Sagittarius Compatibility – Who’s Best for a Sagittarius?

Sagittarius compatibility

Sagittarius Compatibility – Your Ultimate Guide

Sagittarius compatibility

Today, this article talks about the Sagittarius compatibility with all of the Zodiac signs starting right at the beginning with Aries.


Sagittarius compatibility with Aries

Sagittarius and Aries both being fire signs gives them a commonplace of understanding the nature that the other is made of but I always say Sagittarius is the special fire sign because they’re just a really different kind of fire sign from Leo and from Aries. Sagittarius is the one sign in the Zodiac that really gives Aries a run for their money because they want so much more freedom. Aries wants to be free. They want to be able to do what they want to do come and go but Sagittarius, once that so much more, that Aries displays this trait of being a little bit more possessive or being a little bit more domineering and it’s a really interesting thing to see an Aries act like that, but in the main, I wouldn’t give this pairing a high score for me. Personally, I don’t think this is a great pairing. Some people say it’s because of the double fire and they have common understanding that it would be great pairing but you have to remember that both of these signs, they’re great as starting things but they’re not great at finishing and this results in a lot of started conversations, started projects and none of it is ever finished.

Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility

On the plus side, these two like to have fun together and that makes them very exciting together. It makes the sex very passionate and they both thrive on personal experiences. They don’t want to hear about it, they don’t want to read about it, they want their own and this makes gives them adventuring opportunities but there is so much more in the middle that just doesn’t make it a great combination. That being said, I’m sure that there are Aries and Sagittarius pairings out there that you guys are you’ve been together for a long time and you’re mind-blowingly happy.


Sagittarius compatibility with Taurus

Moving on to Sagittarius compatibility with Taurus. When these two come together in the beginning, typically it is hot and steamy. They typically move very quickly when they get together. The problem is that this is not it is a great experience. I think for each of these signs to have and truly pairing and be together over the long term, they have to give themselves a long time, have a lot of patience and really have a good setup in the chart to make it last because they have to learn about each other because they process the world so completely differently.

Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility Sagittarius being a fire sign and a philosopher and an adventurer and the class clown contrasted with the Taurus who is reserved and stubborn and usually very elegant and this makes a long term pairing very difficult because they are so incredibly different.


Sagittarius compatibility with Gemini

Sagittarius compatibility and Gemini, this is a couple that works very well. These are two signs that know how to play together. They know how to be friends together. They know how to be adventurers and explorers and creators together. It’s really very fun.


The other thing that makes this such a great combination is that one is an Air Sign (Gemini) and the other is a Fire Sign (Sagittarius). The Air gets really heated up with Fire being around and so it’s amazing because Gemini gets more creative they get more excited about new ideas. They want to go in different directions. But then all at the same time Air really gives some more breathing to the Fire and those Flames get bigger and bigger and that’s exactly what Gemini does to Sagittarius because while they both need freedom and they both need to be able to roam and do what they do, Gemini needs that mental freedom.Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility

So with them being heated up with all this Fire they get all of these ideas and can work readily well together. Sagittarius needs the freedom to be able to create and to go out and to see things and to make things happen and so with having all of Gemini’s ideas and creativity, this means that they can put some pretty great things together. It’s just a great, really fun because if doesn’t work out, then a lot of the time this is a couple that is likely to stay friends more than most because they’ll have had a really great time together and developed a really nice level of intimacy that they cherish.


So this is one of the few couples of the zodiac pairings that absolutely get such high marks as a pair and if you ever see these two together, you’ll get to see why for yourself first hand.


Sagittarius compatibility with Cancer

Sagittarius and cancer – now this is a very confusing pairing indeed! “Why are you doing this?” is the question I will most often ask when I see these two together because I just cannot see how this is a good pairing at all on a number of levels. I find it so confusing that these two would be together simply down to the fact that they both see (and process) the world in such radically different ways. Sometimes you’ll read about how this pairing needs time for the relationship to develop and grow so they can get to know each other because they really do have things to offer and this is really very difficult to agree with.


