Planets of the zodiac

Whether it’s the Sun, the moon, the planets or other astronomical bodies of the Solar system, each of these entities are known to define our daily lives or horoscopes in their own way, which is what astrology is all about. As interesting as it sounds, each planet governs a certain part of your personality and each of them have their own astrological significance and interpretations. How much do the planets of astrology influence your characteristics and personalities depends on the position of those planets in your chart or zodiac signs at the time of your birth. Here’s a detailed study of each of the celestial bodies, their astrological meanings as well as their manifestations and role in defining us.


The Sun

It isn’t a surprising fact anymore that about 99% mass in the entire Solar System is occupied by the Sun. Whether it’s the planets, the asteroids, the gases and more, the Sun surely stands as the star in charge of it all. Moreover, it’s chief element behind the sustenance of life on the earth, and proves to be equally significant in the field of astrology.


the sun

Astrological Meaning of the Sun

Your zodiac sign is actually the position of the sun at the time of your birth. In astrology, our lives, energies, creativity and how one tends to turn their life around is defined by the Sun. In other words, it’s influenced by the Sun’s position in a sign, house, and aspects. Symbolizing our fundamental essence, it governs the sign Leo, the fire sign all about bravery and extravagance. The Sun takes almost a month to transit a zodiac sign.


Manifestations of the Sun and How it Defines A Person’s Personality

Sun is the celestial body that represents our sense of self, personality, ego and preferences. In fact, it’s the sun sign that makes you who you truly are, and all it takes to build a well-rounded life is a good understanding of this integral part of yourself. The Sun not only defines your identity and face to the world, but also influences the creative ability and the power to meet the day-to-day challenges that life throws at you.


A study of the Sun’s position in your charts (including position by sign, house and aspects from it) can easily define if you are introspective, friendly, pompous or plain, kind, or greedy. Your ability to cope with responsibility as well as the the attitude towards others is all influenced by the Sun.


A positive placement of the Sun in a person’s charts brings money, power and fame. On the other hand, an unfavorable position can lead to emotional or mental disorders, humiliation in life, pessimism, or even make one arrogant.


The Moon

The closest entity to our planet as well as the only natural satellite of the Earth, the moon is also the fastest moving celestial body. The moon’s gravitational pull plays a key role in the climatic changes as well as oceanic tides. Its closeness to us makes it easy to grasp, starting most of our energetic and healing process from the Moon’s challenges.


the moon

Astrological Meaning the Moon

Within astrology, the moon represents the inner emotional world of a person. While the Sun governs Soul, the Moon defines our emotions, spiritual retreat and feelings. The moon governs the very sensitive and protective zodiac sign Cancer, and a good awareness of the interaction between the sun and the moon signs reveals a better self-portrait. Exhibiting the ability to offer great mental power and prosperity, Moon takes about two and a half days to cross over a zodiac sign.


Manifestations and How the Moon Defines a Person’s Personality

Your heart and emotions are highly affected by the Moon, whether its wordless ecstasy, inner grief, the secret dreams, the image of yourself that you sometimes can’t showcase to the world, or which other’s don’t comprehend. At times when you know what to do yet can’t find the right way to make it happen, it is the Moon in your charts that knows and the Sun that doesn’t react in harmony.


Your intuitions, hunches, instincts and the things you know without any thought are also the products of the Moon. The sign that your Moon takes at birth and the Moon itself determine your modes of expression that are your deepest self,including art, letters, creative work that surrounds love or even business.


The qualities that one exhibits when they are acting out their Moon is imaginative, intuitive, creative, sentimental, adaptable, protective and introspective. A positive placement of the Moon signifies joy, peace of mind, enthusiasm in life, while negative or afflicted Moon leads to sadness, depression, tensions, a pessimistic attitude or even suicidal tendencies.


The Planet Mercury

Found nearest to the Sun, Mercury is also the smallest planet in our Solar system. This planet takes the light of the Sun and circles around it at incredibly high speeds to make a full revolution three times per a single revolution of the Earth. Mercury’s retrograde motion takes place thrice a year in the geocentric system.



