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Botswana Agate Bracelet


Botswana Agate Bracelet

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Botswana Agate Bracelet soothes down physical pains, emotional grieves, and aggression, stabilizes the spiritual & material aspects, increases fertility, blesses progeny, aligns body, mind & soul, awakens Kundalini, and adds extra dose of luck to life.


Botswana Agate is a stone of harmony as it holds the perfect balance of yin and yang energies. Its main attribute is soothing; additionally, it is a powerful protective amulet! Its formation gives an impression as if the entire cosmos is fused in it. The unique stone belongs to the quartz family and is available in different colours like pink, grey, brown, and apricot, with uneven bands formed on it. Its name is derived from the country Botswana, where this stone is mined. The soft stone instils remarkable stability in personality and life. Botswana Agate Bracelet is as well used to increase fertility for the purpose of progeny.

What are the Benefits of Botswana Agate Bracelet?

The benefits of wearing a Botswana Agate Bracelet are countless; yet, some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

It balances the root chakra, thus, striking a balance between the spiritual and physical world.
Botswana is a matchless stone for aligning your body, mind & soul; thus, helping during the meditation; it ensures success and reaching a profound level in Yoga, Kundalini Jagran and like practices.
The candid bracelet ??? Botswana ??? develops stability, patience, self-confidence, a sense of security, and calmness.
This guiding bracelet helps you find answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.
Botswana is a manifestation of luck and is usually held by people to attract the added amount of luck ??? be it for exams, results, job interviews, lottery, gambling, dealings, or so.
When you wear the magic of Botswana, profitable business & career opportunities arrive to augment your income.
Being a mighty amulet it protects from all negative and evil energies.
It not only protects individuals but buildings too; keeping/burying this bracelet at the main entrance creates a protective layer around the house and prevents negative energies to enter.
This bracelet is best to prevent unwanted people and visitors to come to your home.
It attracts positivity, serenity, bliss, and love; it showers extra luck on people looking for the love of life and helps in finding the dream partner.
This sober bracelet helps leave smoking, drinking, and other drugs; for this, dip Botswana stone in the water overnight and drink its water the next day.
Challenges cannot stay for longer because the wearer of this bracelet already has the required strength to pass any challenge.
It makes you artistic and creative enough, and this ability reflects in each aspect of your personality.
This cosmic band gives you a broader perspective of life with which you go on by avoiding silly things.
It is a healing stone as well, which treats both physical and mental diseases.
Botswana stone had been used to increase fertility in men and women; it creates the chances of progeny, especially for hopeless couples. Also,it also protects the foetus during pregnancy.
This soothing and calming bracelet relaxes the body & mind; thus, letting you have a proper sleep.
It is a better treatment for fever, epilepsy, cardiac problems, and blood-related problems.
This cleansing stone removes toxins from the body as an effect of which one gets healthy skin and body.

Who Shall Wear Botswana Agate Bracelet?

Generally, anybody can wear the Botswana Agate Bracelet for overall success; however, it provides guaranteed results in the cases mentioned below:

People who are emotionally imbalanced shall wear it.
People who are affected by negative or evil energies shall wear it.
People having problems in conceiving shall wear it.
People in gambling and speculations shall wear it.
People who need extra luck shall wear it.
People looking for new opportunities shall wear it.
People who want to leave wicked addictions shall wear it.
People having impurities in the body shall wear it.
People having skin problems, blood-related problems, cardiac issues, and fever shall wear it.
People having an unstable mind and psychological disorders shall wear it.
People having anxieties, anger, and depression shall wear it.

How to Wear Botswana Agate Bracelet?

Here are certain ways to use the Botswana Agate Bracelet. You can use any one of them to take advantage of this magical bracelet.

Wear the Botswana Agate Bracelet in either hand.
Keep the Botswana Agate in your pocket or purse.
Children may keep the Botswana Agate Bracelet in their school/college bag.
On Which Day to Wear Botswana Agate Bracelet?

Botswana Agate Bracelet can be worn irrespective of day and time. However, prefer to wear this magical bracelet in the daylight.
How Many Botswana Agate Bracelets to Wear?

One bracelet is enough; however, more bracelets can be worn to enhance beauty.
What are the Preventions While Wearing the Botswana Agate Bracelet?

There are no such preventions to be followed while wearing the bracelet. You do not need to make any changes in your routine after wearing this bracelet. It will keep working and benefiting you till you are connected to it physically & psychologically.
Difference between Charged & Uncharged Bracelet:

YourAstrologyGuru.Com offers you both charged & uncharged Botswana Agate Bracelets which you can order as per your need and budget.

Charged bracelet reaches you after performing certain Puja, Chanting of respective Mantras, and giving intent to the bracelet which takes considerable time & energy. However, the charged bracelet begins to work faster than an uncharged bracelet.

On the other hand, we also offer uncharged bracelets on which no custom of Puja, Mantra or intent has been performed. It does not mean the uncharged bracelet does not work; it just takes some time to sync with your energies.
Return Policy

If you want to return the item, you have to return it within 24 hours.

A bracelet must contain a minimum of 18-20 beads. However, we add some extra beads in a bracelet so that if ??? by chance ??? any bead turns out to be damaged/broken, you could remove it and string the bracelet again to sustain the bead requirement of the bracelet.

Web & Crack-like lines in the stones/beads are natural; They occur during the stone making process.


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