The Aquarius Man in Love

Aquarius man in love

The Aquarius man is someone born between January 20 and February 18. Along with Leo and Gemini, the Aquarius man is elementally an Air Sign – somewhat counter intuitive with Aquarius being associated with Water.


Air signs, as you might expect, are all about movement and action. Like the wind, you can be swept up very quickly with an air sign, not knowing where your involvement with this person may take you! This can be very exciting and also means that people who are air signs are always on the move and wanting to engage in new things.


Aquarians (along with Leo, Scorpio and Taurus) are what’s known as a Fixed Sign. These are signs that fall in the middle of each season and are considered to be very stabilizing. A fixed sign personality will be the type of person you want to put your trust in to deliver a project or complete a task, perhaps even take someone else’s idea and run with it.


aquarius man in love


The general personality of an Aquarius man

The overriding personality trait of the Aquarius man is intellect, whether they show it to you or not. An Aquarius is usually a very deep thinker, someone who’s going to challenge you intellectually. They are also usually very relaxed and chilled people. This is a pretty good combination because their laid back nature coupled with the deep thinking means that more often that not, they’re good decision makers.



The Aquarius man might also be a little shy, especially at first. This doesn’t last for very long though! You will typically find that an Aquarian is someone who has the interests of others at heart and once they become comfortable with new friends, colleagues or surroundings they will open up and show you their true energy and passion.


The Aquarius man in love

Since Aquarius man is someone who’s interest is in the collective, looking after others; it’s no surprise that having a deep connection with a partner is very important to him. This can also mean that an Aquarius man will put a lot of emphasis on the friendship you have within a relationship.


Aquarius man and woman


With this being the case, it tends to mean that you should take your time in developing your relationship with an Aquarius man.


What might turn an Aquarius man off?

The Aquarius man being an obsessive and deep thinker, being ready to rationalize everything that’s going on, means that it is important to not be overly emotional towards an Aquarius man too soon. A highly emotional state can generally be seen as being in direct conflict with how the logical mind of the Aquarius works. This might put him off, so try not to do too much too soon in the emotion department.


Discover how to get the attention of an Aquarius man

The vast majority of men want a deep and passionate romantic relationship, even though it is difficult to get any man to admit it. This is especially true with the methodically minding Aquarius man who thinks about the long-term, not just how it feels right now.


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Aquarius Man in Love
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