Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

leo and scorpio

Leo is known to represent a personality that is vivacious, dramatic, commanding and ambitious. It is these very qualities that a Leo will bring to the table when pursuing a romantic interest. A Scorpio on the other hand will bring resourcefulness, secrecy and assertiveness to a relationship. So below is an in depth look at how compatible these two star signs are.


What Leo and Scorpio have in common.

Above all else, passion is a quality shared by people born under the signs of Leo and Scorpio. Whether it’s in sports, work or romance both a Leo and Scorpio will give it their all to make sure they succeed. Passion leads to an exciting relationship but also a competitive one. Bravery is another shared quality and it is often embodied in the lion so it should come as no surprise that a Leo will display courage in times of adversity. A Scorpio while not as brave as a Leo will also rise to meet a challenge when the need arises.


Both Leo and Scorpio are assertive personalities that are not afraid to speak their mind and share both their desires and concerns. This leads to a healthier relationship because when both parties talk to each other it increases the chances of a happier and long lasting relationship.


What Leo and Scorpio don’t do so well.

Scorpio is a naturally distrustful star sign which is why it is difficult for a Scorpio to start a new relationship. This can lead to a situation where a Leo is romantically pursuing a Scorpio but fails to break through the numerous emotional walls set up by a Scorpio to protect their heart. Scorpio is also prone to jealousy which will inevitably emerge because Leo is a naturally outgoing personality with many friends. These friendships could be misconstrued as cheating leading to a relationship falling apart.


leo and scorpio


Leo just like the lion can sometimes be a lazy personality. This can lead to situations where a couple argues over minor issues like not doing the dishes or placing dirty socks in the wrong area. Leo is also capable of being inflexible bordering on arrogant which can cause bad arguments with a Scorpio if the argument is over something a Scorpio is passionate about.


What attracts Leo and Scorpio?

A female Scorpio will be attracted to the strength and dominance of a Leo as the “King of the jungle”. While a male Scorpio will be attracted to the vivacious and outgoing personality of the female Leo. Leo is also a sign known for humour, charm and charisma which a Scorpio will find endearing and mesmerising. Both Leo and Scorpio have sharp resourceful minds that can keep up with each other which is important to the both of them.


leo and scorpio


Scorpio is known for mystery, secrecy and fierceness. These character traits can evoke the curiosity of a Leo that wishes to understand and conquer a Scorpio. Once a Leo loves someone they are generous, protective and warm which is very important to a Scorpio because behind the high walls set up by a Scorpio is the desire to find someone loving, strong and protective.


Leo and Scorpio intimacy/sex compatibility.

Both being passionate signs is a guarantee of a great and fulfilled sex life free of boredom or predictability. Neither personality is afraid to state what they like or dislike in bed so they are able to have a more fulfilling love life. Scorpio also enjoys teasing and games which is something Leo is good at. Both parties are always willing to try something new which could be a source of renewed interest in each other.


On the negative side it is worth noting that since both Leo and Scorpio are dominant personalities it may sometimes lead to difficulty in letting one person take the lead when it becomes necessary. Leo while being very emotionally loyal and committed may feel the need for more than one sexual partner and this may be a source of conflict with a Scorpio. This is because Scorpio values single minded commitment and once a Scorpio has an open heart a betrayal can be very hurtful.


The overall compatibility between a Leo and Scorpio can be pretty intense and healthy as long both personalities understand each others desires an dislikes and is willing to make compromises where possible.


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