The Capricorn zodiac sign is for people born December 22 to January 19 and is represented by a symbol of a goat and Earth element. These people are ambitious, smart, and fully in control of their destiny. Capricorns are practical and take a business approach in everything they do. Another personality trait is that they are down to earth – they stay put when they get down to work. Besides that, they are masters of their own destiny and make realistic plans. It’s worth mentioning these people like to get to the top and reap the benefits of success. Read on and learn more!


Capricorn the Earth Sign


Capricorn Likes and dislikes

Capricorns do things in a sure-footed fashion. They like responsibility, practical thinking, understated status, and improving themselves. On the other hand, these people are a no-nonsense type. They dislike unnecessary foolishness, gossip, public displays, and laziness.


Capricorn Strengths and weakness

The folks with this star sign are industrious, responsible, disciplined, and good managers. They feel best playing it safe and adopt a conventional posture in business. Plus, they are great at climbing the corporate ladder and make smart investment decisions. Just like goats, they are disciplined and respect those focused on their goals. Once they set their minds to do something, they don’t get carried away by fantasies. When they make a mistake, they quickly learn from them and get back to the top. Rest assured, these folks will remember those who helped them succeed in life. Not to mention, they are loyal friends and will do whatever it takes to help other people find happiness.


capricorn moon signs


On the flip side, Capricorns are unforgiving and pessimistic. No matter how much they achieve, they find it difficult to go against the odds. Sometimes, they think about themselves as underachievers. Secondly, they are self-centered and very moody. They are happy at one moment but get grumpy when provoked. This can make them behave in an irresponsible manner. Capricorns are also regarded as know-it-all which can hinder their productivity.


Work or career for Capricorns

These people have an incredible capacity to withstand different blows in life and can take many career paths. Needless to say, they have impeccable charm and an unrivaled work ethic. Capricorns can be good accountants. They value money and won’t have trouble managing it. This is because of the strong moral compass and attention to details. They can easily prepare financial statements without cutting corners. Other professions that can fit within this realm include a banker, treasurer, financial planner, and office manager. The role of a scientist fits the Capricorn zodiac sign. This is because of their methodical practices to achieve their goals. Whether it’s in the field or lab, they are thorough in their work. These people can also be great doctors, engineers, and electricians. Hard workers with a true cause know that success will come in the long-run.


Capricorn in Love and relationships

It’s not easy to win the heart of these folks. But once they develop the love chemistry, they stay committed for a lifetime. To conquer the heart of a Capricorn, you have to be supportive and honest. Naturally, Capricorns are elegant and sincere lovers. They are in constant search for the perfect match to create a lasting bond. It’s important to underscore that these people are dependable and peaceful when it comes to matters of the heart. They have tremendous endurance for survival and will stand with you when things get tough. When it comes to trust, they leave no stones unturned. Lastly, their shared feeling comes in acts rather than words. Relationships in Capricorn zodiac sign become better over time.