way that these figures work together that requires to be interpreted appropriately.


The notion behind numerology is that the universe and your life are affected by your date of life, the name given during birth, and many additional factors surrounding a person. In this way, there are significant depths that a numerology reading can go into. As a result, it can offer many amazing insights about a person.


People believe that there are zero coincidences in the world that your name and date of birth affect the path that you will follow and your character similar to how some people look at horoscopes or astrology to read signs and our destinies.