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White Hakik Bracelet


White Hakik Bracelet

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White Hakik Bracelet controls mind, treats neuron disorders, fades away illusions, channel psychic abilities, deepens spiritual practices, improves public dealings, helps achieve goals, controls anger, and makes you lucky in money matters.


White Hakik Bracelet is a beautiful, soft & soothing accessory that represents the planet Moon. If you are facing problems related to the planet Moon, then White Hakik Bracelet can aid you. Astrologically the Moon represents our mind (Mana), emotions and neuron health. People with weak or debilitated moon face problems like mood swings, unstable mind, indecisiveness, passiveness, overthinking, overly flowing emotions, and anger issues. To such patients, Pundits suggest White Agate Bracelet ??? an ultimate remedy for the moon. This white bracelet balances the moon and fetches its positive results.

Benefits of White Hakik Bracelet:

The benefits of wearing a White Hakik Bracelet are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

White Agate Bracelet is a powerful Chandra remedy that improves the state of the moon in the horoscope.
Spiritually, the moon also represents our psychic abilities, intuition and spiritual power that gets activated when you wear this cosmic bracelet. It also ensures success in spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, Reiki, chakra balancing, and the occult.
Rich with magical properties, this bracelet makes you highly intuitive, creative & artistic; also, ensures success in the related fields.
Though being a stone of the moon, this bracelet keeps distractions away and helps you develop focus and determination to achieve your goals.
It is a boon for emotionally disturbed and suffering people as it aligns your emotions, helps you accept the situation as it is and move on with a positive outlook.
By strengthening your moon (Mana), it helps you manifest your desires and keeps you in a joyful mood all along.
Rage is the most communal issue, with which every second person suffers; this bracelet calms the anger and improves overall behaviour.
White Hakik leaves a soothing effect on the nervous system, thus, making you confident, expressive & comfortable among people.
It sweetens and strengthens relationships, especially with mother and ladies.
Good position of the moon in the horoscope brings luck that can be virtually created with White Hakik Bracelet.
Moon brings cash flow and makes you fortunate in financial matters.
Health wise, white Hakik is used to treat respiratory system, lung disorders, sleep disorders, asthma, kidney, and migraine.

Who Shall Wear White Hakik Bracelet:

Generally, anybody can wear the White Hakik Bracelet for overall success; however, it provides guaranteed results in the cases mentioned below:

People having the weak Moon in the horoscope shall wear it.
People born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th & 29th of any month shall wear it.
People with missing number 2 in the date of birth shall wear it.
People with Origin or Master Number 2 must wear it.
People with Cancer Sun Sign shall wear it.
People suffering from anger issues and psychological problems shall wear it.
People who are stuck in past emotional affairs must wear it.
People with disturbed minds shall wear it.
People who are tired of living in negativity shall wear it.
People who want to experience natural happiness shall wear it.
People who are in spiritual practices shall wear it.

How to Wear White Hakik Bracelet:

Here are certain ways to use the White Hakik Bracelet. You can use any one of them to take advantage of this magical bracelet.

Wear the White Hakik Bracelet in either hand.
Keep the White Hakik Bracelet in the pocket or purse.
Children may keep the White Hakik Bracelet in their school/college bag.
On Which Day to Wear White Hakik Bracelet:

White Hakik Bracelet can be worn irrespective of day and time. However, prefer to wear this magical bracelet in the daylight.
How Many White Hakik Bracelets to Wear?

One bracelet is enough; however, more bracelets can be worn to enhance beauty.
Preventions While Wearing the White Hakik Bracelet:

There are no such preventions to be followed while wearing the bracelet. You do not need to make any changes in your routine after wearing this bracelet. It will keep working and benefiting you till you are connected to it physically & psychologically.
Difference between Charged & Uncharged Bracelet:

YourAstrologyGuru.Com offers you both charged & uncharged White Hakik Bracelets which you can order as per your need and budget.

Charged bracelet reaches you after performing certain Puja, chanting of respective Mantras, and giving intent to the bracelet which takes considerable time & energy. However, the charged bracelet begins to work faster than an uncharged bracelet.

On the other hand, we also offer uncharged bracelets on which no custom of Puja, Mantra or intent has been performed. It does not mean the uncharged bracelet does not work; it just takes some time to sync with your energies.
Return Policy

If you want to return the item, you have to return it within 24 hours.

A bracelet must contain a minimum of 18-20 beads. However, we add some extra beads in a bracelet so that if ??? by chance ??? any bead turns out to be damaged/broken, you could remove it and string the bracelet again to sustain the bead requirement of the bracelet.

Web & Crack-like lines in the stones/beads are natural; They occur during the stone making process.


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