The Taurus zodiac sign is for those of you born between April 20 and May 20 and has the symbol of the Bull. Taurus is all about rewards, comfort and getting things done. They are generally regarded as stubborn and practical. However, besides these qualities, take a look at a ton of more in-depth description of the traits and personality of people under the Taurus zodiac sign below.


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Taurus Likes and Dislikes

Taurus is fond of life’s simple pleasures such as a good meal, a fine drink, soothing music, relaxing vacations and breath-taking landscapes. They are the type of people who like getting their hands dirty by gardening, cooking, and other hobbies and crafts done with bare hands. On a more serious note, Taurus likes having the freedom and control to decide on their own and do things their way without being opposed or contradicted. They are fond of respectful and practical people who think alike.


People under Taurus zodiac sign don’t like being pestered or annoyed. Once they say their piece on a given topic, they don’t like needlessly going over the same things. They also dislike being rushed into making a decision and being forced to change their minds. Additionally, Taurus is not very tolerant of loud and aggressive behavior.


Taurus Strengths and Weaknesses

Taurus’ best strength is their reliability and dependability. They are never the ones to make serious decisions on a whim or out of pure instinct. Whatever choice they make, they always see to it that they’ve carefully studied the pros and cons and that they foresee what’s most likely to happen. This gives them a sense of security which they value so much. Once they make a decision, they stick to it, they stay driven to make it work and they show steadiness even amidst opposition. This trait makes them seen as highly dependable, persistent, trust-worthy, tenacious and solid.


may 16 zodiac


On the other hand, among the weaknesses of a Taurus is they tend to be materialistic and resistant to change. Taurus can be keen on the price tag of an item. They are the type of people to want branded clothes and luxurious items. They can be over-spenders and self-indulgent especially when they feel that they’ve earned it. Moreover, they are also regarded as stubborn. They can be expressive of what they are against and they are not likely to hear out the other side or even enter into a compromise once they are fixed on their stand and belief.


Taurus Career

People under the Taurus zodiac sign are natural leaders. They are very good at working passionately on a project that they really believe in. They have the ability to effectively conceptualize and breakdown tasks into smaller undertakings in order to make it more manageable. They have no problem working late or spending the weekend at the office as long as they accomplish their target. Taurus is especially strong in the following career paths: law, corporate executive, politics and chef.


Taurus Love and Relationships

Inside of Taurus’ tough and strong facade – just like that of a bull – is a gentle heart that is looking for a lasting love. For them, it is important to have a partner from the same social circle and with a similar upbringing as that of their own. It might take a while before a Taurus fully commits to a relationship but once they do it, they are in it for the long haul.