Moon Signs – Which Are You?

Moon signs

This is article is a very lengthy piece on the Moon signs of the Zodiac covering all twelve signs. In order to best navigate around this page and find the sign you’re interested in, you can use the links to go straight Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces!


Before we start, let’s quickly talk about what a Moon sign actually is. A Moon sign, or your Moon sign, is the position the Moon was in (physically and astrologically) when you were born. So, for example, the Moon was in the sign of Scorpio when I was born and you can find this out by doing your natal chart online. You just need to know the location you were born, your birth date and year.


What does a Moon sign tell us?

It tells us about our emotions, our deep true selves. I love the moon signs so much. You can really understand a person just by knowing their Moon sign – especially our feminine side and day-to-day habits, how we build the life that we want and need to feel secure, safe and ensure that our emotions and that our deepest selves are being expressed. The Moon sign is the opposite of the rising sign because the rising sign is all about appearance and how you appear to others and how you come across. The Moon sign is who you really are at your root emotionally.


Moon signs

The rest of this article is going to be written in the first person so as to give you all a sense of how you yourselves might describe yourself (from the point of view of a Moon sign) to someone else. This gives a little more humor and to the post, as opposed to it making it sound too factual in nature I think!


The Aires Moon sign

I am a leader of a moon sign. I always laugh when people say Leo’s are the leaders of the Zodiac because I think that’s not true. They want to be because it looks good and people would applaud them for it but I actually walk the walk when everybody else just talks the talk. In order for me to feel safe and secure, I like my inner self to be expressed. I need to be in environments where I can be independent, where I can do what I want, where I can be who I want and where people aren’t putting me into a mold.


Aires Moon sign

My parents probably learned pretty early if they try to restrict me or make me into something they wanted me to be that it wasn’t going to work. I probably had a pretty strong personality starting very young. If my parents pushed me too hard to be the person they wanted to be, the cookie cutter person, they were probably met with a lot of resistance and I probably was unpleasant to deal with! I might have yelled at them or slam doors. You just you don’t want to mess with me when it comes to my independence. Sometimes I say things that make me put my foot in my mouth. I’m not always the most self-aware person but I’m working on it and I ride the waves of my emotions if something makes me angry.


The positive side of Aires Moon signs

I am a moon sign with all the energy in the world. I am the most energetic person. I have so many ideas. I have so many projects I’m working on. I have so much energy to put into all these amazing things that I do with my life. I just love finding different outlets for all of this crazy fire inside me. If I don’t have outlets to put my energy, I feel so restless. Even simple things like going for a run every day gives me what I need to at least get the physical energy out or I would probably just run around the block naked.


The negative side of Aires Moon signs

I probably behaved in a very irresponsible and rash way when I was young. I probably argued with my parents and my teachers a lot. My life starts to get messy when I feel like I’m being held captive to someone else’s expectations of what I should be. I start things and I don’t finish them. I can become very unpleasant to be around. I can become bossy and headstrong and I’m just looking for a reason to fight because my moon sign is a fire sign. I express myself in a very warm way and I’m very enthusiastic when my emotions are involved in something.


The Aires Moon signs in love

If I’m dating you or if I like you I will hug you kiss you or tackle you to the ground in the middle of the mall. That’s the kind of things you could expect for me in relationships. I’ve probably been somebody pretty unpleasant to date if I felt like you were restricting me if I felt like my partner was restricting me or controlling me. They wouldn’t let me go out with my friends, or they didn’t like me to wear what I wanted to wear. I probably argued with them a lot shouted at them and probably was a person I wouldn’t be very proud of but it healthy relationships when my partner trusts me and allows me to be the amazing vibrant person that I am so funny.


I don’t want your chains on me or stupid expectations. And if you take those off of me, I am one of the most fun, spontaneous, encouraging, energetic partners you could have.


The Taurus Moon sign

A Taurus moon sign is a builder. I’m a Creator. I am industrious. I’m a hard worker. I’m logical. I look before I leap. It’s just how I am. Every choice I make I am so aware that it’s a part of the bigger picture. It’s a part of my future and every choice I make defines me so I take them pretty seriously. In order to express myself emotionally in a healthy way, in order to be at peace with my emotions and to feel safe and secure in my life, I need to feel stable if. I’m in a relationship where it’s up and down all the time – I can’t handle that for long.


Taurus Moon sign

I’m so stubborn and stuck in my ways that I probably have been in relationships that I knew weren’t right for me, that was emotionally destroying me, because I don’t really show it the person didn’t notice. I’m just I can be so stubborn that I probably stayed in relationships for longer than I needed to. What I needed in the relationship wasn’t there. I need stability if you think I’m boring if you think I need too much of a schedule and I’m not spontaneous enough for you and that I’m stubborn – we’re just not going to work out. If you’re going to deserve me being that shoulder to lean on, then you need to be that for me. I’m not going to trust that I can lean on someone who’s wishy-washy and flaky.


If my boss is threatening to fire me every other day, if I’m supposed to be investing in something that’s very risky if my family unit is breaking apart, I feel so unbalanced in my life and it drives me crazy. If my emotional life is unstable it affects the rest of my life. I need to be able to know that I’m putting my logic and my wit and my skill with being cautious to use, that I’m making progress. I need to be in a job that respects that I’m cautious and careful and a good planner.


