Leo and Taurus Compatibility

leo and taurus

Be sure to look up the Venus, Moon and Mars sign of the Leo or Taurus you are interested in! Remember that Venus is how we love and what we’re were attracted to, the Moon is how express emotions and Mars is our sex drive.


The rulers of Leo and Taurus

Let’s start with the rulers for each sign. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the ruler of the ego. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the ruler of romance beauty.


What are the elements of Leo and Taurus?

Leo’s element is Fire while Taurus has the Earth element. Not necessarily opposite elements, but not necessarily complementary either. Fire can burn down Earth, Earth can put out Fire but both elements are necessary to sustain life.


What attracts Leo and Taurus?

Now, what attracts these two to each other? Everybody is attracted to Leo’s larger-than-life really positive personality. You can’t help but be drawn to a Leo and this is probably what grabbed Taurus’s attention. Taurus is a very reserved, romantic, sensual sign and so this is likely the reason why Leo is attracted to Taurus.


What do Leo and Taurus have in common?

There’s definitely some pros and cons when it comes to this relationship. This is a tough match. But what are the pros? What do they have in common? Leo and Taurus both share a love of tangible things, these two will appreciate name brands, luxurious clothing, luxurious furniture; anything that makes them feel a nice and cozy and feel very sophisticated. They also both like money. Leo however spends it just as quickly as they get it. Taurus on the other hand will conserve as much money as they can.


leo and taurus


They’re also both very romantic sign. Taurus is very good at courtship, providing chocolates and flowers and doing the old-fashioned romance, which Leo will appreciate because Leo loves affection. Leo loves to feel adored and Taurus does provide that for Leo.


The only conflict here with these two is that Taurus is very possessive and they want to control everything and they are both very stubborn signs. Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs so once they both set their mind to something, they pretty much stick to it.


leo and taurus


Leo is a very outgoing, very social sign and they tend to flirt to boost their ego. Taurus is not going to have that, Leo is not going to like the fact that Taurus is trying to control who they can and cannot see. Another thing about these two is that Leo likes to go out; to the best restaurants, concerts and parties. Taurus is more of a homebody and even though they can enjoy a nice evening out. They’d rather be at home cuddling on the couch, cooking a good meal and Leo will appreciate this at first, but eventually, that fiery nature of Leo is going to get a bit to feel a bit caged in, suffocated and even though they love affection and romance. They don’t want to be locked up in a cave all the time.


Taurus is just this comfortable being at home. They love the fact they put so much time and effort in their home and to make it very cozy and they want Leo to appreciate that as well.


Leo and Taurus sex compatibility

When it comes to the bedroom, we can get along here pretty good! The only thing is that Leo and Taurus can be a little bit selfish in the bedroom. Taurus is a sensual sign, a romantic sign, so they’re going to love silk sheets, good smells, good perfume, good cologne. Leo is a very fiery passionate sign. They’re going to want to be very intense and really want to dominate and be a little aggressive and kind of animalistic in their sex, which they both will appreciate the sensual and fiery nature is combined. The only thing is when it comes to getting back to their partner. Taurus is known to have excellent amazing stamina they have great stamina, but they like to be doted upon, not lazy, but they prefer their partner to do all the work.


Leo is more than happy to bring that animalistic nature, but Leo also wants to be doted upon and be spoiled and feel like the king or queen of the bedroom so they must work on giving back and not just taking.


Overall, sensuality does meet fiery passion when they get together, they just need to learn how to communicate and work together!


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