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Hello and welcome to my article about people born under the May 5 Zodiac.

Anyone born under the May 5 Zodiac has the star sign of Taurus. Taurus is depicted as The Bull in symbology and they are what’s known as a Fixed Earth Sign. Earth signs are very much attracted to other Earth signs, but also Scorpio’s, who is a Water Sign.


May 5 Zodiac

The tarot card for Taurus is The Empress and the specific tarot card for people born under the May 5 Zodiac is the Hierophant card.


Anyone born on this day has a very Regal sense about them and they have a deep belief that they were born to lead. They do put their whole heart into everything that they do and they are able to take risks. They are an example to others and people do it admire their confidence and their self-assurance. When people born under the May 5 Zodiac walk into a room, they are noticed! They have a great sense of presence about them and they are also great fun to have around. They love to entertain and their friends, and you might also see them at the front of the Karaoke queue!


People born under the May 5 Zodiac are also very principled people and carry some very conventional values and a respect for authority and this set of values can help them get along in life, especially in their chosen career.


may 5 zodiac


In love and relationships, those born on May 5th are very affectionate and tactile; as long as their partner gives them the attention that they need and the affection, they’ll be perfectly content and happy. If problems do arise and they do feel a little bit neglected, this doesn’t go down too well because they will feel that their pride is hurt. If you are feeling a bit upset pouring your energy into hosting a party is a sure fire way to help cheer you up! This will also help to release that natural creativity and it will help you to restore the natural Lust For Life!


People born on this day are very wholehearted and they’re very calm in a crisis and this can, of course, be very useful in life. In terms of weaknesses, sometimes they may seem to be a bit of an attention seeker and maybe come across as a little bit needy, although this is usually something that doesn’t happen very often, and in general the affection the attention that they actually they get is justified and so it won’t come across in this manner.


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