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Welcome to the first edition of this life span number series. Today we’re going to be travelling through the numbers of Numerology, what they mean, what they carry, what their energies are and how this related to people who are aligned with these numbers.


life path number 1


Life Path Number 1 – It’s About Liberty

It is all about being at the forefront. The number 1 is the beginning of the cycle. These are people who really are going to speak their mind. They will truly speak up and say just what they believe and quite often the life span number 1 in the first years, will fight to be heard. In fact, it is common for a 1’s experience, as a young person, to generally feel like they can not talk or where they are held back from language, and somehow felt restricted by outside factors. A component of the life path number 1 would be to push through this experience so as to stand for to find out about yourself to be profoundly creative to stand alone as.


Fire and Energy – The Blessings for Life Path Number 1

When you are moving a car, when you are moving a bicycle, when you take that first step it requires the most energy at the beginning and that is not to say that the number 1 is better or stronger than any other number. It’s just that to get things going, to get things started, typically requires plenty of force a great deal of power plenty of energy that first step. So that is what we talk about when we discuss the life span number 1 having energy; it has power, passion, drive and also determination – very strong determination.


Figuring Out Why You’re Here

As part of being a life path number 1, you’re here to figure out what you are here to do. What am I here for? What am I here to show people and more importantly, as a life path number 1, what am I here to do as an individual, or to help and contribute to others? It is always important to understand what sort of journey you’re here to take part in. All life path number 1’s are people who need to be at the forefront of whatever they are doing and contributing to doing something new and very often once you go through the process of initiation you walk a path that not a lot of individuals understand because they are not you!


Other Attributes of the Life Path Number 1

Some of the common words used to describe life path number 1 are special – you have self-reliance and confidence once the life path is eventually found and these are people who know exactly what their mission is and what they are about. They’re virtually unstoppable. They have this ability to go and forge ahead with things and to begin things, to make things happen and to tap into this energy that is highly productive and motivating. It is about bringing that initiatory energy, the projectile force to push forward with a goal in your mind and say that is what I need to achieve. That’s a large part of the life span. Number one starts of place their personal power.


Understanding Your Life’s Direction

It is about discovering your own personal power and understanding it and comprehension. At some point in the early phases of life, the life path number 1 will experience a time when they are downtrodden and are waiting to awaken. These are the times when the life path is forged and this is also the time when they become connected with themselves and start to understand what they want to achieve. It is at this point that they reach inside and get in touch with their personal power and it is that personal power which makes them want to burst into action. It is about discovering your own personal power and understanding it and comprehension. What is the easiest way for me to direct my personal force?


Standing Alone or Self Reliant?

It can sometimes feel as though life path number 1 is standing alone and something this view can be exacerbated by those who don’t understand this life path’s personality. It is one thing to stand alone, but number 1’s tend to understand that to be self-reliant and standing alone are two very different things. As a pioneer, whenever you’re starting something when you’re doing something new you’ve got to tread ground that nobody has gone over before. Together with the experience of being a little lonely sometimes in order for you to discover and use your own personal power at its finest and its greatest potential and highest peak after your own path, you know talking about this it going more into depth with it finding yourself on the fringe forging a path that individuals may not necessarily know forging a path ahead that individuals may not necessarily buy into it initially, but it is crucial that you walk it nonetheless.


Be Careful What You Wish For!

With all the energy and drive this life path has, it’s not a surprise to know that these people are usually really amazing at starting things at getting things off the ground and this is the reason why they make such great leaders. In a business setting, they make such excellent directors, managers or supervisors or even heads of companies as they have the idea, they get it started but they want the other numbers in order to see things through to completion. This can also be one of the warning signs though. Number 1’s are very focussed on the idea and the concepts of what they’re doing and they will sometimes struggle with the energy invested in an idea if it doesn’t see the light of day. This is why the other numbers play a big role in the life of the number 1’s, but they are a lot of the time, the supporting actors.


Moving Forward Alone

So we have got self-reliance (in spades) as one of the primary traits of the life path number 1 but there are a few lessons here that number 1’s have a tendency to actually struggle. In life, if they are dependent on someone else, an experience of being dependent on someone else, this is really tricky for them to go through and it is in a kind of conflict with some of their best attributes. This is because number 1’s really are at their best when they work with others, leading others, and this is when you’ll see the best from them when they have more balance. Once this is in place, and you tap into all that energy, it can be very exhilarating. It can be so lively and enthusiastic to live life at the forefront doing things that have not been achieved before. That’s what they are here for!


Self Development

It is important to remember that self-development is very much a part of the life path number 1 and it is important to develop yourself to the best person and being that you could be and therefore you can lead the rest of the world with you when it’s time to make things happen or to pioneer finding a new method of doing things, achieving things that have not been achieved before. Being an authority figure is important and that’s the reason why they make excellent supervisors heads of firms, bosses being their own boss is generally a really higher path for a number 1 to follow since they generally deal very well with any skirmishes with other authority figures and this is when you find out who you really are and what you’re made of. That is exactly what the life span is one is here for and it is important – if you’re a life path number 1 it is important to take on board other people’s advice, but you have to always ensure that your decisions are your own and you should always be sure the way that you forge ahead is from your mind from your own heart of from your own back.


Vocations and Careers for the Life Path Number 1

We’ve already touched on how the people make great leader figures but what about some specific things life path number 1’s are cut out to do? Writing and educating positions are great ways to spend your time as a number 1 because they have a tendency to come under the number one energy since it’s all about getting something done, everything you have got to say what you’ve got to provide what you’ve got to deliver and giving that to others showing them something, instructing them, training them to be the best they could be is a brilliant part to get a number 1 to be the best he or she can be. Public speaking (clearly!) because it is something that is on the forefront of a particular topic. Pilots, police officers, Army Personnel, directors of companies as already mentioned – all these roles require a little fiery energy. It is also possible for some number 1’s to make great healers and they make really good, really strong healers when they have done their own work. Once they figured out what their private life path one was all about and training them for they are they are generally the most effective healers.

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