If you know any person who is a Leo, you will probably agree that Leos are some of the most self-expressive people. Leo’s a born between July 23August 22. They are known for their boldness and strong personality traits. They wear their hearts on their sleeve and they are not afraid to let you know what is on their mind.  Some of the most common positive Leo attributes include being loyal, kind, courageous, protective, generous and very honest. They are also very entertaining and they have the capacity to almost always leave you revitalized in an enthralling way.


Leo Fire Sign

They also have a few difficult traits. These include being overly aggressive, jealous, overzealous, coldhearted and vain. You can also expect a Leo to step on your toes from time to time or piss you off with his or her bossy demeanor. While these characteristics can be off-putting, you just can’t help but like the warmth and charisma of a Leo.


What are some of the things that a Leo likes?

Just like Leos love to share their money, they also love to share their wisdom too. Their inclination to give advice is born out of their desire to protect their dependents and loved ones. Leo’s will go out of their way to help out their friends who may be in need. They might even go as far as borrowing from others just to help you because they are that loyal.


Pisces and leo


Leo’s have been described in some quarters as adrenaline junkies. This is because they don’t easily back down from taking chances with their safety. However, on the financial side, Leos are quite conservative. Their love for being complimented is a well-known weakness. Even the smallest compliment will immediately put a smile on the face of an angry Leo.


What are some of the things that a Leo dislikes?

Depending on others Their pride will not allow them to be dependent. A Leo would rather work hard than accept gifts or assistance from friends and family. Leo wants to be constantly active, even on vacation. They prefer to be constantly on the move making things happen. A Leo is self-driven and doesn’t like being ordered around or being under anyone’s supervision. They consider that as being somewhat undignified.


How does a Leo fare in relationships?

A Leo is a romantic at heart. If they love you, they want you for the long haul and will gladly include you in their short-term and long-term plans. In happy times, they will retain their identity and still pursue their passions effectively.  However, when things are not going right in the relationship, their enthusiasm and creativity can be extinguished. When a Leo is not finding any fulfillment in a relationship, it will show easily in their demeanor and overall mood.


What is the most suitable career choice for a Leo?

The best working environment for a Leo is where they can express their charming personality and quick wit. They are competitive and goal-oriented and always want to keep busy. Careers in acting, sales, advertising, motivational speaking, architecture and theater are likely to bring the best out of a Leo. This is because they want to feel important and don’t have a problem taking center stage.