Astrological Meaning of Mercury

The fact that Mercury is the closest to the Sun makes it either your Sun sign or its immediate precedent or following your zodiac sign. In terms of astrology, Mercury stands for communication and is a reflection of logic and rationality. Mercury determines a clever intellect and curiosity to analyze, and classify, helping a person to build and work around complex ideas. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, each governing a different side of the planet’s expression, wherein Gemini goes for the output, while Virgo goes for input. Mercury takes 13-14 days to cross over a zodiac sign and exhibits a retrograde motion thrice or four times a year.


Manifestations and How Mercury Defines a Person’s Personality

Mercury is known as the planet of information transmission and intelligence. In other words, it rules our ability to understand, communicate and explain. A person’s Mercury sign determines how they listen, write, read, and talk. An understanding of how your Mercury sign works can help in figuring out your learning and teaching potential. Mercury works as the symbol of one’s curiosity and the urge to know, while also influencing the ability to analyze and reason. Mercury also concerns transportation and trips, as well as a person’s nervous system.


The positive manifestations of this planet include a sharp mind, clever speech, persuasiveness, eloquence, public speaking skills, and shrewdness. A strong Mercury in your charts is an indication of a brilliant mind. On the other hand, the negative manifestations lead to a sarcastic or argumentative nature, restlessness, or tendencies to be critical. At worst, it may lead to lying and deceit.


The Planet Venus

Except for the Moon, Venus is the brightest natural bodies in the night sky. Plus, it’s also the second-closest planet to the Sun. The fact that it exhibits its maximum brightness a short while before sunrise or shortly after the sun sets is the reason behind naming it the Morning Star and the Evening Star. Venus has a very dense atmosphere that yields a greenhouse affect, making the temperature rise high enough to melt even lead. Over time, the water on the planet has been replaced with hot lava rivers and rolling plains.



Astrological Meaning of Venus

Venus is known as the goddess of beauty, love and relationships. The planet rules the zodiac signs Libra and Taurus. It also has its exaltation in Pisces sign, and is linked with beauty, romance and refinement. Astrology also finds Venus influential in affecting your relationship with money. Just like Mercury, even Venus is always a person’s Sun sign or one of the two signs that immediately precede or follow their Sun sign.


Manifestations and How Venus it Defines a Person’s Personality

Apart from showing your perceptions of relationships and affection, the position of Venus also defines the qualities of and expressions of love of a person that you may be comfortable with. In other words, the planet defines how you connect to the opposite sex.


A person’s ability to appreciate or attract the things around, including emotional, material, physical, mental, or spiritual are all affected by the planet’s position. Things ruled by Venus range from the kind of romantic personality you posses, friendships, love affairs, beauty, the arts, beautiful things, harmony, adornment, and social graces. It may define different aspects of your personality, such as are you flirtatious? Are you happy or disappointed in your relationships? It also indicates where your creative talents lie, your attitude towards money, possessions, as well as all social values.


A prominent Venus indicates that you are a delightful partner to have who is also very easy to get along. Whereas, a negative Venus develops a sense of narcissism and a lack of discipline.


The Planet Mars

The fact that Mars reflects the color red to the naked eye, it is named as the Red Planet. The color arises from the rust that covers the surface of the planet, seen by us as a reddish glow to the planet in the night sky. Accompanied by a thin atmosphere, Mars experiences strong dust storms, while having a very cold surface as the planet is at a large distance from the Sun.



Astrological Meaning of Mars

Getting its name from the Roman god of war, Mars signifies action, aggression and determination, while governing the fire sign Aries that’s known for high-octane vivacity. The planet takes around six to seven weeks to cross over a zodiac sign and shows retrograde motion every two years. The sign in which Mars lies in your chart shows how you pursue your passion and dreams. When this planet conjuncts, that area of our life definitely moves forward.


Manifestations and How Mars Defines a Person’s Personality

Mars gives great energy, determination, encouragement, braveness, spontaneity and impulsiveness. It actually is an indication of the methodologies we adapt and how we react in different situations. Being associated with physical energy, Mars governs a person’s sex drive and forcefulness.


