Libra is the 9th zodiac sign that is depicted as balance scales. The sign is unique in that it’s the only one that is represented by an object. Those who are born within the date range of September 23October 22 are considered as Libra natives. That being said, people born under it have qualities that are as varying as the others.  Libra is also an Air Sign.


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Libra Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s not for nothing that the Libra symbol is that of balance scales. Most Librans value being just, after all, and prioritize fair play. If presented with a situation that would require them to overcome a challenge they’re currently facing, they would never rely on wily or exploitative ways to do it. That being said, they’re actually very perceptive as well, and this allows them to come up with effective solutions to various problems. They wish not to seek direct confrontation, though, and tend to want to settle issues as diplomatically as possible.


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Furthermore, since the sign is associated with the planet Venus, Librans are often considered as very romantic. Their actions are almost always motivated by love and affection. They can be very charming as well due to this fact alone. However, this very tendency to be romantic might cause them to prioritize external beauty over everything else. They might get too lost in the superficial qualities of others, to the point that they’ll become blind to their inner qualities.


Another negative personality trait of the Libra-born is that they have an inclination to be indecisive. It could become hard for them to make a choice when faced with a challenge that they’re unsure of solving.  Other negative qualities of people under the Libra sign include their penchant to be laid-back, causing them to be perceived as lazy at times, as well as their desire to indulge in materialism, making them impulsively buy things that they don’t really need.


Libra Likes and Dislikes

The Libran likes as much harmony as possible, everything in their life has to be in order, whether it’s objects in their homes or other more abstract elements in their daily lives. Logic and Facts – since they value fairness above all, their impulses are often driven by facts and logical thinking rather than by emotional or psychological reasons.  Arguments – while they’re, as said above, diplomatic, Librans actually love to take part in arguments in order to help others see things in a different light. This is especially true if the Libran desires to point out a mistake in how another person makes his argument.


Libra doesn’t like being in large groups of people and prefer to distance themselves from large crowds. Unfairness – it’s only fair to assume that people with a star sign that values justice should immediately regard its opposite trait as undesirable.  Dishonesty – any kind of lying or misinformation can ruffle the feathers of a Libran; all the more so if they are its primary victim.


Best Career Prospects for Librans

A Libran’s charm often carries over to the manner in which they communicate. It’s for this reason why a Libra-born should consider taking up careers that value that. These range from telecommunications and sales to teaching and advertising. Thanks to their inquisitive nature, they might enjoy lucrative careers in fields that require a careful eye in spotting trends. Banking, real estate, and finance are but some of the industries that value this trait. Of course, you can also make the most out of your propensity to be just and wear your sign proudly by actually going into law and becoming a court judge.  Librans also shun conformity, making them more likely to choose work-from-home jobs. If you’ve this same impulse and the matching talent, then you might want to consider working as a graphic artist or any other career that will allow you to exercise your creativity from the comfort of your home.


Libra in Love and Relationships

Romance is at the core of every Libran’s being so they’ll surely take love and establishing relationships seriously. They tend to take things slowly, as they’re always on the look out for the one. They’ll surely use their scales to the fullest when gauging and evaluating the partner that they’ll spend the rest of their lives with. And, they also tend to be dependent on others (especially their significant) when handling their emotions. They require the utmost patience for these facts alone.