If I feel like I’m getting nowhere, if I feel like I’m wasting my time; that is the absolute worst. I hate having my time wasted and I’m a patient person. I can be a slow worker. I don’t like when people rush me because I do amazing work. But if you’re wasting my time, if you’re just giving me stupid busy work, there’s nothing that makes me more.


I am a moon sign that can be a little obsessed with structure. Some might think I’m boring or too set in my ways but because my Moon is in an earth sign, it makes me feel stable. That’s what I need.


The Taurus Moon signs in love

If I feel useless or unproductive in my life or somehow unstable, I can become very obsessive, very stubborn, very set in my ways and not wanting to change. I can be too afraid of risk, of getting in relationships because it could fail and then what’ll I do if it fails? I can be overly cautious. I am also prone to ruts of physical depression where I just stay in bed all day and eat junk food and can hardly even get up to go to the bathroom. And that’s not me. I know that’s not me but it happens. Sometimes when I’m not listening to what I need in relationships. I hate when people play games with me. I just want people to be real with me. I wouldn’t be dating you, I wouldn’t be seeing you if I didn’t see some kind of investment in you, in my time and in the love that I’m giving you. I obviously see something in you that is very worthy, and if you’re just using me as somebody to play around with, that’s not fair. I need to feel like you’re not just going to drop me one day out of nowhere.


My friends have tried to set me up with really exciting people and crazy people that are going to bring some excitement into my life and shake things up. But I kind of just have this nightmare that the floor is just going to collapse from under me without me knowing. Being around people who seem to be unstable, people I’m not sure how they feel about me, it just makes me feel so uncomfortable like I’m on the edge of a disaster. I cannot have people walking in and out of my life and me having to keep building and building and building. That’s why I am so cautious because when somebody walks out of my life it crumbles and I have to rebuild it and I have so many other important things.


When I’m in situations where I feel productive I can actually become a very sensual person when I’m able to relax a little bit more. I love shopping. I love surrounding myself with beautiful things; I really think I have a great eye for beauty. I can also be extremely patient, which is one of the things that I’ve heard from people who have dated me – they love that. I’m patient. I’m not boring. I’m reliable. I’m constant and that is very important in a world where everything is a “Plan B”. I am reliable, whether it’s a project at work that I need to finish on time or picking you up at the airport.


The Gemini Moon sign

You can call the Gemini moon sign a clown, a poet, a stand-up comedian – whatever. My best work is done with my words. My communication is the core of me. I have things I need to say, ideas I need to express and I need to know that people hear me or else it feels like I’m a bubbling pot that’s just about to explode. My head is constantly in a monologue. There are different characters happening in my brain. If you could only see into my mind you would see a million little cogs working.


Gemini Moon sign

The positive side of Gemini Moon sign

It takes a lot of control to not seem like so much is going on in my mind, but I’m also not great at controlling it all the time because I just kind of keep talking. I’m really good at seeing all the sides of a situation but that can also get me in really bad relationships because I can date bad people with the challenge of seeing something good in them. My friends are always confused about the people I date because they don’t see the good in them. But I do.


I need to feel like I can relate to others. I hate stupid conversation, small talk. Yeah, I’m really good at small talk because I’m good at asking people questions that open them up and I know a lot about a bunch of different things, but I would rather get to the interesting stuff. I love learning new things about people. People are always so embarrassed to show more than one side of themselves, they just have this mask that they put on in public they’re an acceptable face and they don’t show anything else.


When I really thrive is when I’m in situations where I’m communicating with others, they’re listening to me, I’m listening to them, we’re learning new things, we’re exciting our brains.


The Gemini Moon signs in love

I am a moon sign that needs to be in relationships where I think the person I’m dating is interesting and they think I’m smart and interesting. I’m in a family that listens to my ideas and is excited by them and makes me feel heard, that’s the best.


I’m a ray of sunshine. I will just say it. I’m light-hearted. I’m funny. I’m spontaneous. I can go with the flow. I am somebody that you would have no problem introducing your friends to. I can be very charming. I can make anybody laugh in five minutes. I’m also a really quick learner. I have a gift with languages or impressions and funny voices. if I like you I might even write you love notes in other languages.


What annoys a Gemini Moon signs

If I’ve been in a family that belittles my ideas, that doesn’t listen to them that isn’t interested in my mind, or if I’m at a job where my boss belittles me, or if my partner makes me feel like I’m talking to a wall, that’s really irritating when I feel like I’m talking to a wall and sometimes to protect myself I act shallow or stupid because it’s better than actually saying something and nobody listening.


I can also be gossipy and flaky, non-committal. I don’t want to commit to dates or people. I can also be very anxious and a major worrier because all these voices in my head, if I get negative they start telling me all the things that I should be worried about. I’m really sorry to anyone I’ve ever dated who I’ve ghosted or just dropped the day after a date or stood up. It’s just better for me to distance myself than try to convince myself I can be with someone who I can’t communicate with.


Because my Moon is in an air sign, I’m not the most touchy person, but you’ll know I really care about you if I have in-depth conversations with you. Having that mental connection with someone is so important to me. I could never date or be friends with or spend time with people. I thought were stupid or vapid or had nothing to say you will never have a more clever conversation. Then with me and also I’m not very shy so we will have conversations about some strange subjects. But like I said, give me five minutes I can make you laugh.


