Air Signs of the Zodiac

air signs

This is the final installment in my series of articles about the elemental signs of the Zodiac which finishes with the Air signs.


air signs

As we move into the Autumn Solstice, this is where we begin the Air element which is within Libra and this season begins on the 22nd of September.


The Air signs of the Zodiac are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Before we look at the elements and the individual Zodiac signs themselves, it’s interesting to discuss the spiritual stages within each element. Gemini is within the survival stage, which is all about yourself; it’s about how you ground yourself, and how you want to survive in the world – very much an inward-looking focus. Then we move on to Libra which is at the social stage where it’s all about everybody else around you and how you’re interacting with others. Finally, we have Aquarius which is in a spiritual stage within the Air element. The spiritual stage is kind of a combination of both survival and social which ultimately brings you to some unity between the two.


We should also remember the ruling aspects of the signs. Gemini rules the third house within the Zodiac, Libra rules the seventh house and lastly, Aquarius rules the eleventh house in the Zodiac.


What kind of people are Air signs?

A good start would be, Air signs are receptive people. They are versatile people, intellectual, clever and innovative. It is also fair to say they are creative but also more idealistic. Air signs are also very curious. Airs signs are the thinkers of the Zodiac, they love to flex those mental muscles, always wanting to analyze things and solve problems. If you have something that you want to get figured out, like a math equation or you have a certain scenario and you want a more logical view on figuring it out, someone to rationalize it for you and go over it, then go and find yourself an Air sign! The reason behind this is that the Air signs love to think of things in different ways. If you have a certain way of thinking about something, try to go to an Air sign because I can guarantee you that they will think about it in a very different way to the way you thought of it. Not only will they try to help figure it out for you, but they will also do it in an unbiased way. The thing with Air signs is that they try to look at all sides of the story and to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and see their perspective and this is what makes Air signs highly approachable people.


However, keep in mind that air can be nice and gentle and friendly (like a nice fresh Summer Breeze or a little fan going around) or it can be a hurricane – a huge twister. Thus, y have to be careful because the thing is with Air signs, if you upset an air sign, it will just build up and slowly accumulate over a long period of time. This is because they’re very slow burners when it comes to being angry, and so the wind and the air just gathers up until it exposed like a typhoon and spills out everywhere – words will come out like daggers! The other thing to keep in mind is that when the word daggers start flying, these are well thought out and calculated comments, not like a Fire sign that just combusts on the spot, and this is what makes being on the end of a verbal attack from an Air sign so painful!


Gemini the Air sign

The Gemini has so many friends, they will work their way around rooms in a social event and they just know a lot of people. The Gemini is basically the childish Air sign and this is a good thing for them because they like to be in out in the world. Gemini’s also know a little bit about everything, which is useful! They may not go into great depth with things (because they are not very deep people and like to be above the surface) but this is what makes them such good socializers because they excel at superficial conversation and small talk.


air signs

Gemini’s are super intelligent people, as are all Air signs, but with Gemini, it’s the little facts and details, they’ll just hit you when you least expect it with some amazing fact of piece of interesting general knowledge.


Gemini’s are also open to new experiences and variety and because of this, it’s hard to sit them down. They’re just super enthusiastic and just want to see and do stuff so to get the attention of a Gemini is so hard. Gemini is also a mutable sign and mutable signs are very adaptable people and they’re willing and open to change. But keep in mind, mutable signs are known for being really wishy-washy – on with one thing and then something the next minute – so it is important to be careful with mutable energy.


Libra the Air sign

Libra is all about balance and harmony and it’s crucial especially within Libra because the symbol is the scales, but while you’ll find Libra’s will give so much energy to somebody, if they don’t get that energy back in return they can be really cold. This is because not reciprocating with a Libra makes them feel as though they are not balanced out as they should be. As a sign that really does like to “give” a lot, they tend to want to pull away from someone what’s not giving them balance back, it’s not meant to be a nasty or hurtful gesture, it’s just Libra being Libra.


air signs

You’ll also find with Libra’s is that they like to be honest with themselves, they need to really ask themselves “Am I giving too much?” but at the same time, Libra’s have the tendency to just. Whatever they do figure this out. They’ll just pull away and not care about the other person and they might not even tell the other person straight up and this is because they don’t like conflict.


Another thing to remember is that they are a cardinal sign and cardinal signs, they are initiators and are very active people – they have the zest for life – when they want something they will really go out there and go after it.


Aquarius the Air sign

Aquarians are definitely the most sort of unpredictable sign of the Zodiac. They have such a shock-factor to their personality! They are wild and crazy – being ruled by Uranus – and so they can spend a lot of time just being out of control. They have a tendency to break the rules or even make their own rules up. Aquarians don’t really like being given a set of rules to follow, they just want to do it their own way. However, as the Aquarian’s have so much energy, there are so many amazing ideas flowing out of these people.


air signs

Aquarius is also a fixed sign and fixed signs are very loyal people when they want something and they set their mind to it – that’s it – you cannot change their mind. However, Aquarius can be disadvantaged when compared to the other fixed signs (Taurus Scorpio and Leo), because the number of ideas these people come up with can completely scatter their thinking. This means that they make their mind up on something and what they want to achieve but then suddenly other ideas start to creep in and this is a constant battle for the Aquarius to remain focused with the conflict of their fixed loyalty and the new ideas that are coming into their heads.


What might turn an Air Sign off?

In a word – Chaos. As you can expect, the Air Sign man wants to see balance and harmony in his life and this also goes for his relationships. Like I said earlier, there’s a very sophisticated air about most Air Sign men and not having some order to a relationship is a huge turn off for them. It’s not that they’re total control freaks, but they need to be in a relationship that’s sensible. Style and appearance is also very important to the Air Sign man – if you’re not not making an effort to look after yourself and show yourself in the best light possible, he’s not going to be too impressed. Air Sign men like their partners to demonstrate to them (and the world) that they are interested in themselves and that they don’t suffer with any self esteem issues.


The final turn off for the Air Sign man is how quiet you are! If you’re not someone who’s used to talking, then you could be heading down a dead-end with this relationship. An Air Signman doesn’t want an introvert, they want someone they can talk to, debate things with and generally put the world to right’s at times. This is again linked to the need for balance and their desire to keep everything harmoniously in perspective.


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Overall Air signs are signs that just want to just give to the whole world; they want to see the world in unity, in peacefulness, harmony and just want to see the world as a better place.


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