Apart from that, it controls your aspirations and desires for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual things in a way that leads to activity. In other words, Mars works towards creating that feeling of ‘want and heated passion’ before you reach out and take something by performing a certain action. The sign of Mars in your chart defines your energy levels, style of action and vitality. In a female’s natal chart, Mars also suggests the kind of man she attracts.


A positively placed Mars leads to assertiveness and ambition, making one very active and likely to take charge. At its worst, the energy of this planet makes one prone to harshness, anger, destructive violence, danger, and cruelty. It calls for extra care to utilize these forces in a constructive manner.


The Planet Jupiter

Not composed of any kinds of rock or other solid substances, Jupiter is actually a gas giant as well as the largest planet in the solar system. It also ranks as the third brightest thing in the night sky after the Moon and Venus. The outer atmosphere of the planet is home to a storm known as the “Great Red Spot” that dates back to at least the 17th century!


Astrological Meaning of Jupiter

Ruling Sagittarius and having its exaltation in Cancer, Jupiter is the planet of hope, faith, positivism, and morality. Jupiter takes about 12 years to cross over the zodiac, and astrologists call it ‘the planet of luck’ as it’s known to bring prosperity. The planet represents the principle of growth and expansion, as well aspiring for the higher self. On the flip side, Jupiter can also be associated with impulsiveness, overindulgence, and irresponsibility caused by blind optimism.



Manifestations and How Jupiter Defines a Person’s Personality

Often termed as the planet of joys, generosity and optimism, Jupiter is also associated with knowledge on a philosophical level. On a psychological front, Jupiter belongs to the search for truth and represents philosophy, law and justice, religion, education and metaphysics. Jupiter’s sign and position in your charts define your ethical standards, what you idealize, as well as religious beliefs. It also shows where you may receive material and financial gains from, and in turn, how you showcase your generosity to others.


It develops qualities of kindness, morality, spirituality and wisdom when placed at a positive spot. If Jupiter is prominent in a person’s charts, it makes them outgoing and lucky in whatever career path they choose.  If negatively placed, Jupiter’s energy is likely to be manifested as self-righteousness, squandering, superficiality, exaggeration, bigotry, laziness and over-indulgence. However, Jupiter acts beneficial and protective even when it’s negatively positioned, making a person land on their feet after dealing with problems in the areas linked with Jupiter’s House.


The Planet Saturn

Saturn is our solar system’s last planet that’s visible to the naked eye. It features thin and wide rings that are composed of ice and dust, while the surface of Saturn is the flattest of all other planets. It is accompanied by at least 62 moons, and the planet is equally interesting when it comes to the astrological aspects.



Astrological Meaning of Saturn

Called the master of time, and regulations, this masculine planet rules Capricorn. It is also known as the teacher and father of Zeus, defining that one’s actions come with their consequences. This planet is the task master of the solar system, believed to send challenges our way, but for our own good. Saturn Return is the position that the planet takes after 27 years of our lives, leading to a quarter-life crisis, which is mainly the time that makes us feel put out by tough situations. The earth element planet takes about two and a half years to transit a zodiac sign.


Manifestations and How Saturn Defines a Person’s Personality

While it’s a symbol of hard work and achievements, Saturn can be equally harsh, forcing one to learn through difficult challenges. This planet defines our limitations and our abilities to manage counteraction,while determining the morals and rules we follow. Our concentration and endurance towards situations that life throws at us are all influenced by the position of this planet.


Even the sense of duty and discipline are some other major elements of your personality that are ruled by Saturn. Its placement in your charts indicates the sphere of your life which may lead to making you feel ashamed for a time, further learning the significant life lessons and moving forward. They key to crossing such hurdles is the disciplined hard work that eventually yields genuine, long-lasting, hard-earned success.


The position of Saturn in on your chart, if prominent, will let you be seen as a dependable and trustworthy person, while the negative aspects of the planet can lead to people seeing you as selfish, inflexible, or overly ambitious.


The Planet Uranus

With lowest temperatures in our Solar system, Uranus is termed as ‘ice giant’ and has at least 27 known moons. It is an outer planet that completes its orbit around the sun in a span of 7 years. The planet has got an axial tilt of about 99 degrees, which makes it rotate around the Sun on its side, thereby making a season on the planet last for 42 years. Just like Venus, Uranus rotates in a direction opposite to that of other planets, and perhaps, this is what defines its nature of opposition, eccentricity and spite.



