Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

Taurus and Gemini

The Earth sign Taurus is the most reliable of all signs of the zodiac. The planet of love, Venus, rules this sun sign making them a cute, lovable person. These practical people are extremely hard working and can go miles to achieve what they want. One positive aspect of their personality is their loyalty and sincerity, but their stubborn behaviour may make things complicated.


As the symbol suggests, Gemini has two different sides of their personality. It is the third sign of the zodiac and ruled by planet Mercury. The people born under this sign are intelligent, adventurous and fun loving. They are sharp and love to learn new things. They love to be surrounded by friends but can enjoy alone if needed.


The element of Gemini is Air which makes them vibrant and youthful. Common Traits of Taurus and Gemini Although Taurus and Gemini do not share much in common when it comes to intellect they give each other a tough competition. They are an intellectual personality with a curious nature. Their mental abilities are high and both urge to do their best to complete the task they are assigned. A Gemini partner can easily rely on a Taurus mate to fulfil their physical needs as this is most important ever to a number of people.


Both these gentle signs love to have fun and possess great art of conversation. Their romance will not always go far as these practical people don’t open up easily. But when in a relationship, they make all the efforts to know each other and make the relationship work.


Clashes of Taurus and Gemini

The sincere Taurus can’t generally bear the spontaneous behaviour of Gemini. They want everything to be well-planned and are resistant to change. Whereas, Gemini is highly unpredictable and easily jump into situations. Taurus is the one who can be relied upon in any situation. While Gemini is not so trustworthy and tends to change colours according to the situation. This can lead to severe issues among the couple if they want to enter a serious romantic relationship.


Taurus and Gemini


The shy nature of Taurus is also a big hurdle in Taurus and Gemini compatibility. Healthy discussions are key to successful long-term relationships. But possessive Taurus and carefree Gemini often get into deep misunderstanding which proves to be fatal for their relationship. Taurus and Gemini are people of different values. Taurus being more grounded wants stability in relations and other materialistic things which Gemini are spontaneous and keep on changing their mind quickly. Taurus are patient and do things slowly and with perfection while Gemini wants fast results and get excited easily.


What attracts Taurus and Gemini?

The calm and composed personality of Taurus highly attracts a Gemini. They feel secure with them as they are truly reliable persons. The trustworthy nature of Taurus combined with genuineness makes them a loveable person. Gemini likes stability in them and loves them to be in their life to complete them.


Taurus and Gemini


On the other hand, the charm of Gemini is a great magnetism for Taurus. Their adventurous and fun loving behaviour helps Taurus find time to enjoy their life out of their everyday routine.


Taurus and Gemini sex Compatibility

The Earth sign Taurus possesses a deep desire to be loved and feel cosy in someone’s arms. They can spend hours with their partner cuddling and making love. But being highly unpredictable, Gemini gets bored easily. They often fail to fulfil each other’s sexual desires and sex can become a big issue of the clash. However, Taurus may enjoy the speedy ride with their Gemini partner and relish hot sexual chemistry when Gemini is in the real temperament. The variety offered by a Gemini may excite Taurus and let them come out of their tiresome zone.


Taurus and Gemini belong to different worlds and they can meet if they give complete effort to know each other well. If they give their hundred per cent to the relationship they can complement each other well. They are just one sign apart but have completely different viewpoints.   It’s better if they get to know each other in time if they are looking for a long-term relationship else it may end up in a painful breakup.


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Taurus and Gemini Compatibility
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