The Cancer Moon sign

I am the mom the dad, the grandma of the friend group. Sometimes I go to bed very early. I have a large collection of blankets I’m very proud of. I love puppies or kittens or both. I know exactly how to make my friends feel better when they’re upset and I also know that sometimes being there for someone doesn’t mean cheering them up – It just means letting them express themselves emotionally, whether that’s crying or screaming into a pillow – I don’t need you to be cheery happy all the time when you’re around me. I understand that emotions exist. If you cry, I’ll probably cry with you too. I understand that it’s important to be vulnerable and I couldn’t live my life without being vulnerable.


cancer moon sign

Some negative sides to the Cancer Moon sign

I probably dated somebody or several people that called me a crybaby or said I made mountains out of molehills or that I was too dramatic. I’ve often been called clingy and when I can’t express myself emotionally when people think I’m crazy for being emotional, it makes me smothering and overly sensitive. When I’m in that mindset, I could literally think about all the people who have ever hurt me in my life and just sit in my bed thinking about all the grudge’s I have and being mad at people I haven’t seen in years.


The positive side of the Cancer Moon signs

Why do people have to make me feel like a freak because I cry or because I express how things really make me feel? If emotions weren’t healthy we wouldn’t have them everybody has them. So just let them out. You know people think I’m for crying at the smallest things or giving someone a hug or a back massage when I think they need it, sometimes I think I’m actually psychic like I can tell the energy in a room. I can feel when it shifts when somebody’s upset or people I love even if I’m not in the same room as them even if we’re apart sometimes I feel like I know when they need my help, you know when they need me to call them.


Cancer is a sign that’s ruled by the Moon so you can understand how all of this emotional stuff is very important to me. When I’m in situations where I feel like I can express myself and let my emotions ebb and flow without being judged then I really thrive.  I love showing my maternal side. I love when people let me take care of them. That’s really where I just feel so good. I really can’t wait to be a parent. I cannot wait to raise my child or children and cozy home that I’ve decorated and raised them letting them know that that mental health is important, that emotional health is important and that they can always tell me, however, they feel I want to have an open dialogue


The Cancer Moon signs in love

Because I’m a water sign I do express my emotions in a kind of ebb and flow free-flowing way. I have definitely been known to look at the person I’m dating and. Start crying. I just become overcome with emotion. Sometimes that’s just how I am in relationships of any kind friendships romantic relationships even parental relationships.


My ideal would be to be able to be vulnerable and to also have that person be vulnerable with me that is just the best feeling when two people have their armor down and they’re just baring their souls to each other. That’s true intimacy to me. It’s like a big pot of hot chocolate and we can both share it.


The Leo Moon signs

The Leo moon sign is the greatest showman. I have the energy of an old-fashioned Vaudeville star or a cabaret queen. I don’t mind the spotlight one bit. In fact, I know the spotlight belongs to me. Everybody talks about having their day in the Sun, and my day in the Sun is every day especially because Leo is ruled by the Sun. It was made for me!


leo moon sign

It’s not always easy for me to admit. I would love to be one of those people that just say screw you and does what I want and doesn’t care what people think like an Aries moon, but I do care what people think like a lot because I live for the applause. I live for people’s admiration. I kind of need their approval. It’s just how I’m hardwired and I usually have something I’m really good at, not if not multiple things I’m good at, that attract a lot of attention. I might be an actor, a singer, a comedian, a makeup artist. I might be a stylist or a model. I like all eyes on me and on my work I will never reject a good compliment, but it better be good. If I can express myself through my creativity and have people appreciate that, that’s the best thing in the world.


The negative side of Leo Moon signs

I sort of thrive on competition but competition, if I feel like someone is taking attention away from me, can make me into kind of a monster. I can be very demanding with the attention that I need and be very vain and arrogant at times just because I want your appreciation.


I need to be in a job where I feel like I’m working toward my dream. I have a dream for my life. I have major goals and if I feel like I’m working in a job that’s temporary in any way, that’s going to be really hard for me to get through it. I need to know that everything I’m doing, that the time I’m putting in, is taking me towards my goal. I might have tried to be in a boring job that I thought would please my family. I might have tried to wear boring business clothes like everybody else. I might have tried to have that life that should make everyone happy but deep down inside, I know what my dreams are; I know what my ideal life looks like for me.


I can be really childish and I can demand attention to be the star if I’m not getting attention in my relationship I can be a little flirtatious with other people. I’ll just go to a bar looking really good and see how many guys will give me attention, just to give me that ego boost, if my partner is not giving me what I need, if they’re not reassuring me that I am their star then I will seek that attention from other people. They really want to date powerful beautiful women, but if you really want to Queen then you need to be prepared to let me sit on the throne otherwise – step aside peasant!


The Leo Moon signs in love

My fantasy is being on stage, literally and metaphorically, and having people I care about in the audience admiring me and me making them smile, making them happy. The sexiest thing in the world would be being on stage at my own show and seeing somebody catching their eye in the audience and then sparking a romance that way.


When I’m in that powerful position and I’m being appreciated for living my truth, I am the life of the party, I make people happy to be alive. People want to be around me. I make them feel good because when I feel good, I want everybody else to feel good, too. It’s just part of the package. I love giving makeovers. I love cutting my hair doing a new look, changing my style completely.


I’m confident I’m radiant. I can command a room I dare even say Regal, but if I’m in a family that tells me to quiet down stop dressing like that get a real job. If my work tells me to just follow the rules if my partner doesn’t think I’m talented, then I can become the most arrogant person in the world because I’m angry because I’m protecting myself if nobody else will appreciate me, then I have to crank out my own appreciation up to a thousand.


