Scorpio and Aries Compatibility

Scorpio and Aries Compatibility

Be sure to look up the Venus, Moon and Mars sign of the Scorpio or Aries you are interested in! Remember that Venus is how we love and what we’re were attracted to, the Moon is how to express emotions and Mars is our sex drive.


The rulers of Scorpio and Aries

Scorpio and Aries both share the ruler of Mars. Mars is the ruler of sex, aggression, and passion but Scorpio also has another rule – Pluto. Pluto is the ruler of transformation, rebirth and the underworld.


What are the elements of Scorpio and Aries?

The Aries element is Fire, Scorpio’s element is Water – So opposite elements here!


What attracts Scorpio and Aries

The word I want to use to describe this couple explosive! What attracts these two to one another? Mars is the ruler, so when they lay eyes on one other, it’s automatic sexual attraction. These two lust for one another, that’s what brings them together. However, they’re not going to let you know that at first, they’re going to tiptoe around each other. They don’t want to lay all their cards out on the table from the words go.They’re not going to let the other person know.


But there is some common ground here that’s not sexual in nature. Although this is a pretty tough match, they’re both very passionate in their life goals, their dreams, their aspirations and they’re both very determined signs and very intense. Their intensity can be a good thing and a bad thing.


Since Aries is a Fire sign they are emotional, but not in the same way as Scorpio. However, they are both emotional which can be to the point where they feel loved and respected and wanted by each other. The type of dates that these two have been adventurous, rock climbing or even gambling – anything that involves a risk! They very much enjoy this.


What Scorpio and Aries  don’t do so well

This is pretty much where the common ground ends. There is quite a few more cons than there are Pros. So let’s go ahead and start with the Cons and then I’m going to bring it back to a more positive.


scorpio and aries


Aries and Scorpio, they’re both very dominant signs. They don’t want to give up any type of control. Aries wants to control every aspect of their own life. Scorpio wants to control every aspect of their own life, but they also want to control every aspect of Aries’s life and Aries is not the type of sign that’s going to be controlled – There’s going to be a lot of head-butting here. This is where the explosive issues come from – two signs ruled by Mars, you’re going to see a lot of aggression and there’s going to be some explosive battles here


What usually happens is that Aries wants to talk it out, be clear about any conflict, clear it up and move on. Scorpio however (being an emotional sign) will act like Aries didn’t hurt their feelings, but secretly, Scorpio’s plotting something to get back at Aries. Scorpio is known to do this! Not every Scorpio is prone to this behavior, but in the main, Scorpio is out to win!


Aires and scorpio


They’re also both very jealous and possessive signs. Scorpio is not very good at giving people room in a relationship, and this is an issue for Aries because Aries likes to go out and hang out with their friends and that’s not easy for Scorpio to do. Aries is a very social sign, a very funny sign, a very outgoing sign and tends to attract a lot of people to them which is going to spark up Scorpio’s trust issues and they’re going to want to point that out!


Do Scorpio and Aries have a future?

Scorpio and Aries don’t like to compromise. It’s either their way or the highway. As far as their communication goes, Aries is a very blunt sign, a very direct sign. In fact, they tend to speak without thinking first and Scorpio can find this as very thoughtless and very heartless but Aries doesn’t really care how they come across. They think that Scorpio is just being way too sensitive, being way too obsessive about whatever the issue is.


Scorpio and Aries sex compatibility

But what about the bedroom action? If there’s anything that makes this couple stay together longer than they should it’s the sex. These signs are ruled by Mars, not to mention Scorpio has Pluto and Pluto also plays a part in sex. So when these two get together, this is intense, aggressive, animalistic sex. These two will be pulling hair, scratching backs, Aries is going to want to mount Scorpio, Scorpio is going to claw areas and catch them with the stinger. There’s gonna be a lot of raw animalistic in your soul deep aggressive sex.


But, as hot as that sex is with these two, eventually Scorpio is going to want emotions in the bedroom and Aries is not known to be big on a cuddle after sex so in order to keep that sexual fire going Aries has got to be a little bit more emotional because I’m pretty sure Aries knows that the sex with Scorpio is great – So they’re going to have to give a little bit more on their end.


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