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Evil Eye Bracelet


Evil Eye Bracelet

Original price was: ₹600.00.Current price is: ₹393.00.

Evil Eye Bracelet Provides divine protection, sends back evil eye, prevents black magic & tantrik attacks, makes aura powerful, and keeps away all evil & negative energies.


Benefits of Evil Eye Bracelet:

The benefits of wearing an Evil Eye Bracelet are countless,

Yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

This protective bracelet protects you in all situations.
It is a robust shield that protects against the evil eye.
It removes obstacles from your path and helps you achieve the targets.
For children of all ages, such a bracelet is a must for creating a protective layer around.
It is not less than a boon for those who frequently fall sick or struggle with undiagnosed diseases.
Filled with cosmic & positive energies, this bracelet kills negativity around and fills your atmosphere with immense positivity.
This powerful bracelet is a red cross for Tantrik attacks, black magic, negative energies, and inauspicious events such as accidents.
Difference between Charged & Uncharged Bracelet:

YourAstrologyGuru.Com offers you both charged & uncharged Evil Eye Bracelet which you can order as per your need and budget.

Charged bracelet reaches you after performing certain Puja, chanting of respective Mantras, and giving intent to the bracelet which takes considerable time & energy. However, the charged bracelet begins to work faster than an uncharged bracelet.

On the other hand, we also offer uncharged bracelets on which no custom of Puja, Mantra or intent has been performed. It does not mean the uncharged bracelet does not work; it just takes some time to sync with your energies.
Return Policy

If you want to return the item, you have to return it within 24 hours.

A bracelet must contain a minimum of 18-20 beads. However, we add some extra beads in a bracelet so that if ??? by chance ??? any bead turns out to be damaged/broken, you could remove it and string the bracelet again to sustain the bead requirement of the bracelet.

Web & Crack-like lines in the stones/beads are natural; They occur during the stone making process.


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