Taurus and Scorpio – Compatibility in Opposite Signs

taurus and scorpio

In today’s article I going to be talking about the opposition of Taurus and Scorpio and what I will be (trying!) to do is explaining how these two signs can come together into balance in order to live a balanced life.


taurus and scorpio


Understanding Taurus and Scorpio

In order to truly understand one sign, we must also address the sign opposite. Okay. So with that being said, in the Red corner, we have Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign rules the second house of Astrology. Also, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. In the Blue corner, the opposite, we have Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign and Scorpio rules the eight house of Astrology. Scorpio is ruled by both, Mars and Pluto. But the thing that these two signs have in common is that they are both fixed signs, ultimately what is taking place within this polarity is personal resources versus shared resources. Furthermore, this polarity focuses primarily on exchange.


The way to actually explain this polarity is to actually address Scorpio first. It would usually be easier to address the sign that comes first within the Zodiac wheel, but I truly think that to really grasp this one, we go over Scorpio first – After all, Taurian’s are the more patient ones so good for you Taurus, right?


Are Taurus and Scorpio sexy?

So we have Scorpio. Scorpio is seductive. Scorpio is secretive. Scorpio is sexy pretty much anything that begins with “S” describes the Scorpio. Oh, did I mention sexy? Yes. Scorpio is psychic. At least that’s what they’re meant to be. But the thing is, they do a pretty good job at hiding it or it could be that they’re refusing to face their unique abilities. The thing about Scorpio is that it can either go one of two ways with a partner of this sign. The types of Scorpio’s who tend to be hiding under rocks just to keep themselves safe from harm. Or it could go the other way, where you have a Scorpio who decides to actually come out from under that rock and sail up into the sky, reach some serious potential and transform.


Basically, Scorpio’s are like boiling cauldrons of emotion. That doesn’t sound very scary at all night does it!? The thing with Scorpio’s is that you might even know one for years until they actually bring out the sentimental side to them. But when they do, it’s actually surprising how completely gentle they can be with those that they truly love. When a Scorpio truly decides to bring down their walls it is just it’s beautiful. It is a really truly life-changing experience for them and they must be appreciated for that.


But what about love now that we mentioned the word love? Which planet in our solar system is about love exactly? It’s Venus and Venus remember rules Taurus. So we have Taurus coming together with Scorpio.


The thing with Taurus is what you see is what you get. They are the most straightforward people you’ll ever come across. It’s been said that the Taurus may actually have some trouble understanding the Scorpio’s way of doing things. Taurus is sensible and dependable, Taurus is determined and above all else, Taurus is patient and probably the most patient sign in the entire zodiac. That’s why a lot of the time they tend to procrastinate and be very laid back. The Taurian’s go at their own pace for sure! So perhaps Taurus does not possess the regenerative qualities that Scorpio does but what Taurus possesses is an inner stillness, an inner calmness. This is a calmness that Scorpio longs for. While a Scorpio desires to dig deeply and intensely into the depths of the human psyche they also desire pleasures and the beauty and the harmony and the comfort just like the Taurus does.


Taurus and Scorpio need each other

Imagine. For Scorpio’s, there are just these wild waves within the ocean that crashing against rocks. It’s going crazy. There are storms in that water. So when a Scorpio looks at the Taurus, it’s like “Wow” – You’re so calm. You’re so collected. The Scorpio needs to realize that because Taurus and Scorpio are one and the same, Scorpio is so capable of doing this. This inner depth of Scorpio is very much needed and this is needed for Taurus to realize that, in fact, there is something within Taurus worth aspiring to, this type of inner aspiration that they can really turn to. The Taurus can turn attention away from just the material world and towards a deeper exploration of themselves. What you’ll find with a lot of Taurian’s is that once they do reach their financial success that they ever so desired or the material security that they desire, they tend to sort of just relax there just to settle down. So while Scorpio is busy packing their suitcases for this great spiritual adventure the Taurus is just chilling at home!


At the same time, Scorpio could actually learn from Taurus how to tame their multiple desires, how to tame those waves I spoke of earlier. It could be said that the ultimate goal for these two signs is to balance the material and the spiritual needs and values. It’s also about finding this common ground between “mine” and “ours”. Taurus will all be about the possessions and finances and “my security”. Whereas Scorpio is really about the joint Finances, things are “ours”. So naturally, with that you do see that that comment the common pattern it’s you know about the resources as I say, this is a huge thing that they both have in common.

taurus and scorpio


Another thing to remember is that both signs are pretty damn sexual – perhaps the Taurus the more sexual of the two. It’s like these two qualities just sort of run through their blood – and speaking of blood, I almost forgot – you really don’t want to upset either of these signs under any circumstances, Scorpio with its sharp stinger and then Taurus with the sharp horns can be very painful! It may take the Taurus a longer time to get angry but once you cross them, it’s very difficult to calm them down.


One of the most beautiful things about this polarity is that both signs do not take relationships very lightly. They both think very long and very hard before making a decision to get into a committed relationship. It is for this reason that you’ll find that no matter how hard things get for these two signs when they’re in a relationship, neither of them are inclined to give up or to quit. When Taurus and Scorpio find themselves in that committed relationship, you know, it’s devotion, loyalty, and commitment.


And a final thought. When I was talking about love earlier, both of these signs fight for the ones they love because they value love so deeply. Ultimately, the Taurus and the Scorpio both have this incredible ability to create, and in order to be successful, they both must learn how to use their individual power productively.


If you have any experiences with either of these signs, let me know in the comments!

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Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility
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