Fire Signs of the Zodiac

fire signs

So let’s start this latest post on the elements of the Zodiac with the Spring Equinox, which all begins for the Fire signs with Aries.


There are three fire signs within astrology, these signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. All three of these signs also have spiritual stages associated with them. For Aries, this would be the survival stage, about thinking protecting oneself. Leo is the more social stage, the social stages being about learning how to interact with the world and be social with others. Finally, there is Sagittarius which is the spiritual stage within the fire element and the spiritual stage is that of connection, of being able to look within and look at the world and bring it all together.


fire signs

Let’s also not forget the positioning or the ruling of the signs too. Aries rules the first house of the zodiac, Leo rules the fifth house and Sagittarius rules the ninth House.


Major keywords here within the fire signs

Fire elements would be impulsive, spontaneous, visionary, they can be very creative people, very passionate and highly enthusiastic. They just have a lot of energy. If you can think of fire and how quickly fire can just spread, that’s very relevant in this case! Fire signs ultimately have a larger than life personality to them, they have so much action and so much drive they just want to go ahead – it’s all about moving forward for the fire signs. With the fire signs, they don’t really like to dwell on the past or worry about what’s happened.


Fire signs are also pretty intuitive people, this is because of their impulse, a lot of the time fire signs won’t think before they speak; they’ll just do something with a gut feeling – if they feel that they want to do something, they’ll go and they’ll do it the not even think twice about it. But this is where this impulse can actually get them into trouble – especially Aires because Aires is the child of the zodiac (and the child of the fire signs too).


Also remember, can keep you nice and warm and cozy and at the same time, fire can also burn you to death. Fire is all about balance, balance within everything in the world and within fire it’s about knowing your limits.


Aries the fire sign

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the first fire sign. Aries can be quite loud and very outspoken and also quite childlike as well, but at the same time, this childlike behavior gives them the sense of innocence.  They can be outspoken at times but genuinely don’t want to harm or hurt anyone but they do have the tendency to not think before they speak.


Aries Fire Sign

Aries is also very headstrong, and once they set their mind in motion they will go and achieve what they set out to do. This drive and energy comes from Aries being a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are very much initiators. They are the ones that go out and achieve so that’s definitely a good thing about the cardinal energy. A word of warning though, Aries the Cardinal does tend to look at life as a playground, there’s so much to live, they just want to get stuck in and explore as much as possible. The problem comes with being so busy going forward and doing all that they can, they can sometimes forget about the rest of the pack.


Leo as a fire sign

Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, is very flamboyant energy. They love attention. They love crave attention and love to be seen and to be heard. Not a surprise, because Leo is the sociable element within the spiritual stages. Leo just loves all eyes being on them, they are highly creative as well as very creative people. At parties and gatherings, you’ll find the Leo’s will just be those ones who like to entertain! They can be very passionate and when they find a passion they will indulge in that passion.


Leo Fire Sign

Leo’s definitely have that sense of luxury to them too, they love to pamper themselves with whatever it is. Leo, being a fixed sign, is very determined and loyal, when they make their mind up on something, they’ve made their mind up.


Leo can also be very patient and steady whenever needed. If a decision has to be made, they can make the choice very carefully, they’re just very steady and stable as they go towards reaching their goal.


The fire sign of Sagittarius

Sagittarians are very straightforward people. If you think of the symbol of Sagittarius (the archer with the bow and arrow), this is a great metaphor for their use of words. They’re just so blunt, those words travel to the target like a straight arrow! Now some people might see it as just that, they are being blunt. However, really they’re just trying to be genuine in the trying to be honest and open. So you’ll find with Sagittarians that they are so honest but at the same time, they don’t necessarily care about what you think. They will say what they like and won’t hold back.


Sagittarius Fire Sign


Sagittarius is also highly independent, probably the most independent of the entire zodiac. Sagittarius is a person that could be on their own for weeks at a time and this wouldn’t bother them at all. Sagittarius is also a mutable sign which means they are adaptable, they’re open to change so you’ll find that and mutable signs just know how to sort of go with the flow and there’s no fuss about it.


Overall, those born under the fire element are very dynamic people, they look at life as an adventure and they have so much enthusiasm and they just want to give their energy to life or to whatever it is. However, keep in mind that fire elements do need to be careful that in the process of them indulging in life that they don’t become overly self-centered and forget about the pack, and remember to be considerate and thoughtful towards other people’s feelings.


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