The Virgo Moon signs

Virgo moon signs are great analysts and logical thinkers. I’m secure, I’m like a well-oiled machine – but sexier. It’s important for me to be able to analyze whatever situation I’m in. I’ll even analyze my own emotions. I’m like my own therapist. I can make molehills out of mountains. That’s how good I am at taking things apart. I can pick people apart as well. I’ve been told I’m judgmental. I have an eye for flaws.


Virgo Moon Sign

The negative side of Virgo Moon signs

Don’t waste my intelligence my energy my skill. I have many things on my to-do list. I don’t have time to waste. If I was part of a family who understood how I worked from a young age and maybe who let me put my wit to work at a young age, I felt I was able to express myself and be emotionally healthy. I was probably a very impressive student, my parents never needed to tell me to do my homework or to practice my instrument. It was just something I expected of myself because I wouldn’t want to go to class and have the teacher thinking I was stupid. that would be embarrassing.


I was probably that person that every kid in high school asked to check their essay. I probably got pretty far in spelling bees too. If I felt that I wasn’t able to function in a healthy way, if I wasn’t able to analyze things and if I had a lot of figures in my life who I couldn’t figure out who I couldn’t pin down, I might have become obsessive to compensate. I might have a whole list of nervous tics or obsessive habits that came along with stressful times in my life and sometimes when I’m stressed They come back.


I know that I’m the only person that I can truly control. So for example, if a partner tells me that I’m a workaholic they don’t understand the way that I am they make fun of me for being too obsessed with details. I just become harder on myself. I’ll be really hard on them too and probably could pick them apart and five sentences, but I can be really hard on myself. Nobody is a tougher critic on me than me.


Because I’m an earth sign I can be cautious and expressing my emotions. I’m just I’m just careful. If I’m feeling unhappy, unhealthy, unbalanced, I can be a workaholic. I can be negative. I can make a lot of self-deprecating jokes. I make fun of myself a lot. Sometimes I feel like a loser because in today’s day and age, looks are valued so much more over work ethic and intelligence and skill and drive, and I just don’t know what to do. There might have been a point in my life where I tried to be really sexy, I tried so hard to be attractive because I didn’t want to be the nerd anymore the obsessive, neurotic freak that I was made to feel like I was, I might have tried to dress a certain way or just try so hard to be desirable thinking I’d be seen and understood that way but that’s it’s not how I am.


The good side of Virgo Moon signs

I feel my best when I’m making progress and I’m around others who get it, who get me. When I feel my best inside – I feel sexy. I am a sexy moon sign! It doesn’t matter how I dress on the outside. I feel sensual. I feel ready to express myself, especially physically with other people. I don’t always mean to be such a perfectionist and so judgmental of other people. I just want so badly to seem like I have it all together, I want to have it all together at all times and I want people to think that I do and so I think maybe judging other people is a distraction from me judging myself and it helps me know that. I see myself often in an imperfect way and if I can judge other people for their flaws.


It would be much more ideal for me to be in a situation in my life where my intelligence and my wit and my analytical skills are being put to good use and being appreciated instead of belittled or just ignored.


The Virgo Moon signs in love

For a long time, I had a checklist of everything I wanted in a partner, in a perfect friend, in my perfect home. I’m just really good with checklist. I’m really good with pros and cons. But all I want is an intelligent partner who will bring the best out of me. Somebody who isn’t dating me just because I can make their life better and I can give them a fun little makeover and help them get their shit together.


I just want to be with someone who can stand on their own and maybe teach me a few things. That’ll be the one and I just need to keep reminding myself that I am not a checklist. I am not a project. I am me and so many people love me for that.


The Libra Moon sign

I am all about balance in my life. I love harmony in all aspects of my life. I understand that you can’t have light without shadow, good without bad, sun without rain. That’s why I’m represented as the scale. In my heart of hearts, all I want to do is live in harmony and have others do the same.


libra moon signs

I don’t like to rock the boat, but that does not mean I’m a pushover. I just understand there are a time and place to pop off and I try to make that never –  I think there’s just always a better way to go about solving your problems. I like to be tasteful and mindful in the way that I go about facing my obstacles. I need friends who are stable who are there for me. I need balance and beauty in my workspace my home. When I am in harmonious environments when I feel that my life is in harmony and my emotions are balanced and people around me are stable I am an amazing diplomat. I am great at being a peacemaker between people, a communicator, I am just a really good people person overall. I love bringing people together to work for the common good. I actually probably made a great team member on the high school.


I can also be very flexible. I’m someone who works well going with the flow. I can be pretty adaptable. I’m also someone who’s really good to go to when you want impartial, unbiased for the most part, advice. I try to be fair in my judgment that’s really important to me and I will give you a fair opinion and try not to be too heavy on one side or the other. I do like to are a little bit on the safe side of things, but that’s just because I don’t like things that throw off my Zen.


I cannot stand Injustice and unfairness. I hate hearing about people who’ve gotten away with terrible things and haven’t gotten what they deserve. I just wish the world could be a little bit fairer. I’d probably also make a very excellent Supreme Court Judge!


Because my Moon sign is so feminine and it is in Libra, which is a Venus sign, I have a wonderful sense of style a great eye for tasteful things in the home, on my body, makeup. I just love making things look beautiful.


There is really nothing worse than an ugly environment. Honestly, I’m probably one of those people that would switch therapist simply because my therapist has an ugly office. How am I supposed to open up to someone when I’m just looking around at all the issues that I could so easily fix!


