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Do you sometimes look up to the stars for some divine intervention? At some point and time n your life, did you believe that the movement of the stars and alignment of the sun and planets are tell-tale signs of good and bad omens? Are you and your partner compatible based on what the stars say? We will try to answer these and what other questions may bring as we seek answers through astrology and the zodiac.


The stars have spoken. If you are a Taurus and your partner’s sign is a Cancer, do you have things in common? Speaking of Taurus and Cancer compatibility, let us first look into their individual aspects, strengths and weaknesses so that we may understand what moves them to who they are.


There are 12 zodiac signs in the sky. Each sign typically has its own strength and weakness that is specific in itself. It can give a person an idea of what traits, attitude and desires he or she is capable of, as well as their influences over life and other people. But that should not stop you from doing the things you want and achieving the things that you need to do. The movement of the stars can serve as your guide, but everything ultimately depends on you.


Taurus, otherwise known as The Bull, is one of the three Earth Signs together with Capricorn and Virgo.


Members of the Earth Sign are considered as grounded, and that they are the ones that bring us back/down to earth. They tend to be a conservative lot. But they are also realistic, practical and stable; though there will come a time or two that they become very emotional. Being grounded, they would tend to be attached to goods and reality that are material in nature. In general, their loyalty is as astounding for they will stick with people that they call their own; through the good times and the bad.


Taurus and Cancer


The Taurus sign (April 20 – May 20)

A Taurus is practical, stable, patient and devoted. They are reliable and responsible, though sometimes they tend to be utterly stubborn, uncompromising and possessive. Incidentally, Taurus hates sudden changes and complications when they happen. They would tend to have the love for music, cooking, gardening, romance, really likes working with the hands, and likes high-quality clothing. But by saying this, the Taurus is inclined towards insecurity to any particular synthetic fabric.


Taurus and Cancer


Cancer, or The Crab, (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer is one of the three Water Signs that goes with Pisces (The Fish) and Scorpio (Scorpion). They can rarely be seen doing things openly, but will always be there in support of people they love. People under the Water Sign has the tendency to be overly sensitive and emotional, though they also love intimacy and prefer long talks.


Cancer tends to like home-based hobbies and dwell into art. They like spending time in or around the water, willing to help his or her loved ones, and always enjoy a good meal spent with friends. Considered as one of the most challenging among all signs because of their highly-emotional nature, they are often inclined to be moody, suspicious, pessimistic and insecure. Though these traits may deem them hard to deal with, Cancer people are tenaciously persuasive, yet are sympathetic and loyal.


Taurus and Cancer actually complement each other when it comes to sex and intimacy. The Taurus would need to see, touch, feel or smell their partner physically in order to be satisfied. The Cancer, on the other hand, requires closeness. Both Taurus and Cancer relationships rely heavily on trust with the other.


So what attracts Taurus and Cancer together?

They practically have the same set of goals in life; love, family and building a lasting home.


What makes the lives of Taurus and Cancer to be colourful is that the Taurus can be very stubborn, regardless if they are right or wrong. And with the Cancer’s attitude of being too tenacious, the Taurus would often feel Cancer will drive him or her off crazy. But in an overall aspect, Taurus and Cancer really complement each other with love and respect.


Remember, no individual (sign or person), is perfect on his or her own. The signs complement each other in the way the no one can actually fathom. Though it is not a direct measure of who the person is, or how a person may react, the individuality of each person is what adds flavour and meaning to life.


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