Everyone has something to offer to someone else, but this is almost like a situation where a relationship is being forced to work. Cancer being so moody and ruled by the Moon and needing to be secure and feel nurtured and really follow that emotional path contrasted with Sagittarius being really very unemotional, needing freedom and needing to do their own thing, not at all concerned about their own security or stability. The efforts that Cancer will go to on a daily basis to make sure that the home front and professional life is secure and taken care of, Sagittarius is not wired in the same way and has little interest in this type of routine.Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

That’s not to say that it’s impossible for these two to work but it’s far more likely, with Cancer sun sign compatibility with Sagittarius, that a more friendship based relationships is more effective. This is very prevalent in a professional setting where these two are workmates. This is because there’s a much bigger chance of the two seeing what they have to offer each other but that’s because the matters of the heart are not really in the way.


So for me, this pairing definitely is certainly at the lower end of any scoring mechanism because I just don’t feel like it strong for long-term, but that being said, if there’s something more friendly here then this is a very strong pairing. On the personal and relationship front, there’s just too much of the opposite in each of them here and there’s likely to be a limit on the amount of intimate energy for this partnership with one being a water sign and the other fire sign – as we know, too much water can put out fire and too much fire can evaporate water and so these two are really only a sun sign compatible pairing.


Leo and Sagittarius compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius are another fun pairing because these are both fire signs and they are both just able to go with the flow with a whole bunch of things – something that makes this pairing very exciting because even though Leo is all about Leo (really are all about them!) this really isn’t something that bothers Sagittarius because Sagittarius is off to check out the next big thing. This creates a situation where these two really bounce off each other not take things too seriously.

Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility

The other thing is being of similar elements really does help the understanding of how things are being processed, things like that, when they both when they finally get heated about something and have an argument or something like that. Things can get very heated and passionate with these two because they are both fire signs, but they don’t stay mad at each other very long because they both do cool back down. It’s very hard for them to stay mad at each other unless there’s something pretty severe happened because they get distracted pretty easily and are off and on to the next thing.


This is a pairing of energy that I think is really beautiful together between the Sun and Jupiter. Jupiter, of course, heats up and expands whatever it’s next to and brings a lucky, playful kind of energy between these two. I personally have known (and worked) with people who’ve been in this partnership. It’s a very interesting one, although they didn’t stay together forever, they definitely didn’t leave this relationship feeling burned or anything like that. So, I think it’s a really good and interesting pairing.


Sagittarius compatibility with Virgo

Sagittarius and Virgo are ideal as a couple. You have Sagittarius who wants to go out in the world, go on these adventures, socialize and meet people, ask questions and find things discover and then you have the Virgo who’s not really so hot about going to socialize but they want to discover and they want to analyze what Sagittarius has found and they want to study it and be into every single little crevice and detail of it! So this is very much a pairing of someone who wants to go out and excavate a load of clay pots from the back yard and then wonder when the post were made and where they’re from because Sagittarius loves history and gaining knowledge while Virgo is going to be very happy to examine these pots and tell you what time period they came from.

Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility

So this is a quality that these two have together that really helps them sustain a long term relationship because they do have a joint interest and Sagittarius, when they pair up with a Virgo, they get very excited because they have someone who doesn’t always have their head like in the clouds and is that but more grounded. This is very much down to the combination of this pairing being Mercury (communication, decision making, and information-gathering) paired with Jupiter who is also a planet of gaining knowledge which is gaining information. You’ll also find that if it’s long evenings spent having intellectual conversations from two completely different points of view or perspectives, this is something that will give both of these signs a great deal of stimulation, but with that being said, you can also expect neither of these two (when paired) to be the hottest in the sack!


If you’ve ever been in this pairing, leave a comment below and let me know how this panned out for you, would love to hear about your experience.


Sagittarius compatibility pairing with Libra

When we look at the pairing of Sagittarius and Libra, this really is a very strong couple. Libra, being ruled by Venus, they love things that are beautiful, things that are unique or even eccentric and this is absolutely a Sagittarius! That’s because the Sagittarius have their very own way about them, they’re these beautiful wandering creatures and these are some of the qualities that are appealing and very sexy to a Libra.


They also work together elementally very well because you have the Air and Fire pairing about these two. Another aspect of the successful pairing of these two is the fact that Libra is a naturally indecisive sign and this doesn’t drive the Sagittarius crazy because Sagittarius is always on the lookout for new things to get involved with anyway! This can be very helpful for when this pairing get into some kind of problem-solving situation because they have the time to figure out what they need to do and not get angry with one another when the path ahead isn’t as clear as it might be and I love that about the quality between these two.

