Sagittarius or Sags, is a person born between November 22 to December 21 and known for their generosity and straightforwardness. You may know a few people of this star sign and you may have observed them freely sharing their blessings with nearly anyone they encounter. However, while they can absolutely be some of the kindest persons you meet, they can also be impatient and difficult to deal with, elementally they are a Fire Sign! Get to know more about this star sign and learn their most important traits and qualities below.


Sagittarius Fire Sign

Sagittarius Likes and Dislikes

More than anything else, Sagittarius loves entertaining people. They are the life of the party. Aside from this, you can also find them cuddling with their pets as they love animals. They also have a thing for a travel as they love exploring new places and cultures and meeting new people. Sagittarius is also a risk-taker. They like to occasionally bet and gamble, mostly for fun.      People under the Sagittarius zodiac sign have a distaste for deception. More often than not, they are brutally honest and will tell you the truth regardless of how bad it sounds. Having this innate absolute honesty, they expect the same transparency from the people around them. Moreover, they also do not want being pushed around. Having a bit of an authoritarian tendency, they greatly appreciate respect and courtesy.


Sagittarius Strengths and Weaknesses

Sagittarius has many strengths that make a lot of people of this star sign greatly successful. Among these are their ability to work on their own without the need for validation from other people. Sags are strong-willed and persistent. They can keep on pushing for their goals against all odds. They work intensely and they don’t easily give up.


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What can be considered as their weakness is their impatience and sometimes, being too harsh with words. Being naturally idealistic, Sags get frustrated once they see that things are not going as well as they expect it to be. It is dearly important to them that their vision on a major project or endeavor comes true. If not, they resort into negative behavior.


Sagittarius Career

People of Sagittarius zodiac sign are visionaries. They love optimism and perseverance – a combination that is very much suitable in the field of sales and marketing. Once they set their heart into something, it doesn’t matter if they get no sleep for several days, they will work on it until they see the picture in their heads come to reality. This is a trait that can also be suitable for artists and even start-up entrepreneurs. Being fond of philosophy and logical reasoning, Sags also make excellent lawyers.


Sagittarius Love and Relationships

When it comes to romance, Sags are very passionate and expressive. They are the type of people to shout to the whole world their love and adoration to their significant other. They love going on romantic vacations and they don’t mind splurging on travels especially with their special someone. They are also generous in giving gifts. However, since Sags are goal-driven, their partners should be understanding when they are busy and appreciative when they make the extra effort to make their lovers feel special.