Astrological Meaning of Uranus

Astrologers believe that Uranus characterizes astrology itself, while having a large groups of people share Uranus sign that represents change, individuality, technology, innovation and rebellion. This planet doesn’t abide by the rules facilitating surprising effects and groundbreaking. It rules the Aquarius sign that is marked by free-thinking and nonconformity. Uranus takes about 7 years to transit each sign and goes retrograde for around 150 days every year.


Manifestations and How Uranus Defines a Person’s Personality

Like Neptune and Pluto, Uranus is known to exhibit a generational influence because of their distance from the Sun and their slow travel through the zodiac. The planet of change, it creates sudden events in a person’s life, leading to new ideas breaking into one’s streams of thought. It makes one find innovative solutions to tough problems by opening one’s perspectives into a world far beyond our social structure. In other words, it’s about coming up with something new and better when the old doesn’t seem to be useful enough. Uranus is said to encompass electronic devices and technology, while also speeding up the mind in a way that allows it to bypass logic and come to conclusions in surprisingly quick ways.


People with a positive position of Uranus easily find alternatives to old, accepted forms as the planet encourages independence and originality. However, if unfavorable, it encourages rebellion, perversion, recklessness, restlessness, mood swings and unhealthy eccentricity.


The Planet Neptune

Termed both an ice and gas giant, Neptune is an icy planet of strong gravitational pull and great mass that has got rings around it. The ancient civilizations found it impossible to view from the Earth without a telescope, and finally the planet was discovered in the 19th century. Neptune takes around 165 years to circle the Sun, which equals about 2 human lifetimes. The distance from the Sun makes Neptune experience an average temperature of -214 C.



Astrological Meaning of Neptune

The unique color theme of the planet rightly complements Neptune’s astrological meaning. Getting its name from the Roman god of the sea, Neptune is known to rule the mysterious, magical world of the spiritual unknown. Neptune is called the planet of mystery, inspiration, fantasy, dreams, illusion, and even confusion. However, the energies of this planet are extraordinarily creative and psychic, while it can also become delusional and escapist. Neptune governs Pisces and takes nearly 14 years to transit each zodiac sign, while going retrograde for around 150 days every year.


Manifestations and How Neptune Defines a Person’s Personality

Signifying intuition and healing, Neptune indicates if you are psychic and also helps you step away from all kinds of ego, often representing a much higher level of consciousness. Those with a strong placement of the planet in their chart exhibit a youthful, or even naive spirit. The planet can represent spiritual healing and service to others as its a planet of compassion, or getting lost in a world of fantasy and dreams. And the thing that it is associated with fantasy and dreams also links it with fields like acting, and movies.


At its best, Neptune’s energies can give birth to marvelous art, theater, music, dance or poetry. On the other hand, the negative manifestations include escapism from the reality, deceit, trickery, guilt, or addiction. It indicates confusion in the house where it is positioned in a person’s birth chart. Thus, the house and sign determine whether it may lead to alcoholism, drugs, day-dreaming, sexual addiction, psychosis, or even potential suicide.


The Planet Pluto

Categorized as a dwarf planet due to that small size, Pluto is an icy celestial body that wasn’t discovered until the 20th century. Although, it’s even smaller than numerous moons that circle different planets in the Solar system, it has its own orbit around the Sun. The inclined and eccentric orbit of the dwarf planet at times, brings it closer to the Sun than even Neptune.



Astrological Meaning of Pluto

In astrology, Pluto is shared by an entire generation, making it of historical significance. The reason behind the same is that Pluto is the slowest-moving planet in the entire system. Symbolizing power, change destruction, as well as regeneration, Pluto has its powers rooted in the darkness. It was also named after the Roman god of the underworld, and is known to seamlessly transform systems from the inside. It works as a kind of reminder for us that in order to accept and bring change, we must let go of the past. It governs Scorpio and takes 14 to 30 years to transit each zodiac sign, going retrograde for 185 days every year.


