Aries and Libra Compatibility

Aries and Libra

Aries and Libra: Know how compatible you are! Aries is the first sun sign in the Zodiac and the people born under this sun sign are vibrant and consider themselves as leaders. They are energetic with zeal to be pioneers in everything they do. Whereas, as the symbol suggests, Librans are balancers in their personal and professional lives. They are peaceful and always try to avoid conflict.


Common Traits of Aries and Libra

Although Aries and Libra share different traits, there few personae which are common in them. These common qualities keep them connected and upsurge their level of understanding. They are dreamers and highly passionate about their beliefs. They love making great plans and living an adventurous life. They love challenges and make a great team if join each other for a mission.


Being passionate and justice disciples, both share great persuasion for the honour. The fighter Aries and peaceful Libra may have different styles of dealing with the situation, but their identical idealistic approach to issue always bring them together. Both the signs love surprises and keep amazing each other when in a romantic relationship.


Clashes of Aries and Libra

They share a journey from an’t stand each other’ to an’t live without each other’. In between many-a-times, there may be tensions and fights. Aries is the element of fire and Libra is the element air. Being ruled by two completely different planets, they start things merrily but may end up in a huge mess. When in a romantic relationship the expectations are on a rise and may lead to thuds if they deny growing up.


Aries and Libra


They both are leaders by virtue and it’s universally proved that no man can serve two masters. The way two of a trade seldom agrees, they may clash in headship issues. Until they don’t know each other, they can be absolute rivals with heads banging into each other. Staying six signs apart, they tend to view things from different perspectives.


What attracts Aries and Libra?

Opposites attract, and this goes perfectly with an Aries and Libra couple. Their different traits are a blessing in disguise as they complete each other. Aries and Libra compatibility comes from the gap which they fill by satisfying each other’s emotional needs. They can find the traits in each other which they always wanted to have. So, they have got a basic reason of attraction towards each other.


Aries and Libra


Being refined by each other and fulfilling the emptiness at times is what attracts them like magnets. The sun sign Libra is emotional and romantic and knows how to maintain relationships. Their calm and lovely nature appeals to the warrior Aries. Even Aries and Libra would themselves wonder with the speed they fall for each other.


Aries possess a great sense of humour, which binds Libran to be closer to them.


Aries and Libra sex Compatibility

The shy nature of Libra does not hinder Aries and Libra from being greatly compatible in sex. Their adventurous nature never lets them get bored in their sexual life. They share a high level of intimacy and keep surprising each other with fantasies. Aries are notoriously playful and tries to spark the relationship with love and passion.


Libra being sensitive let lose themselves to the lively intimate holds of Aries. The Libran air gives a boost to the Aries fire and both let themselves lost within each other. A similar attribute of both Aries and Libra is aggression. This may sometimes lead to conflicts in their intimate relationships and they may hurt each other.


Aries is ruled by Mars and Libra by Venus, they make a great couple together. They complete each other and enjoy a comfortable long-term relationship. If they get ample time and space to know each other, they can be great partners and on the contrary, if they fail to figure out each other’s prospects, they may end up creating heaps of misunderstanding. Blind faith is neither the trait of Aries not of Libra. A sorted out relationship is what can go miles whereas quick burst outs can become a rivalry.   They both need to grow up in order to enjoy wonderful Aries and Libra compatibly. These two charming people can enjoy an exciting ride on a wise horse.


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