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Today’s topic is part of a 4-part series all about the four elements within astrology. Within astrology, there are the four elements which separate the 12 Zodiac signs. These elements are earth, water fire and air each solar season of the year actually contains one of each of these elements.


earth signs of the zodiac


When the winter solstice begins within Capricorn on the 21st of December, this leads us to the Earth signs within astrology. The three Earth signs in astrology are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Interestingly, there’s something called the spiritual stages within astrology.


Firstly we have Taurus within the Earth elements and Taurus is part of the survival stage which is known for being focused on looking inward – it’s about focusing on yourself. Then we move on to Virgo. Virgo is within the social stage of astrology and the Earth signs and this stage is all about other people; How you interact with others, how others may see you and how you get on with the world around you. Lastly, we have Capricorns and Capricorn is within the spiritual stage of astrology within the Earth elements and the spiritual stage is that connection between both the survival on the social and bring it together.


Within astrology, Taurus rules the second house, Virgo rules the sixth highest, Capricorn rules the tenth house the Earth signs. The Earth signs are known as the builders within the Zodiac, they know how to manifest things into tangible experiences. So whether that be a job that they really want or a home, or a car – something physical. Earth signs are all about material possessions – physical tangible items and ultimately because of this Earth signs may feel that they’ll only be satisfied whenever they have the possessions and things that they need and require. However, that being said, the negative side of that could be that they can become quite materialistic and greedy.


Earth signs are very structured people

Earth signs are known for having a sense of duty. They have this huge sense of duty and responsibility to other people and they just want to serve you can really rely on depend on an Earth sign, if you ever need them they will be there for you there. They’re very thoughtful people and they want to provide their thoughtfulness and giving nature to those that truly deserve it. This especially applies to their family and their friends. If you have made a connection or bond with an Earth sign, you’re so lucky because they will be there for you.


However, that being said, they’re very cautious. They’ll not just give to anybody that they see. Earth signs are known for being quite slow to approach things and they will think before they act and move forward and this is because Earth signs are fairly logical people, whereas fire signs and water signs are quite emotional people. So with Earth signs, they will analyze things.


Now, because they are so logical in their way of thinking that can overlook things on occasion. One of these areas is with people’s feelings so they could say things that don’t really take your feelings into consideration in that aspect. Not that they are meaning to hurt your feelings, it’s just that they don’t feel it. So with this sort of emotional sign, they understand it because they feel that emotion that comes with it whereas with logical people who are using the mind and they’re not really putting the emotion into it they’re just saying what they “see” based on how they rationalize things in their head.


How does each Earth sign behave?

So, let’s go through the three Earth signs and explain briefly their common qualities and traits.


Taurus as an earth sign

Taurus is slower, more patient on the uptake and a bit more grounded and steady. Slow and steady, marathon not sprint, is definitely a huge theme within the Earth signs in general. Taurus people they would just tell you like it is they will also stick up for their loved ones. They are very loyal in that way, the family and friends very important to them, they value them a lot.


Taurus Earth Sign

Taurus people really enjoy their comforts. They enjoy the little things in life doesn’t matter what it is. If they find comfort in it, they’ll they will indulge in it, too. They’re also known for being the sort of most central of the zodiac because they are ruled by that side of Venus and sensuality. Sensuality with Taurus is big thing overall, and this is defined within all the Earth signs. Taurus is a fixed sign and fixed signs are very loyal people once they’ve made their mind up on something – that’s it. There’s no changing their mind. Torres are probably the most stubborn out of all the fixed signs, they are a bull after all!


However, that being said fixed signs great because they will be free cautious going into something and they are very steady with what they approach.


Virgo the earth sign

Virgos they have the keenest eye for detail you’ve ever seen – they’re so prim and proper. They will find the tiniest little flaw and anything they’ll notice it and they’ll want to fix it. This can be there downfall too because it can get them into trouble in terms of them just being so picky, not even just by other people, really picky about themselves. If Virgo has gained the tiniest bit of weight or they have a spot or something they will focus o this issue so much that it will just drive them completely crazy.


Virgo Earth Sign


However, that being said it can also be great because they would make for really great journalists, fashion designers because their sense of professionalism of the Virgo is just so high, as it is for all the Earth signs. They just love to make lists. They love to be organized and love to know what they’re doing via a routine. Virgo’s are mutable signs which means they are very adaptable people. They’re open to change. That’s really good, but be careful, mutable signs can sometimes be a bit wishy-washy about what they’re going to do.


The Capricorns as an earth sign

When we said that the Earth signs are the builders of the zodiac the Capricorns are the top dog builders. Structure is incredibly important to Capricorn, they want to know how everything fits into wherever it needs to go in a really structured, manageable and dependable way. They do not want to see the structure fall apart. It needs to be stable. This makes them very practical and logical people and they won’t rush into things – they’re probably like the slowest of the zodiac and the most patient because they want to succeed but they know as well what’s in the back of their mind – they will sometimes be this little fear of failure and so they’ll be really careful and cautious going into things.


Capricorn the Earth Sign

Capricorns have the best sense of humor! They may be very professional, understand that they want, be good that their job but at the same time – they’re very funny and very sarcastic! They are really witty people and they know how to have fun and know how to let loose and just go out and enjoy their time.


Capricorn has a lot of energy and being a cardinal sign, they are the innovators. They see what they want to achieve and they just go for it, they can also be very active people. However, that being said they need to remember not to forget about other people along the way. This is more unlikely with a because there’s so much more mature in the Zodiac that say, Aries who’s also a cardinal sign but as the less mature sign, the Aries may have the tendency to forget about other people but Capricorns less so.


Final thoughts

Overall, Earth signs are just dependable. They just know how to keep themselves grounded firmly on the ground whilst they’re also reaching for the stars in order to achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve.


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