Manifestations and How Pluto Defines a Person’s Personality

The chief representation of Pluto are endings and beginnings, along with spiritual growth, new life and rebirth. Pluto rules our destinies in a way that brings our biggest desires to life while reminding us of how short life is at the same time, thereby encouraging us to do something memorable. Other major aspects that the planet represents include sexuality, transformation, power, and great wealth. That’s why people under Pluto’s influence are believed to make great doctors, politicians and researchers.    The House that Pluto resides in your chart may face dramatic crises or suffering, but for the purpose of true healing as Pluto is about transforming and regenerating only what has been destroyed. The planet is linked with recklessness, obsession, emotional resistance, and transcendence. Negative position of Pluto may create an obsessive desire for control or power, leading to destructive things.


The Planet Chiron

Astronomically, Chiron is a comet that has a very erratic and unique orbit. It derives its name from a centaur in Greek mythology who healed others because of his understanding of pain and suffering, but could not heal himself alone.



Astrological Meaning of Chiron

Having ‘wounded healer’ as its symbol, Chiron is linked with a person’s healing and growth. The placement of Chiron in the charts of a person indicate where they are hurt or wounded, how they can overcome it, as well as how they can help others heal. As Chiron completes a 50-year cycle of the natal chart of every individual, the four transits it creates for a person affect their personal and spiritual growth process.


Manifestations and How Chiron Defines a Person’s Personality

Chiron in our charts represents where we have the power to heal as a result of our own spiritual wounds, making us over-compensate in those spheres of our lives. It’s about facing feelings of inadequacy or low self-worth, further learning to rise above such issues.


The first transit of this celestial body begins between the ages of 4 and 23, making us realize our sense of self in the world around us. The second transit is responsible for making a person begin travelling up their life’s path. The painful moments of self-discovery come into play during the third transit of Chiron, opening our feelings and emotions in a way that helps the core wounds to heal. Everyone around the age of 50 goes through the fourth transit, during which Chiron travels back to the exact position and sign it was at the time of the each person’s birth. This is the stage that leads to the change of life’ emotions that make us question the meaning of our existence, and we end up trying to find more purpose to our lives.


Overall, a strong chiron in a person’s charts makes them good at inspiring others and have a goof self-esteem. Whereas, a weak chiron leads to lack self-esteem, making one struggle to overcompensate. subservience as Chiron represents insecurities and guilt.


The Planet Lilith

In terms of astronomy, Black Moon Lilith is a actually a mathematical point in space. It’s an invisible center of gravity that pulls the moon as it revolves around the earth. The Moon aligns with Lilith once every month when it’s furthest away from us. Speaking of the story, Lilith was the name of Adam’s first wife who existed even before the coming of Eve. She was attractive, uncontrolled, disobedient, and sexual. After being exiled from Heaven, she was hurt with injustice and became bitter, later turning into a witch-like being.



Astrological Meaning of Lilith

Lilith is represented as an inverted black crescent that’s underpinned by a cross. According to different astrological approaches, each chart has 4 or 5 Lilith related points, mainly Black Moon Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith, Osculating Lilith, Asteroid Lilith and fixed star Algol, wherein only the last two are actual physical bodies. It takes under 9 years for Black Moon Lilith to cross over a zodiac, while the astrological symbol of Lilith stands for freedom, emancipation, independence, darkness, karma, evil, conscience, temptation, allurement and soul.


Manifestations and How Lilith Defines a Person’s Personality

Speaking in a comprehensive way, Lilith is actually the a dark side, a sexual taboo of the feminine self of every person. In a person’s charts, it represents gender discrimination, a person’s inability to take or follow any orders, and the desire to break-free from all kinds of prejudice and pressures of our society.


The Black Moon Lilith is known as astrology’s dark angel, and forms one’s sexual instincts, and gives boost to their inner temptress. There is a major element of karma where Lilith lies in a person’s birth-chart, making you connect with people and things that have strong magnetic force in your life.


Of course, a positive placement of this celestial body creates sense of breaking all barriers. However, a negative placement or a pushing too far of the traits may eventually lead to Lilith becoming the reason for one’s self-destruction, while making people find the person demonic or dangerous.