The negative side of Libra Moon signs

When I’m in environments where I can’t cooperate with others where my life is in disorder where there are arguments and hostile situations going on all the time, I can become very unstable – like a tipped scale. I can be passive very unsure of what I want, indecisive, always asking others what they think or what they would do trying to kind of get a grasp on some kind of compass in my life.


I’m not always seen as the most independent person. I can also lean pretty hard to one side of the scale or the other like getting into extreme diet and fitness and just throwing myself into it way too far, becoming an extreme minimalist overnight or the opposite – plunging myself into nightlife and going out all the time and making my social life just the priority.


I can even become a very superficial gossipy person if I’m not in balance. I love communication because my Moon sign is in an air sign and are signs are signs of communication. I do have a tendency to be a bit gossipy. I’m not the best at keeping secrets. That’s why it’s really dangerous for me to have friends who are not balanced, who are not grounded, who aren’t trustworthy because they can influence me in negative ways. I am at my best when I trust myself when I’m secure with my judgment and when I can make decisions for myself. I thrive in environments where I can bring people together to solve problems and make fair, balanced choices


The Libra Moon signs in love

Since my mood isn’t an air sign I’m not known as a super emotional person, but I can be very sensitive and very cuddly and flurry. I just am not seen as the traditional super emotional type. I would rather just be kind of like sunshine and daydreams most of the time. When I get excited about things – I talk a lot! When I have a crush on someone my friends want to die because I just cannot shut up about them. I’m not the brooding type, but that doesn’t mean I’m not intellectual. I am certainly intellectual. I’m just an optimist as well and. Most of the time you don’t find intellectuals who are also optimists, you’re usually intellectuals who call themselves realists, but I like to look on the bright side of life. I like to appreciate all the beautiful sparkly things in life.


If you respect my need for balance and Harmony, I will respond by bringing those things to your life and probably a few candles too because you could just do with a little bit more home décor!


The Scorpio Moon sign

Being a Scorpio moon sign is hard. Everyone thinks that having Scorpio in your chart is fun and sexy and mysterious, but it takes a lot of awareness for me to feel emotionally healthy. The world we live in would like us to act our emotions don’t exist. If we let our emotions influence or dictate what we do or how we respond to things, we are seen as weak and unstable not intuitive or grounded within ourselves. I’ve had to create a balance where I keep most of my privacy, as I prefer, but I still keep my emotional self healthy and embrace all of the facets of myself.


scorpio moon signs

I feel emotionally fulfilled when I have depth in my life. Deep purpose, deep love, deep connections with others, deep understanding of myself. I feel safe in relationships and situations that I know are tethered to something substantial because so many things are superficial these days. It’s hard to know who or what to trust. From my point of view, I’ve probably been betrayed many times. My trust has been broken. That’s why it can be difficult for me to fully let go and be vulnerable with others even though that’s really all I want, because I don’t think anybody understands how fragile I really am. I do appreciate struggle and pain in my life and people have often been surprised at how well I deal with death for example, because, It’s all alchemy, it’s all about transformation and change and transformation and growth are beautiful.


I probably do not have a huge group of friends. I don’t mind that. That’s the way I like it. I’m going to be friends with the people who are going to show up at my funeral and I have a solid few maybe even just one but that is enough for me. Keeping up with superficial friendships or a million different acquaintances is very exhausting emotionally for me because I pour myself into every one of my relationships. I hate acting, I hate pretending, I’m a really bad faker. Superficiality looks really bad on me. I just I don’t do it.


The positive side to the Scorpio Moon sign

I actually take pride a little bit and being skeptical and being the person that can see through people through situations being the black sheep, people might call me critical or overly skeptical or negative. But really I just like to see to the core of things and sometimes the core things is not what we think it’s going to be. When I was little that might have been a source of pain for me feeling like I couldn’t connect with people feeling like people around me didn’t want the quality relationships that I wanted, especially high school and college, if people were just interested in going out and hooking up with anybody. I just could have felt like nobody else really craved the depth that I craved.


I understand it’s so much better to be different than be boring. I feel like I pretty much have the world figured out while everyone else is just kind of content with living with the veil that is before them. I would much rather peel back the veil and understand everything that’s really going on. But that’s hard for a lot of people to handle. They don’t like the dark side of life. I enjoy lifting the veil on all things that’s why I love mysteries and movies about crime and understanding psychology and how a murderer’s brain works


I feel powerful when I figured somebody out when I figured a situation out. I think that’s because it actually makes me feel safe. I love the unknown. There’s nothing more fascinating to me, but, it also kind of scares me. I don’t open up to many people but one of the best feelings in the world is being vulnerable and raw with an intimate partner when you know, they’re doing the same to you. That kind of closeness is just it’s the best drug in the world.


The Scorpio Moon signs in love

People think Scorpio’s are sex maniacs! That’s the first thing that they react to and really if all I wanted was intercourse, life would be a lot easier – you can get sex anywhere you go but closeness, true intimacy, true vulnerability is hard to come by nowadays. I love discovering new flavors of emotion, you can use the word sad, but there are all sorts of different types of sadness. If I was cheated on I remember that specific type of sadness as a very distinct feeling even physically. When I lost my virginity I remember that as a specific feeling of vulnerability very different than if someone spreads your secrets around, that’s a different feeling of vulnerability.


