Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Before we start, remember to look up the Venus, Moon and Mars signs. Venus is how we love and what we are attracted to, the Moon is how we express emotions and Mars is our sex drive!


The rulers of Virgo and Aries

Virgo’s ruler is Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication. Aries’s ruler is Mars, the planet of aggression and sex. So what attracts these two to each other? I have no idea! These two are far from the best pair. What is likely going on here is raw animal attraction – Aries saw Virgo and was all in it for the body! Virgo was probably just intrigued by Aries and that’s just about it. Aries is ruled by Mars, and the assumption is that they are here for the physical stuff! Virgo, being the very intellectual sign, decided to go for a little investigation.


What Virgo and Aries have in common

They’re both very honest. Aries tends to be a straight-shooter, very forward, very direct and Virgo, is also a very honest sign and believes in truth because lies just come with too much chaos and Virgo does not like chaos. That being said, there are some obstacles here, the obstacles being their priorities are different the way they think.


What Virgo and Aries don’t do so well

Virgo is a sign that likes to take it slow. They like to think things through before they do it and Aries is a very impulsive sign, they would just rather just get it done. They like new experiences and they like to try new things. Virgo is more about routine, consistency, practicality; life is good when life is organized according to Virgo. Aries, on the other hand, is “life is to live”.


Virgo and Aries Compatibility


These clashing differences tell us a lot about the relationship, it comes across as very much a parent-child relationship because Virgo sees Aries as someone that they have to help, someone that they have to guide. On the other hand, Aries sees Virgo as a nag! Even though they do have feelings for each, and even though they care about each other, their mindsets are completely contradicting. Virgo will look at a situation, assess the situation and try to predict what’s going to happen without actually doing it whereas Aries wants to see the chips fall where they may from a situation by actually doing it and actually experiencing it.


Virgo and Aries Compatibility


Aries also tends to be very extravagant, meaning they like to spend money. Virgo on the other hand is more practical and likes to save money. Virgo also likes to budget and Virgo’s are often accused of being cheap because of this! However, this makes Aries think that Virgo way too uptight and this adds fuel to the areas where these two already don’t see eye-to-eye. Aries’s ruler is Mars, the planet of aggression and so Aries is always ready to battle. This isn’t Virgo’s style, Virgo was to actually talk and discuss it and Aries doesn’t like this.


What attracts Virgo and Aries?

The positive part of this relationship is that Aries is a cardinal sign, Virgo is a mutable sign so Virgo actually comes up with a lot of ideas and a lot of creativity but usually because there are a mutable sign, they don’t usually get these things off the ground and started. However, Aries is a cardinal sign and Aries is a doer, then initiator so they can actually take Virgo’s ideas and get the process going. This is very useful because once things are moving, Virgo being a very organized sign, a very structured sign can come in and take over and manage the project to the finish line.


Virgo and Aries sex compatibility

In order to get Virgo into bed, Aries actually has to be patient and court Virgo. Aries is usually ready to get down to business, even if they’re not in a relationship, they want to try out Virgo and Virgo is not having that! If things do get that far, in order to turn a Virgo on you have to get to their mind, have stimulating conversation and Aries can play this game, but while Aries likes to keep it short and sweet, Virgo likes to take long discussions and actually, get into something deep and meaningful – so getting Virgo turned on it’s going to be a challenge for Aries!


When they actually get down to business, Virgo needs a lot of foreplay, they need a lot of touches, a lot of sensuality and a lot of time to get warmed up. Aries is not the best at this and just wants to get down get dirty get to it and so this is an area where they clash. Virgo can also feel a little overwhelmed in the bedroom with Aries too because Aries talks a lot during sex. They talk really dirty, very vulgar and it can kind of put Virgo off. They’re okay with moaning, they’re okay with growling but when it comes down to the vulgar stuff, to where it almost feels like an insult during sex, that’s probably going to be a blow-off for Virgo. Aries also likes to try new things, to experiment whereas this isn’t Virgo’s kind of thing and so this is another flashpoint for these two.


But don’t be discouraged! Aries and Virgo couples can make it work because it really just depends on how much you care about each other and how much you’re willing to communicate. If you love each other then that’s all that matters and usually, that’s enough to get the relationship going for the Long Haul!


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