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115+ Hindu Lord Krishna Images Best Wallpapers Free Download


Cute Little Krishna Childhood Image HD

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Mother Yashoda’s beloved and most popular God in the whole world, Lord Shri Krishna’s birthday celebrated as a festival (called Janmashtami). Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Krishna lived his entire life in such a way that his life became a source of inspiration for the whole world.

As a child, Shri Krishna used to annoy his mother with naughty behavior, stealing the Makhan, mischief with the gopis, and love with his friend Radha. These innocent form of Krishna is to attract people the most.

Krishna is considered like a naughty child, who sometimes gets angry, sometimes makes everyone laugh, and protects everyone when they needed. All the gopis get upset due to Krishna’s mischievous nature and many times complaints are taken to mother Yashoda. But everyone likes this character and this naivety of Shri Krishna.

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Baby Krishna Mata Yashoda Photo of Childhood

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