Leo and Libra Compatibility

Leo and Libra

When we look at Leo and Libra Compatibility the first thing to look for is the Venus moon and Mars sign. Venus is how we love and what we are attracted to, the moon is how we express emotions and Mars is our sex drive!

Elementally, Leo is a fire sign and Libra is an air sign.


What Leo and Libra have in common?

Leo and Libra have one mutual understanding and that is to make each other happy, they have a strong bond according to astrology. Leo might be bossy and self-centered, however, Libra sees beyond these weaknesses and that makes them the perfect match. Libra wouldn’t mind being bossed around if that’s what makes Leo happy. Leo, therefore, becomes the leader and depends on Libra for inspiration. This makes Leo fall into the charms of Libra and thus falls more into Libra’s positive vibes.


Leo and Libra enjoy trying new things together, they look for adventures together and also enjoy the drama, having this in common strengthens their relationship, they are both creative in terms of romance this is what makes the bond even stronger.


What Leo and Libra don’t do so well?

As with any relationship, Leo and Libra partnership is not all rosy as they also have differences.  Leo’s tendency to control might become overwhelming to Libra as Libra feels not being respected to make own decisions, however, Libra might not let their emotions influence their judgement but overtime Leo’s tendency to be controlling and dominating gets to Libra and Libra’s patience eventually runs out,  Leo can be too possessive sometimes as Libra is always giving and willing to compromise, however, Leo might sometimes become extreme and too demanding  A negative side of Libra is their love for procrastination and their indecisiveness, Leo does not understand this and this causes friction in their relationship.


What attracts Leo and Libra?

Libra enjoys debating and intelligent conversations and Leo loves this as Leo is passionate and admire Libra’s skills when it comes to social interactions.  One attribute that makes this match tick is Libra’s nature of complementing and gifting Leo, Leo appreciates this a lot and receives them well, encouraging Libra to do it more.


Leo and Libra


Leo and Libra are both hopeless romantics, they both love the finer things in life, they are both outgoing and love to seek new adventures, they both hit all the hot events in town and enjoy the joys and drama that comes with it. These two are perfect road trip duo, they enjoy travelling together, take moonlight walks together and their life is a never-ending party growing their love for each other even more.


Leo and Libra sex compatibility

These two are extremely attracted to each other thus it does not take them long to build an exciting healthy sexual relationship. A Leo- Libra match sexual relationship is very healthy, Leo is confident and Libra is sexually adventurous, they love trying new things in the bedroom.


Leo and Libra


Leo might be a little too sexually demanding, but Libra is trying to keep up with Leo’s needs, this is not a big problem as Libra is creative and open-minded, the result is sexual satisfaction and steamy sessions,  the Leo woman domination in bed arouses Libra sexually, the domination does not bother Libra as he loves it and surrenders to Libra’s sexual energy.


Therefore this is a great match in terms of sexual relations, strengthening their bond in and our the bed.


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Leo and Libra
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