Sagittarius and Libra Compatibility

As a result of the happy medium that these two seem to be able to strike, you’ll find that there are very few fights breaking out in this pairing. I honestly think that is because they both really have a short attention span and so I think that is very helpful! They also usually get to have a good time in the sack with each other as a result of this “no hassle” and quite laid back attitude.


One thing that I think this pairing needs to be cautious about is that Sagittarius can really speak their mind and when combined with the fact that Sagittarius tends not to be the most tactful of the signs, they can just really speak very freely and very honest and very open but in a way that is instead of being rigorously honest it is brutally honest and this can sometime result in Libra really getting their feelings hurt. So, Sagittarius needs to remember that there’s another person playing in the game and that they have to look out for everybody. Other than that, this is a very nice pairing!


Sagittarius compatibility with Scorpio

Now we’re talking out Sagittarius and Scorpio and for me, this pairing is a little bit boom or bust! It all starts in the beginning, the early days, and this means the sex. When they initially come together, it’s usually very hot and steamy and it moves into the bedroom at light speed and this is where the problems can start because in many cases, there’s a danger that the whole relationship can be over before it has even had a chance to start.


What needs to happen here is that both signs need to take a step back and realize that it’s going to take a little chill out time for things to work and for them both to slow down and let some things unfold on their own. But, once they really get into it, this allows some of the building blocks that make it work solidify and that’s because they both want to chase adventure and are looking for plenty of opportunities to go see and do new things.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility

There is a difference between these two in terms of strength of mind. Sagittarius will follow a Scorpio into kind of the occult and Into the Dark World a little bit, but generally, they can’t stay there. It’s a bit too dark for them. So that’s one of the things too that can kind of pull them apart is the exact same thing that can put them together.


On the other side of it, once they really get going Sagittarius finds that Scorpio is a fixed sign, they’re all hot and deep and stuff, so Sagittarius tends to feel like they’re inflexible in their stubborn and they only want it their way and they don’t really enjoy how fixed and how immovable Scorpio really. Scorpio, on the other hand, looks at Sagittarius and thinks “man, you’re all over the place!”. This is because your typical Sagittarius doesn’t want to have any commitment, doesn’t want to settle down and that is another thing that is going to absolutely work against them because Sagittarius generally has a hard time with monogamy or being just faithful in general and Scorpio is not gonna have that problem – Scorpio can be very jealous and far too possessive and at a core level, they want to invest their time and getting to know you because they want to get to know you they want to know the in’s and out’s of you. They want to know the dark parts the good parts and if the other sign is flaky or flighty, or they don’t feel like they’re going to stay around for the intimate stuff, Scorpios is really going to want to step out.


All that being said, this is a pairing that they can definitely teach each other something because they both have something to learn. Scorpio could really stand to learn to like chill out and have fun for a minute, maybe smile when you like someone that could be cool! Sagittarius can learn to stay start a project finish it see it all the way through and maybe see what happens at the end. If you’ve ever been in a Sagittarius and Scorpio relationship or pairing, please leave a comment down below.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility

The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the ruler of luck expansion and philosophy. The element of Sagittarius is fire. So when two fire signs get together they can destroy. But the opposite can happen too, they can also provide a lot of warmth a lot of passion, a lot of fiery energy. So what attracts these two to each other? They’re seeing a reflection of themselves and another person.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

When we’re looking at the Sagittarius and Sagittarius pairing, I think one thing that is the glue that literally binds these two together is that they’re both ruled by Jupiter. So they’re both natural information gatherers. They’re not natural information shares and they both tend to generally have a love of history or a love of storytelling or a love of something like. This is a great place for them so when they ahave cometogether, it’s not just all about let’s please each other sexually, let’s please each other with things material things, but they really do satisfy each other’s need for information for giving and sharing information for coming up with new facts.


Obviously, the thing to watch out for here is the fact that Sagittarius can be very hot-headed because it’s a fire sign so fights can interrupt for sure. This usually happens when one needs to feel as though it’s necessary to be “one up” over the other. That being said, this can be a very good pairing mainly down to one significant reason – both being the same sign they of course know what they’re dealing with in terms of the other person’s wants and needs.


Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility

Now, this pairing is the epitome of balance from two opposing signs. Capricorn being ruled by Saturn: very grown up, all mature, sensible and wanting to make sure that things are done the right way and that everything is nicely managed and on the straight and narrow contrasted with Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) who just wants to be so playful and free of any serious amounts of responsibility. Generally, when we look at charts when we look at people who have too much Saturn, we look to Jupiter to balance them out. When they have too much Jupiter, we look for Saturn to balance them out in the opposite direction and that’s exactly what happens here.


The unfortunate thing that happens is that if these two are coming at it from a romantic angle right away they can generally completely miss out on each other because one thinks that the other is really flawed. Capricorn can come off as very pompous right, very elitist whereas Sagittarius (like Capricorn) sees them as a bit childish and immature, as someone who likes to play one too many games.

Sagittarius and Capricorn Compatibility

On the other hand, if there are also circumstances where the relationship could take a long time to develop (maybe they’ve been friends) – if they’re a Capricorn they probably met at work! So if they’ve had a chance to be around one another for a while have had a chance to develop some kind of friendship or some kind of rapport, this can really help to get them past the negative sentiment they might have for each other.


Overall though, the balancing energy they have been directly the opposite from a planetary point of view does really inhibit the chances that they will be a good long term pairing because really, most people don’t want that amount of balance in their lives and like the opportunity to tip their own scales when they have the chance and so it really can be a little too much for them.


So if you’ve ever been in a Sagittarius Capricorn pairing leave your experience down below.


The Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility pairing

One of the best things about this pairing is that they generally have a mutual admiration for each other. Sagittarius really likes the way that Aquarius is so quirky, innovative and has this forward-thinking in this vision of how things can go whereas Aquarius really thinks that Sagittarius is so good at acquiring the knowledge on how to bring those full-scale changes together to make it actually happen. And that’s the other way that really makes them really great is that Aquarius can finish things; Sagittarius is not a finisher! They can get on board with a good idea and really kick it off get it started but they’re not going to finish it and so Sagittarius gets the chance to learn with Aquarius how to see something all the way through to the end.


What makes it even more exciting for these two is that they can be very competitive with each other so they get the chance to almost light a little bit of fire under each other and get one another going a bit.Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

The other positive’s here are tow these two are ruled. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, luck expansion, higher education, knowledge driven and Aquarius being ruled by Saturn and Uranus, which is great because Uranus is about innovation and novelty “let’s do it different, let’s rebel” a little but at the same time while Jupiter is there being responsible for expansion you also have the grounding force of Saturn bringing enough common sense and stability to make it a responsible, mature pairing. It is also really helpful that the right elemental pairing exists here via the Fire and Air signs.


So this pair generally works well together, and they are a great conflict resolver pairing in a relationship because they both really do want to get on to the next thing and not to hold any grudges that might impact their future successes together.


The Sagittarius and Pisces pairing

When Sagittarius and Pisces come together you have a very interesting experience because here you have a fire sign and a water sign and one of our most highly introspective signs in general. Now Pisces, being that water sign, is very good at adapting to surroundings and going with the flow which is great for Sagittarius because of how free Sagittarius wants to be. A word of caution here though in relation to this is that this isn’t a long term pairing because of the amount of “rolling with it” that Pisces has to do with Sagittarius and eventually there does tend to be too much change for Pisces to cope with. When these two have the time to put into a relationship and work at it, you’ll tend to find that they do have an affection for each other because Pisces, being ruled not only by Jupiter who wants expansion and higher knowledge and all of those things, Prices also ruled by Neptune and Neptune is a forward thinker, a visionary. With Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter as well, they do have a planet similarity and that is that they both want to acquire knowledge or information and they apply it to their lives and out into the world in a very visionary way.

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

What can be an issue in this pairing is that Sagittarius is already that personality that starts things and doesn’t really finish anything and then you have Pisces who’s in a bit of delusional state because of all the adapting to the surroundings they are doing in order to keep up with Sagittarius and that can create complications in this relationship. On the other side of this equation, Pisces can really calm Sagittarius down they can work to calm them down because Sagittarius can be very hot-headed, they can lose their temper and blow their lid and Pisces can kind of bring them back down to the ground.


Also, it’s worth noting that for a sign that’s not very good at finishing anything that they start, Sagittarius can actually bring some grounding to Pisces and this is something that you wouldn’t expect because when you have Sagittarius as the sign doing the grounding, you really have achieved something!


So if you’ve ever been in a Sagittarius and Pisces pairing sun sign compatibility only leave that information down below, please share with us.


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