Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo

The first thing to remember when looking Taurus and Virgo is that you’re looking for the Venus moon and Mars sign. Venus is how we love and what we are attracted to, the moon is how we express emotions, and Mars is our sex drive. These two are both rulers. Virgo’s ruler is Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication. Taurus has the ruler Venus, the planet of love and romance. They’re elements. They both share the element of Earth and so they actually have a lot of common ground with just enough differences to make this relationship interesting.


Positive Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

When these two get along they believe in courtship and when I say courtship, I’m not talking about today’s standard courtship, I’m talking about traditional, old-fashioned courtship. These two more than likely became friends first, their friendship blossomed into something close into something intimate. They also tend to move slowly. They don’t want to just jump into a relationship – even if the vibe feels perfect – they still want to take their time and analyze and think things through before actually officially committing to something.


Taurus is patient with Virgo because Virgo tends to not understand what they’re feeling; they actually have to back away from a partner for a little while to analyze what they’re really thinking and what they’re really feeling. This is because Virgo, being a thinking sign, cares more about what comes from the mind more so than what comes from the heart.


Taurus and Virgo

This is actually a great blend. Taurus is a very romantic sign, a very sensual sign because of their ruler – Venus. Virgo tends to be very worrisome and kind of rigid, perhaps a little uptight, but Taurus can get Virgo to relax. Virgo can actually be calm down by Taurus – and that’s hard! No one can really calm down a Virgo because Virgo, has a tendency to be pessimistic and prepared for the worst possible outcome, so Taurus is really good at soothing Virgo and making Virgo be more relaxed.


Now, it’s not all one one-way traffic with these two. Virgo can actually get Taurus to communicate and this is very useful with Taurus being so stubborn! We all know that Taurus is the most stubborn, bullheaded sign of the Zodiac but Virgo can actually get Taurus to bend a little bit and that’s also very hard to do. This means that this combination actually ends up bring out their best qualities in each other.


Taurus and Virgo

If this pair develops a home, this is where they share the same values. Taurus and Virgo both like nice things. It doesn’t necessarily have to be name brand things. But good quality things, beautiful things like art, nice furniture are well kept at home and because they value this they both work hard for what they have. They don’t expect things to be handed down to them and they both understand that working hard creates comfort and security. They also believe in consistency. Where some signs thrive on the unpredictable about change these signs don’t, they are so comforted by routine and they have their own little world.  They develop their own structure their own standards. They have their own traditions – at home always cooking together, having cozy holidays and they’ll also show affection to one another, buying each other gifts.


Virgo is also the sign of service and Taurus bring known to be a little bit lazy when it comes to being at home, not necessarily at work because they actually do like to work hard for the things that they have, but when it comes to home Taurus tends to be kind of set in their ways – Throw their coat on the floor, kick off their shoes at the door and not put them away. This behavior would bother some signs, but Virgo actually enjoys being that helper, that motherly figure, being that person that takes care of Taurus and Taurus likes to be taken care of!


The negative side of Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

Probably the biggest “con” with this pair is related to the point earlier about Virgo getting Taurus to bend, to change their mind. When this doesn’t happen and Taurus remains stuck in their ways, Virgo gets very aggravated by this. Even if a decision is clearly wrong, wrong Taurus will not budge. They will not change and this brings about that critical side of Virgo because Virgo tends to be very critical and even though Virgo sees it as constructive criticism, Taurus does not see it. That way Taurus will get offended and get upset.


The on the flip side, what aggravates Taurus about Virgo is the critical nature and the fact that they can’t handle it. Even though there’s a time where Virgo gives Taurus plenty of affection, even though that’s not in their nature, Virgo is going to want to take time for themselves – they don’t always want to cuddle on the couch. They’re not always going to want to be all lovey-dovey and romantic. Sometimes there are times when Virgo is going to want to be by themselves to decompress from their day. They don’t want to talk. They don’t want to speak. They don’t want to be sensual.


Taurus and Virgo

Taurus needs affection, needs a lot of touch and contact. Taurus also likes to get a lot of romantic affirmation, but there are times where Virgo’s not going to be giving that to Taurus and Taurus is going to be hurt by that.


Trust is also an issue to talk about too. Virgo doesn’t trust people not very easily and this is going to hurt a Taurus a lot because Taurus knows that they’re not doing anything wrong, just being their usual stubborn selves! Taurus is a very faithful sign, a very loyal sign so the fact that they’re Virgo partner is being so hesitant and closed off towards them, this going to really hurt their feelings.


Taurus and Virgo

Taurus is also a very possessive sign, a very jealous sign and so a Virgo’s talking to somebody of the opposite sex, who is not a family member or a co-worker, brings out that bull with the horns! Those horns are going to come out and Virgo’s going to be taken aback by that because we’re going like what’s where are you getting this jealousy from where’s this possessiveness coming from?


Taurus and Virgo Love and Sex

When it comes to the bedroom, this is actually where there’s magic happening. Virgo tends to be pretty modest, pretty rigid, shy in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter if the Virgo’s male or female they tend to be this way. Now, keep in mind if the sex part does not resonate remember to look up the Mars sign because Mars is what rules our sex drive.


Taurus and Virgo

So, Virgo does tend to be modest, shy and kind of uneasy. In fact, Virgo is more about pleasing their partner and satisfying their partner because they’re so worried that they’re going to not measure up. There’s one thing that Virgo hates, Virgo never wants to be a failure even in the bedroom. The good thing here is Taurus being the sensual sign, a romantic sign, they can actually get Virgo to relax and enjoy the moment. Taurus can actually make the Virgo feel so loved and make them feel so safe because, believe it or not, Virgo once they are not feeling shy anymore – there’s some kinky nature to a Virgo and once that comes out, Taurus is in for a ride! Also, Taurus is going to love the fact that Virgo wants to please them, that they want to satisfy them, so they have a very fulfilling sex life. This is actually a very, very highly compatible couple.

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Taurus and Virgo
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