The Virgo zodiac sign is for those born between August 23 and September 22. The typical traits of the Virgo are analytical skills, loyalty, practicality and their hardworking nature. Their overall weaknesses are that they can be critical, overly apprehensive, shy and workaholic! Virgo’s tend to be the type of people who enjoy books, animals, healthy food, neatness and order. They are know to dislikes being the center of attraction or asking for help.


Virgo Earth Sign


Kind, sophisticated and a lot of fun to be around, that is the Virgo. They get the job done without moaning and complaining. Virgo’s are practical in everything they do and are very adept at planning years in the future. To them, the predictability of events is not boring; rather, it gives them the sense of control that they always need in everything they do.  Virgos are great friends because they are always giving in every way they can. A Virgo will be there for you materially in the toughest times and give you good advice as well. You don’t easily earn the Virgo’s trust but you gain a friend for life once they learn to trust you.  The goddess that is always disappointed  Virgos have very high standards for themselves and can often reflect these high expectations onto those around them. From the time they came from their cloud, their sole mission was to use their being for good. They hate being let down even when the circumstances are unavoidable. They don’t back out of plans in the last minute either, and sometimes stretch themselves too thin. These high expectations often send them into bouts of depression that result in excessive drinking and substance abuse.


Virgo in Love and relationships

The Virgo draws inspiration from beauty. They put a lot of thought into what they wear and what the interior dcor in their home looks like. Everything about their life is inspired by the beauty they see and they express this in many ways. This holds even when it comes to romantic relationships since they will often use subtle expressions of their self to let you know how they feel about you. A Virgo will rarely use direct statements to express romantic love.


Virgo and Aries Compatibility


They are just as methodical in this area as they are in other areas of life. Basically, the Virgo often has everything mapped out in their minds when it comes to relationships and the other partner often has to go with the flow.  Virgos have it in them to be reserved and do not like having many sexual partners because they need to feel special for someone. They find pleasure in giving themselves fully to their partner. Since they are mutable, Virgos can change their strict stance in matters sex and overcome their reservations once they find the right person.


Virgo Career and life goals

Expect the Virgo to be hard on themselves in everything they do in life. They are analytical and can put in long hours of work. Virgos look good in jobs with a lot of paperwork that need organization and problem-solving skills. When the Virgo has the right working environment, you can only expect perfection as they will have nothing less.


Famous Virgo’s

The Virgo holds the motto my best could be better. Just observing the famous Virgos, you notice that they live by this too. Virgos that have made it big include notable names like Beyonc Knowles, Cameron Diaz, Taraji P, Melissa McCarthy and Amy Winehouse.