Pisces and Leo Compatibility

Pisces and leo compatibility

When looking at Pisces and Leo Compatibility the first thing to look for is the Venus moon and Mars sign. Venus is how we love and what we are attracted to, the moon is how we express emotions and Mars is our sex drive! With their rulers, Pisces’s rulers are Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the ruler of philosophy and expansion, Neptune is the ruler of dreams, illusion and fantasy. Leo’s ruler is the Sun – the ruler of the higher self. Elementally, Pisces is a water sign and Leo is a fire sign so these two are opposite elements.


Positive aspects to Pisces and Leo Compatibility

What draws these two to each? Fascination! They both have a common ground that they’re very loving. They’re also dreamy, but in different ways. Pisces is the dreamer of the Zodiac, they’re always fantasizing and dreaming in their own little fantasy world. Leo has their own kind of fantasy, they dream of being the center of attention like the star on a stage, but their dream is more realistic, whereas Pisces has a fairy tale type of fantasy in their head.


Leo can often see Pisces as someone who’s not very action-oriented, compared to Leo wants to be “big” – someone who attracts attention, someone who’s successful. Pisces is not materialistic at all and this is where they can clash because Leo does put a lot of value in material things and so on a practical level, Pisces can be a good influence on Leo.


Areas of Pisces and Leo Compatibility where it goes wrong

While there’s no end of affection between these signs, the main problem is that Pisces likes privacy while Leo craves attention and wants to be around a lot of people. Both of these signs are very flirtatious and want the attention for themselves, only in different ways. Pisces wants Leo’s attention but Leo wants attention from everyone! This, whether intentional or not, can make Pisces feel very jealous very insecure.


On the flip side, Pisces does have a way of getting back at Leo. Pisces is one of the most helpful signs, they like to help other people, they like to help the less fortunate and they are naturally empathetic. In fact, they’re considered the empathetic sign of the Zodiac so they like to reach out and help others and this can make Leo feel very jealous.


Pisces and leo


Leo is really good at expressing their emotions and both are very emotional signs. Leo, however, is a very passionate, very fiery sign whereas Pisces is more intuitive, more emotional and these emotions drive their personality. Leo expresses what they feel: they’re very direct – very blunt. They will speak up if something’s wrong whereas Pisces has trouble communicating how they feel and this can get Pisces into trouble in this relationship because Leo is a very dominant sign.


Obviously, these areas are something that these two have to work on in a relationship but they do share a common trait in that they are both very loving signs. They are both very generous too. Leo is a very giving person, someone who will protect the ones that they love and Pisces loves this about Leo and this makes Pisces feel safe with them.


Pisces and Leo Sex Compatibility

Now when it comes to the bedroom, they can actually be very compatible here. The sex is going to be really good between Pisces and Leo with Pisces being a submissive sign and Leo being the more dominant sign. It doesn’t matter if the Pisces is male or female, neither does it matter if the Leo is male or female; they are either naturally submissive or naturally dominant.


Pisces and leo


This is a pair that wants to take their partner into a world of sexual fantasy and experience. This is actually something Leo doesn’t normally get to have with other partners so when they see Pisces for the first time in bed, they get to see where Pisces is really gifted! Pisces is magical in the bedroom and this is a very welcome change for Leo because Leo is also a very playful sign but at the same time, Leo (as we know already) craves attention, and this is no more so the case than when it comes to sex! Leo wants to be doted upon in the bedroom, and this is exactly what Leo loves – feeling like the king!


So overall, these two are actually very complimentary so if you’re in a Pisces and Leo relationship, you’re at least having a great time at night!


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