I basically have an emotional spice rack. I’m actually someone people love to open up too because I think I delicately pry them open and they can feel that I want to see more of them. So when they discover someone like me who just want to know everything and isn’t going to clutch their pearls at any of your secrets or your dark side’s – people love.


It’s kind of funny how that is when you’re just frank with people when you’re just honest about what it means to be a human being instead of pretending you’re something you’re not. I won’t always share my deepest emotions with people especially if it comes to love because I know that if that love is unrequited, it hurts and I’d rather deal with that pain on my own rather than letting that person know that I care about them and they don’t care about me, that is very vulnerable that puts me in a very uncomfortable position and I feel weak.


I could be completely obsessed and in love with someone and they could never know. Once the love is out in the open and if you feel it back for me, I just want to connect with you on all different levels. I want to connect emotionally, physically and spiritually. When I am intimate with someone on all levels, it’s like we’re becoming one, like fusing our beings. That’s the kind of intimacy I want and that’s why I’m not really fulfilled by one night stands, even though Scorpio’s get a bad rap for sleeping around. Intercourse without emotion is kind of like giving yourself a massage – it feels nice, but there’s not really that special sensation when someone else is massaging you, it’s just different. It’s just not the same.


The negative side of Scorpio Moon signs

If I’m in an environment where people are superficial or if people are gossipy and nosy people like to expose secrets or find out things about me I’m not willing to share, I can become very short with people. I can say just a few things and ruin somebody’s day. I’m not proud of that skill, but it is nice to have in the arsenal. I can also be very distrustful of others and keep too much to myself. If I don’t feel it’s safe to open up I can become very closed-off all that is clearly a defense mechanism, but to me, it’s not worth opening up if I know I’m just gonna get hurt and it can take me years to repair emotional wounds, if not a lifetime


I can also be extremely possessive and jealous. The more I date, the more I learn how to keep that in check. It’s really because I care for someone and it’s my instinct to protect those I care for because I assume they’re as fragile as me and as private as me and I don’t use fragile in a negative way, I just don’t want people I love getting hurt and sometimes I translate that care into possessiveness and trying to overprotect them and it’s not healthy.


Once I care for someone I’m so careful about destroying the things I love. I want people to be as close to me as they can be. And it can be a little difficult for me to give others Freedom even in friendships. Sometimes I get jealous when my friends make other friends. I’m like, are you gonna be best friends with that person and not care about me anymore. I can also be very distrustful of others and keep too much to myself.


The Sagittarius Moon sign

We are great optimist moon signs! The world is uncharted territory that I cannot wait to explore. Not only new places on the planet but new relationships, emotions, new skills, new facets of my own mind. I love taking classes on random things reading books that teach me new things learning new languages. I can never get enough of how much exciting stuff there is out there to do and to use to expand my horizons.


sagittarius moon signs

I’ve always been a little bit different than people my age. A lot of people describe me as an old soul, as if being worldly and open-minded and adventurous has an age. I was probably a very impressive, wise child. I probably behaved very well and surprised my parents with my knowledge and my wit and my sense of humor. People are often impressed with me and they kind of say I’m a walking library! I do like opening new doors for people to experience new things, it’s one way that I show my love and I show that I care for people. Whether that’s taking you to a restaurant with a cuisine that you’ve never tried or taking you on a trip somewhere fun or recommending a book that you may have never chosen to read. Those are just some of the things I do, I like to enrich other people’s lives and challenge them to step out of their comfort zones


The positive side of the Sagittarius Moon sign

I like to see right to the core of things and I can be a bit blunt and frank for some people’s tastes some people interpret that as being rude. I will admit sometimes I do say rude things because my mouth gets ahead of my brain. I have a tendency to do that. I just don’t see the point in sugarcoating things – let’s get to the point and then move on to the fun stuff!


I’m honest and I tell it like it is because that’s the only way you’re going to be able to grow getting out of your comfort zone means could mean dealing with things that are just presented to you in a really fluffy sweet way, the world is not going to sugarcoat things to you. Since I’m worldly, I like to behave in a way that’s similar to the world. I like to be straightforward. I like to be real.


The Sagittarius Moon signs in love

For me to feel emotionally fulfilled I need to be in scenarios where my curiosity can run wild. I love jobs where I’m discovering new territory, I’m working on new projects, perhaps jobs where every day is a little bit different, I would make a great therapist or a social worker because I combined that interest in the human mind with my warmth, which makes it comfortable for people to open up to me and that comes from my Moon sign being a fire sign because I have that natural warmth to me.


In relationships, I need a partner who keeps things exciting and fresh and fun. Boring habits or fear of the unknown or close-mindedness will put out my fire very quickly. There’s nothing sadder than someone who walks around afraid of everything, afraid to try something, unwilling to live any differently than what they’ve known forever. I would never be attracted to someone who I see is closed minded. That doesn’t mean I need someone who is wealthy and has been able to travel the world or who knows 12 languages, but it’s just the idea of being open-minded of being curious – that is so attractive to me.


I love experiencing new things with my partner, that’s one way I feel so close to them. And it’s also very romantic. I think I also really enjoy expanding my partner’s horizons if they’re open to it. I also love having an adventurous and truthful group of friends. It’s important that I can be honest with them and they can be honest with me. I’m not always comfortable with deep emotion, especially right away like holding hands and crying or writing love letters and sometimes I’ve been known to run away from emotions that scares me. It’s just one type of territory that I’m a little wary of.


