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This article is going to explain how it worked for a Hollywood A-Lister and what you need to do to follow his example.

Sound good? Then read on!


What is the Law of Attraction?

Many people familiar with the Law of Attraction talk about the concept of vibration. This is a concept commonly attributed to Jack Canfield who stated “You are constantly giving off vibrations of energy when you think and feel. These vibrations can be picked up and received by other people”.

These words are central to this article in my attempt to explain the Law of Attraction to you in more detail, but also provide you with some real world evidence of how it’s been successfully used by someone pretty much everyone around the world has heard of.

Understanding the Law of Attraction is a life changing event and when you correctly apply the principles of the Law of Attraction, the Universe will pretty much give you anything you desire.

The most important factor in all this is how you use your mind to frame what you want.


How your mind responds to setting Goals and Objectives

“I wish I could afford a new house”.

Do you or someone you know think about this? If the answer is “Yes”, here’s a question for you…

How many houses have you already owned?

In 2019, many people in the developed world have already owned more than one. As a result, these people already know how to get another one! This is the perfect example of how your mind might focus on an objective and to be honest, this is one of the easier things in life you can do.

Why? Simply because you already know how to get what you want.

In the case of a house, it’s real easy:

  1. Pay cash
  2. Borrow from your parents
  3. Get a mortgage

This is an example of an Objective. You have something in mind that you want, but you already know the routes available to get there. This is very different to a Goal.

A Goal is something you are striving towards, but you actually don’t know how you’re going to get there. When you think of goals, think about the Apollo 11 crew landing on the moon in 1969. They’d never done that before, but they met their goal.

Most of us are programmed not to like things that we consider “hard”. Thus, meeting Objectives at work or in our personal lives is “doable”. But achieving Goals – losing weight or making a million dollars – is something that by comparison we fail at 99% of the time.


The Law of Attraction cannot work without the right focus

At this point, I want to make all of this more real for you. Before I do, I want to plant a seed in your mind that will allow you to frame what you’re about to see.

Using the Law of Attraction allows you to know that you will achieve something before you know how you’re going to get there.

Hold that thought and now watch the 3 minute video clip below.

As you can see from the clip, it all starts with visualization and the programming of your mind to believe you can deliver what you see.


What does Jim Carrey’s experience tell us?

Take a moment to think about how the programming of your mind is architected.

Everyone knows how to perform better at a lot of things. It’s a very common mental trait for us all to be able to identify our strengths and weaknesses.

The problem is, our mind is sub-divided into two parts – the part that controls what we do (i.e. our behaviour) and the part controls what we know (our intellect).

The issue is, they don’t work in unison by default – they need to be reprogrammed.

Jim Carrey went from being a factory janitor to a Hollywood A-lister because he had one very clear understanding. He elevated his thinking (the vibration as many people call it) to a point where he ignored his intellect – i.e. I know that I’m an actor struggling to get people to take me seriously and give me a role – and tuned himself into ONLY behaviour. Behaviour that saw him visualize what he wanted by sitting outside of million dollar homes in LA and writing himself that $10million cheque for “Acting Services Rendered” that sat in his wallet for two years!

In my view, this is one of the best demonstrations of the Law of Attraction being proven to be very real.


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How You Can Use The Law Of Attraction

Harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction is possible once you truly understand it. These 4 tips are exactly the steps Jim Carrey took to get what he wanted.


The 4 Laws of Attraction


Does the Law of Attraction work for everyone?

The short answer is No. Why not..?

Again, don’t take my word for it, someone far wealthier and more successful than me will give you a hint as to why….


“You cannot win the war against the world if you can’t win the war against your own mind. 

Self-discipline is the center of all material success.

99% of people are not willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true”.

Will  Smith


What Will Smith is saying is that the mind, and the thoughts you allow in, have a significant affect on how successful you are. The second point is very much related to taking action, and you’re thoughts will always have an influence on your actions. As Will Smith says, only 1% of people are willing to take the action they need to in order to get what they desire. This raises a very interesting question of why?

In my opinion it is really very simple – 99% of people don’t know how to use their mind in the right way in order to apply all of the techniques the Law of Attraction has to offer.


So what exactly is the solution to making the Law of Attraction work for you?

You’ve already seen it in this article!

Your thoughts are key to both the vibration you’re in and the action you will take. The more time your mind focuses on the things that are not aligned to your Goals – the things you do that are not in your own best interest – the further away you are from getting to where you want to be.

If you think about it, so many of us are constantly in the wrong frame of mind. We spend too much time on social media and allow a huge amount of negative things to impact our thinking as we spend time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. We wake up in the morning, grab our phone and fill our minds with “nothing”.

The key to the Law of Attraction is being able to control and raise your vibration to a level where you are connected to the things that you want to bring into your life. When you’re not using your mind in the right way your vibration can become very negative and this has the opposite effect of what you want. You start to attract negative things into your life. You fall out with your partner, things at work take a turn for the worse and it all starts to go down hill from there. Before you know it, you’re low on confidence and you’re in a negative vibration spiralling downwards.

You don’t need to let this happen to you!


The secret is to reprogram your mind.

Sound impossible? It’s not! You can make it happen.

  • This isn’t a complex process

  • It doesn’t take huge amounts of your time

  • It’s not hard to do

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