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water signs

Today’s topic is part of a 4-part series all about the four elements within astrology. Within astrology, there are the four elements which separate the 12 Zodiac signs. These elements are earth water fire and air each solar season of the year actually contains one of each of these elements.


water sign zodiac

Now it all starts with fire which starts the year with the Spring Equinox. So that would be within Aries, which starts on the 20th of March and then afterward it goes into a new season, which is the summer solstice and that all begins with Cancer and that is then on the 20th of June. When Summer ends, we go into the Autumn Solstice where Libra come sin on the 22nd of September and then lastly it goes through to the Winter Solstice which is within Capricorn and that begins on the 21st of December.


So, during this four-part series, we’ll discuss these four elements and explain the different characteristics and traits within each element.


Water starts with the Cancer sign

Water all begins within the Summer Solstice in the month of June. The three signs which are found within the water element within astrology of course Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Interesting enough within astrology there are things called the spiritual stages and there are three stages within each element. In Cancer, there is the survival stage that’s all about yourself and how you see yourself. Scorpio is within the social stage which is concerned with how you interact with the world and lastly, Pisces is related to the spiritual stage which essentially is a bit of both of the aforementioned.


water signs

Also remember that these water signs rule and that Cancer rules the fourth house, Scorpio rules the eighth house and Pisces rules the twelfth house.


Water sign keywords

Whenever water signs come to mind, these are usually very receptive people, they can be very emotional people and very soulful and deep as well. I also think they’re highly intuitive people. Water signs are also very sensitive because of the fact that they’re highly emotional people. Water signs can feel the motion of other people and this is why they can make really good psychics and mediums because they know how to reach into a person’s soul and just grab it know what’s going on in there with their sort of sixth sense.


Water signs are very nurturing people

Because they feel so deeply, water signs have a very caring quality. Especially within Cancer, which is very much the mother of the Zodiac so with them, they are so nurturing the so caring so sensitive and they just know how to nurture others and bring them in and make them feel loved.


What you will find is well within the water signs is that they use their common sense which is interesting because of how they are more concerned with gut feeling, it almost seems contradictory to suggest this! But, water signs are great at giving good advice. If you ever have a problem, they are a good place to go. They are also likely to be highly understanding people and highly compassion and they make great people at sort of going into helping others and because of their caring and compassionate nature. However, that being said, water can either give you a refreshing feeling or it can just completely flood you and so that’s why water signs need to be careful. This is because they have a tendency to be very moody and can snap at people or just explode and that’s because of so much emotion going on. If that happens, then the emotions and feelings can just overflow and the water’s everywhere and you need to get a bucket!


How does the water sign impact each sign?

Staring with Cancer, this is a sign known for being the most emotional of the whole Zodiac, very vulnerable people too and they need to look after or nurture something and this is because the Cancer sign is the mother of the zodiac. If they’re not caring for someone or putting their energy into just nurturing someone, they lack purpose and feel as though they are wasting time!


Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility


The Cancer sign is also a Cardinal sign which means they can be very innovative and ambitious. However, that being said, if Cancer is in ambitious mode and doesn’t have something to nurture at the same time, the Cardinal in the sign can come out and start to forget about the rest of the pack, they can forget about the other people along the way because they’re so focused on getting what they want to get the good thing though with them Cancer energy is that most likely they won’t do that to people because they are very caring people and so that’s a plus there but at the same time, still a cardinal sign.


Scorpio the water sign

Scorpio they just have this incredible ability just to analyze stuff. This is why they are known to be great detectives. Scorpios have the best sort of Sixth Sense out of the water signs because they can just see falseness from a mile away, they can see superficial fake attitude; you cannot pretend to a Scorpio.


However, they do have this tendency to actively seek people in a crisis. They act the actually go out and look for it. They look for a crisis. They look for people who are broken and that’s definitely something to be careful of because Scorpio is all about the death and the transformation and because of that they want to find something dead in order to bring it to life, but they need to know that balance is key here and that it’s not always necessary to fix this person or this thing.


Scorpio Water Sign


Scorpio can also be very obsessive, jealous, relentless people and I think that’s because of the fact that they are so intense and full on. They’re also a fixed sign so fixed signs are very into what they want to achieve; when they have a goal in mind they are very steady and cautious but they will get there. When they make their mind up on something, being a fixed sign, that’s it, there’s no changing. But not to forget, Scorpio – very loyal people.


Pisces as a water sign

Pisces are very empathetic and very forgiving people so what you’ll find is that a lot of people may take them for granted or take advantage of them because of their forgiving nature and they just feel sorry if they don’t forgive someone, almost like they constantly want to forgive and give all their beautiful friendly energy to people.


Pisces Water Sign


Pisces is also a very adaptable sign, you’ll find is that they will just go with the flow. They’re very easy going that way. However, that being said, the two fish can cause some wishy-washy behavior at times because they are being pulled in these two directions


Watch out for the volcano!

Ultimately, then water signs they’re at their best when they’re helping other people. Thinking about emotion, sensitivity, forgiveness – that’s the caring nature and this makes them very good when they want to be, at looking after other people.


However, all that being said, water signs do you have this tendency to have the worst mood swings you ever saw in your life! They will just explode in your face because there’s so much going on inside that they have a tendency to just burst – so remember, keep an eye out when you’re around water signs!


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