The negative side of Sagittarius Moon signs

I just don’t think I always do soft and sensitive very well for someone who’s been called blunt and insensitive. I tried to be very careful around situations like that. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel deeply, it doesn’t mean that my emotions aren’t there, I just prefer to skip a lot of the crying and the mushy stuff and just be loud and proud about my love. When others don’t allow me to share my knowledge or explore all of the corners of where my curiosity takes me, I can become arrogant just to remind people of who I really am.


I can be sometimes called a know-it-all and it can be hard for me to keep my thoughts and my opinions to myself. I’m very outspoken which is usually a strength but sometimes makes people irritated with me. I can also be hard to pin down because of my wanderlust. I just want to experience everything and go everywhere and if I feel like a partner wants to cage me in or tie me down before I’m ready, I will just fly off again.


I’m also so optimistic that I can make me a little bit irresponsible. I’ll spend too much money in a night or I’ll fly off somewhere and kind of just leave my job behind just because I feel like it’ll work out. I’m not always seen as the most dependable person when it comes to being where I need to be. When I need to be there, but my mind and my heart are always in the right place, which is somewhere exotic and new and fun.


The Capricorn Moon sign

The Workaholic moon sign! That’s what everybody says all the time as if that’s all there is to me, as if it’s just easy to just stop working. But really that would mean stop functioning as I am hardwired to be. Not everybody can say they love their job, I certainly have worked jobs that I’ve hated and I still do it because I’m committed to it, but because I know that that isn’t emotionally sustainable for me, I’m not in a healthy position when I’m working a job I hate, I work fueled by passion – for my desire to make these hours that I work endlessly worth something to put them towards a bigger idea to reach my goals. It’s worth it to me to put those hours in to make those sacrifices.


capricorn moon signs

My work defines me – It’s just an extension of who I am. That’s why I take it so seriously. People who don’t work hard, who are lazy and unaccomplished, are simply not using their resources. Anybody can make a great life for themselves, but it’s up to you and you alone other people aren’t going to do it for you and if they did it would be much less satisfying than knowing you did it for yourself. That’s why I become very anxious when it comes to how I spend my time. I won’t even let myself go to bed. If I don’t feel I’ve done enough work for the day. I will just keep downing coffee and cola until I either fall asleep at my desk or my partner or friends pull me away from it, which takes several tries because I am very stubborn sometimes.


The good side of the Capricorn Moon sign

I wish I could be more carefree. I wish I could be one of those people that just quit their job to go live in a village in Mongolia or who runs off with some exotic lover with twenty dollars in their pocket. I just can’t even imagine the worry and the anxiety that would affect me if I did something like that.


Life isn’t just a vacation. I mean, where would I be if I was just content with where I am today? What would I be doing with my life? There’s always something more, there’s always a destination. You can’t rush it or quit when things get hard. The journey every single step is what’s so important. That’s why I have a pretty structured lifestyle, pretty set habits for myself, things that I like to do every day to keep myself on track. I have an idea of what a successful work day is for me.


I’m one of the most productive freelance Moon signs. I would make a great freelancer simply because I’m great at making schedules for myself. I’m great at being productive. Even when I don’t have a boss telling me what to do, when I am in a job or have a career that challenges me and allows me to thrive and climb levels, I am the best employee you will ever find. I hardly complain. I’m responsible.


The Capricorn Moon signs in love

When I have a partner who allows me to maintain structure in my life, but brings some adventure to my life who appreciates me for who I am, doesn’t make fun of me for needing a schedule and someone who helps me foster a work-life balance. I’m funny, I am comical and patient and I’ma great partner because I will help my partner with any task or any goal that they want to reach. I will help them create a plan to do it. I love helping people reach their goals just as much as I like reaching mine, unless you’re my competition, and then no!


I need people around me who live with a balanced point of view, not too strict and negative and skeptical all the time, but also not people who see no value in money and accomplishment and preparation and structure. I’m not considered the most emotional person. I am that person who can keep it together for the longest, even in the most insane of situations. I’m pretty much cool as a cucumber holding it together for everybody else. It takes a lot for me to burst into tears or just to lose my patience. I do love showing my love and my emotional connection to people by being a rock for them, by helping inspire them to reach their goals, and just by being there. I don’t think everyone needs to be mushy all the time to be absolutely wonderful and emotionally healthy.


The negative side of Capricorn Moon signs

If I’m surrounded by negative people or an environment, that’s very unstable or an environment that doesn’t allow me to move up any kind of ladder, I can become very pessimistic if I feel like I’m not getting anywhere if I’m not making progress and movement. I can feel very restricted. I can become very frugal and obsessive with my money. I could be cold and unpleasant to be around. I can over calculate anything and not want to take any risks or change anything about my schedule in my life.


I might distrust everyone around me and start doubting myself, which makes my work bad, which makes me only want to work myself harder. Sometimes it’s like I punished myself with work or working out or dieting or saving money. The things that make me happy can also be my punishments for myself.


The Aquarius Moon sign

It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I may always feel a little different than others and to understand that that’s not inherently a bad thing. It doesn’t make me or my existence wrong. I might have grown up feeling a little detached from my peers in school, like I was an alien or a black sheep. I’ve certainly gone through my fair share of being marginalized by others, but I think that’s what shaped me into the person I am today, someone who appreciates my differences and others as well.


aquarius moon signs

From an early age, I’ve been able to seek expression and refuge from judgment and bullies by creating, by being creative, whether that’s music film making poetry drawing. I’ve realized that putting my creativity and my uniqueness to good use and making the world a better place is where I feel alive. I would much rather be a black sheep than another follower and the flock. I enjoy being a progressive thinker some of my friends think I’m a hippie, think I’m super liberal. I believe in self-expression, self-love, self-acceptance, universal love and peace. I guess that Age of Aquarius song kind of makes sense.


