Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

Hello again guys! In today’s article, I’m going to be talking about the opposition of Leo and Aquarius and Leo and Aquarius compatibility. I will be explaining how these opposite signs can both come together into balance as a pair. So, let’s get going!


Leo Aquarius Compatibility

In one corner we’ve got Leo. Leo is a fire sign, Leo rules the fifth house and Leo is ruled by the Sun. In the opposite corner, we’ve got Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign, Aquarius rules the 11th house and Aquarius is ruled both by Saturn and Uranus. Now, the similarities here are that they are both fixed signs and what’s actually taking place between these two signs is the opposition between group expression and individual expression.


Leo and Aquarius polarity is strong

The polarity that’s in play between these two is firstly about self-expression, which is Leo, but then the appreciation of the right to giving that expression to everyone – which is Aquarius.


Leo Aquarius Compatibility

So we have Leo here. Leo is a sign of great enthusiasm. It is very confident and its qualities Leo is about love Leo is about creativity. The thing you need to know about Leo is that Leo’s thrive on the self, very very much similar to that of Ares. But with Leo’s, that can often feel very misunderstood if they believe that people within their immediate environment are not contributing enough to focusing on them. In fact, an insecure Leo does not necessarily believe that they’re better than anybody else, it’s just that they want to be accepted and acknowledged for who they are.


Yet, this is Leo coming with Aquarius. The thing with the Aquarians is that they don’t really require or seek acknowledgment from the outside world, but yet still, Aquarius does deep down inside wants to be appreciated and seen for the uniqueness night. The thing was Aquarius, of course, is that Aquarius is the individualist of the Zodiac – they can be weird, eccentric, idealistic and random intellectual yet with the two signs, it’s Leo who seeks the importance of the individual whilst it’s Aquarius who understands the importance of the collective.


Furthermore, Leo brings this intense passion to their close relationships because the fifth house is about children whilst the Aquarius, they express the love to larger groups because it’s about the 11th highest – friendships, community, social circles etc. Ultimately for the Leo, it’s about the love to their close ones and for Aquarius, it’s the love to humanity.


Leo and Aquarius strike a great balance

Another key point about this polarity is the attempt to balance interaction between personal interest and enjoyment of life (which is Leo) opposed by the interaction with others and their interests and social goals, which is Aquarius. Ultimately it’s about bringing these forces of personal with social interests into this beautiful unity. So with that, what are the common patterns between these two signs? Both signs have big hearts, ultimately this polarity is so much about love after all Leo is about the heart and Leo and Aquarius are one and the same. Then, of course, Aquarius has that heart as well, Aquarius wants to show that love to the world and to humanity, while Leo wants to show that love to their close relationships.


Both signs are also very expressive and both feel far from ordinary because both signs believe that they are special in their own way. After all, we’ve got Leo right Leo wearing the Crown! There’s this sense of specialness and uniqueness in them and they want to be appreciated for because while Leo appears to be special, it’s Aquarius who deep down inside feels special.


Leo and Aquarius have a lot in common

This is this is a pretty big one. Both of these signs possess courage. Leo has this courage where they’re able to just walk into a room filled with people and just take center stage of the room, hold themselves. Whilst Aquarius has the courage to be so outrageously different, everybody just looks at Aquarius and thinks it’s weird and strange. However, Aquarius just doesn’t care! Think of Leo as the artist and Aquarius as the gallery owner. In this analogy, Aquarius gives the public a chance to applaud the Leo for the beautiful art.


Overall, this is the ultimate balance of romance with friendship. But this connection, this polarity is love.  Love that makes the world go round for the Leo and Aquarius. It’s about realizing that they’re both in this together, but they both have different roles to play.

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