The personality of those with the Scorpio zodiac sign is that of a passionate and strong willed individual. if you were born between October 23 and November 21, you are a Scorpio. Elementally, Scorpio’s are a Water Sign. While their heart is in the right place, some of their negative traits include getting jealous easily, possessive and often secretive. They definitely have what it takes to pursue their dreams however because they have a certain charm that is hard to resist. They can be very caring towards the one they love but if you cross a Scorpio, they are known to hold grudges.

Scorpio Water Sign

Scorpio Likes and dislikes

Their emotions are often all over the place. When they love something, they really love it but when they dislike something or someone, it shows. They cannot hide their emotions and often don’t even feel the need to. They are very ambitious, always striving to do well in all areas and they like to be associated with people who have goals too.


Work or career for Scorpio

In terms of career, Scorpio feel most happy when they can be useful to others. Scorpios really want a job in which they can advance, but they also don’t want something that bores them. Some good choices for these individuals are psychologist, researcher, engineer, or a doctor. Scorpios also love to be in the limelight so also a career as an actor or singer isn’t out of the question for them.


Scorpio in Love and relationships

In a relationship, a Scorpio is trustworthy and faithful, providing they are treated the same in return. They are passionate and love to be affectionate with their loved one as much as possible. They are all or nothing kind of people who fall in love very easily. Scorpios seem to have a built in lie detector machine and they have zero tolerance for disrespect in a relationship. Their jealous streak can sometimes disturb relationships however, as they unknowingly push people away. Scorpios love to get their own way and they are not afraid to manipulate the situation until they get it! The best partner for a Scorpio zodiac sign are Capricorn’s and Libra’s. They need a partner who is loyal and understanding to the occasion mood-swing or two.


scorpio and aries


Some other personality traits of the Scorpio zodiac sign include being honest to the tee. They often say what they think without filter and if a Scorpio compliments you, it’s guaranteed that they mean it! Scorpios can be reserved when they first meet new people, what seems quite standoffish is just them scoping out the situation. It can take a little longer to get a Scorpio on a deeper level. In terms of moods, they are experience very high highs and very low lows – with many Scorpios finding it hard to find a middle ground where they can actually get a grasp on their emotions. They do not always do what is expected of them, in fact, they are actually attracted to the most unusual things in life. They follow their own paths and do not conform to what other people might want them to do or be. A person with a Scorpio zodiac sign is definitely an interesting one who is worth getting to know.