I enjoy being a revolutionary an unconventional thinker my mind is always racing at a million miles a minute just filled with new ideas new projects I want to start, new beautiful and poetic ways of seeing life. I’m very proud of my quick wit and I’m also proud of my ability to be emotionally detached at times. I’m not always physically moved by emotion that is to say it’s not always shown. I don’t always cry at movies or when songs play but rather my thoughts are changed by the things that move me, my behavior is changed. It’s like a ripple effect.


The bad side of the Aquarius Moon sign

Sometimes I feel like a robot when I’m in a sad movie and everybody else is crying and I just can’t get there, but I take pride in being someone people can lean on and I think that’s why it’s nice that I’m not always emotionally in flux. I’m really good at being there for people and being someone who’s gonna get you back on your feet who’s going to help you create a plan or be creative in ways to move you towards feeling better.


If I’m not in a job where I feel that I can create freely or that my thoughts are not respected or accepted, if everyone around me is too prudish, too stuck in doing things the way they’ve always been done, conservative or concerned about image, I can fight more against all that restriction. I probably did that as a young adult as well. I can be rebellious simply to be rebellious a Rebel Without a Cause just trying to rock the boat.


I enjoy upsetting people with shock value at times. I can behave in very strange and erratic ways. If I don’t have friends that encourage my expression while also grounding me back to Earth a little bit, I can be very unpredictable.


The Aquarius Moon signs in love

If I have a family who doesn’t like the romantic partner I’ve chosen, I’m not going to dump them. I’m probably going to rub it even more in my family’s face and it’s going to inspire me to keep seeing that person.


I would never let someone else tell me how to live my life. Sometimes if people aren’t acknowledging my uniqueness and my individuality I can amp it up even more, I can become very strange and bizarre just to get people to realize how unique I am.


In romantic relationships, a strong friendship is what’s most important to me. I hardly ever just jump right into romantic relationships, it usually always starts with a friendship. I need to know that we have a good rapport that we share the same morals that you respect the way that I live my life and you’re not going to try to change me or dull my shine.


I can’t have a partner that I don’t want to hang out with. Because I’m an air sign, it takes me a little while to emotionally and physically warm up to my partner so it’s important that their patient with that part of me. Otherwise, I can pull back emotionally even more and become very detached and some might say thoughtlessly.


I don’t like pressure to be what others think is emotional. It makes me upset and feel misunderstood when people say oh you don’t really let your emotions out if you cry more often you’d feel better you’d be healthier. Take a look at the things I create and there you will find my emotion.


The Pisces Moon sign

I’m a go with the flow type of person, I’m a free spirit, I like to go where the wind takes me. I have very dreamy ideals about life that I like to live and anything that gives me that exhilarating feeling like I’m connected to my dream like I’m chasing my goals, I follow.


Pisces moon signs

I could spend all day daydreaming. I love doing anything that connects me with my fantasies and my wishes journaling, meditation, music, studying astrology, worship. I believe that people are Divine and there’s some reason we’re all here some bigger purpose for all of us and it doesn’t mean I believe in God, I just know that there’s something bigger. There’s a purpose.


I need to be in an environment where I’m allowed to be honest with myself about what my dreams are. I don’t like people telling me what my dreams should be. What I should want to do as a job, who I should be with as a romantic partner.


I loved the book The Alchemist because it has so many quotes that relate to me. One of them is “you will never be able to escape from your heart”. So it is better to listen to what it has to say. I could go on and on about following your heart and chasing your dreams. I understand that with a little bit of guidance and groundedness, which is sometimes hard to find for me. I have endless possibilities. I am boundless. My life is boundless. I really believe if I can dream it I can do it.


The negative side of Pisces Moon signs

I may need some mentorship or good friends to kind of keep me grounded and not just floating around and Dreamland, but when I’m inspired, I’m unstoppable. It’s healthy for me to recognize that I don’t have to be defined by old labels that others have given me or that I’ve given myself.


I can be a very intuitive person and sometimes even feeling psychic very connected to humanity and to the world as a whole. I can be called often a little too flaky for people, too much of an idealist, setting my goals too high and not having any steps to reach them planned out.


The Pisces Moon signs in love

Some people think I’m strange for the way I talk about human connection, about energy spirit. I need a partner who believes in all that talk who doesn’t make fun of me for believing in it. Somebody who doesn’t call me crazy for believing in what the eye can’t see. If my family doesn’t allow me to pursue the career that I want to pursue or chase my true passions, if my partner is aggressive and trying to shut down my dreams and get me to come back down to earth, I can become even more of what people accuse me of being in order to combat that and rebel and try to balance.


I can become very unrealistic. I can be slippery like a fish and my emotions can be really hard to pin down one moment. I might be crying and opening up to someone and the next I might be running down the street singing a song. I can even get to the point of self-sabotaging relationships or opportunities simply because I’ve lost faith in my dreams and can become a victim of my own life. I really am what I think. I am what I dream, so it’s important that I’m able to dream and explore and connect and chase my passions with all of my big heart.



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