Pisces, a water sign, is the 12th and the last sign in the zodiacal cycle. Born between 20th February and 20th March, the two fish swimming in opposite direction signifies the constant division between fantasy and reality. As the final zodiac symbol, Pisces has had the benefit of fetching almost every lesson including hopes and fears. Many of the lessons have made the fish symbol to be the most psychic yet compassionate creature in the Zodiac wheel.

Pisces Water Sign

Pisces Personality traits

A Pisces has a stronger instinct of determining things from deep within. They often know whether you are in a bad or good situation. However, this does not mean that the logic angle is ignored. Pisces are: Intelligent They are profoundly intelligent and have a strong respect for humanity. It is no surprise that Albert Einstein was a Pisces.  Empathetic Having a Pisces friend or mate is like having a personal therapist. They understand how you feel, never judge, and would listen endlessly to your concerns. Pisces connect more with your story and are sensitive to calm down even the harshest situation.  Mystical Pisces are mystical creatures; they have unshaken interest in mystical, spiritual, and sometimes the occult subjects. Fortunately, they usually have a psychic twinkle the moment they see the light.


Pisces and leo


Romantic Pisces are more conservative. If given a chance, they would choose a more traditional age, where they would meet, court, and finally woo their companion to marriage. Out of sight, out of mind is the mantra. They prefer love and hate on anything that would compromise the rare rosy feeling. Impressionable Since they have the power to morph into any crowd, Pisces usually, go with the flow. This is made possible by their well-off intuition, quick-silver imagination, and watery nature.  Imaginative Pisces are naturally born with empathy and interest in humankind. Creativity and imagination are the main drivers of this category of people. Most of them are drawn to the modern and contemporary arts.


Pisces likes and dislike

Since they are sensitive and intuitive, Pisces can easily be astounded in overstimulated environments. At their best, they are charming friends who love to artfully compose photos, listen to music, participate in guided meditations, or hold hands at a romantic setting.


Pisces Strengths and weaknesses

Pisces tend to lapse into depression. They are susceptible to pessimism, which would normally result in lethargy. But, once they have some time alone, they find their strength. They are very talented and hard to pin down. Their compassion and charitable nature enable them to put the needs of others ahead of their own.


Pisces Career and work

Pisces are mostly preferred in workplaces since they are highly adaptable and are flexible to work in a variety of jobs. The top recommended careers are Sales, Marketing, and Social Work. Other areas of interest include the arts.


Pisces in Love and relationship

Pisces is a romantic sign. The bearers of the sign are gentle, nurturing and sensitive in their relationship. Security and freedom is part of the package the moment you fall in love with a Pisces. Their incredible intuition helps in ensuring an honest, efficient, and a rich emotional bond. Pisces are loyal, loving and mellow, and will always be there when you need them most.